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Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: Get SampleTank 3 SE for $/€24.99! by lambada @ 08/20/18 06:21 AM

I had 25 Euros in the IKMultimedia Kitty, so took the plunge and purchased the full version 3 at 74 Euros including my 25. This should be fun...
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Mark, your are right, _eleven.sty is part of StylePak Xtra1 (Rock-Pop 1) and _twelve.sty is contained in Xtra2 (Rock-Pop2). _VigilNt.sty is part of Xtra5 (Rock-Pop5). All are available here in PGMusics online shop. Also interesting could be _stepups.sty, _tblrkst.sty, _rkblues.sty and _drivesx.sty, all containg Sax-Soloing. None of them perfectly matches Samanthas song, but should do fine for practicing. These are links to sound samples which I rendered over G minor7 at 125 bpm. Gminor7 in _e
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Jump to new posts Re: Construction Paper Heart - Done & Dusted by rayc @ 08/20/18 04:18 AM

Scott C, thank you sir.
Jump to new posts Re: The Story of Bohemian Rhapsody by rayc @ 08/20/18 04:08 AM

I saw Queen in 76 - the NOTOpera tour. The ticket was AUS6.50. I had a 12 hr each way train trip to get to the gig. They could only do bits of it this song live, (oddly an Oz band called Chariot were playing the entire things live & very well I'm reliably informed). These days I only listen to the 1st three Queen albums. I do have ANATO on LP, CD & 5.1 DVD but much of it is an embarrassment these days. I do like the rockier tracks and the rockier parts of BoRap but the tweeness of the r
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Jump to new posts Batteria multitraccia by ZooD @ 08/20/18 03:38 AM

Salve, qualcuno sa dirmi se è possibile esportare la batteria in multitraccia? Grazie 1000
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Jump to new posts Korg pa patch by benardini @ 08/20/18 02:42 AM

Hello, here are some pat and ini files for korg pa600 and pa3x friendly[i][/i]
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Jump to new posts Re: Swiss Volklore Style by Renato-Rosso @ 08/20/18 01:44 AM

Hallo Zusammen PG Music hat mir sehr net geantwortet. Sie haben es auf die Style Wunschliste aufgenommen. liebe Grüsse Renato
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
I tried out sForzando, latest version, with the Heaven GM fonts; couldn't get it to work properly. Same with Sampletank, and the Omnisynth GM set, bought versions. Too much hassles to get going. XGlite works quite well, though you'll need the installation PAT file from Mike to adress the sounds via BIABs dropdown track menus. Best alternative IMO is the free Halion Sonic SE 3, or the older Hypersonic2 from Steinberg. (The latter is licensed, alas not available anymore, but as it's outdated as
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Jump to new posts Re: Rendern zu lang ! by Brille @ 08/20/18 12:21 AM

Hallo Darek, danke für Problemschilderung und Lösung. Ich konnte das Problem nicht nachvollziehen – aber es ist gut, dass du eine Lösung gefunden und hier geschildert hast!
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Alright! I got my Xtra Styls PAK 5. Let's get creative.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: Unusual by jford @ 08/19/18 07:31 PM

Well, that was unusual. Actually, it wasn't. It was a great pop rendition. Enjoyed that a lot, David.
Agreed Jim. I snagged this from Wiki..... Quote:Aretha Franklin released a cover version of the song in the middle of 1971 that outperformed the original on the charts, charting #1 R&B for three weeks and #2 Pop for two weeks. Aretha Franklin's version earned a gold single for sales of over one million. Dr. John played keyboards on Franklin's version with Bernard "Pretty" Purdie on drums and Chuck Rainey on bass. This version hit #6 on Billboard's Easy Listening chart. Franklin a
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Jump to new posts Re: intermittent highlighting of the melody track by Jim Fogle @ 08/19/18 03:56 PM

Open the song file. Change the file name and save under the new name to create a back up file. Click on the gray snowflake icon for each track. The snowflake icon turns blue to indicate the track is "frozen" and can not be changed. Save the song file. Attach the saved song file to an email. The email should also reference this forum post along with a "what to look for" issue description. Mail the email to "".
Jump to new posts Re: Steve Perry Is Back! by Jim Fogle @ 08/19/18 03:41 PM

rockstar_not, I entirely get what your saying. Country singer Luke Bryan has a song called M-O-V-E that I feel the same way about. The song itself is infectious but one line ruins the song every time I hear it and the line is repeated MANY times. It's something like "and girl you're so d*mn hot". Best guess I can come up with is the songwriter was lazy. I will say this though, coarse language presently seems to be in vogue, same with tattoos and piercings. Different times, diffe
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: You Don't Serve Me Anymore by David Snyder @ 08/19/18 03:35 PM

Yeah Janne, this is REALLY cool. Totally enjoyed it. Good luck with the contest.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: A Fifth Goes Down Smoothly by David Snyder @ 08/19/18 03:34 PM

Very clever indeed John! I loved this! Tons of fun!! Good luck on the contest!
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: Somewhat Diminished by David Snyder @ 08/19/18 03:32 PM

Mario, This is killer man. Great job!
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Jump to new posts Re: House Party by David Snyder @ 08/19/18 03:31 PM

Dear Clifton, Peter, Kenny, David C and Robert and Anne-Marie, Thanks for your kind words and the listen. So glad you enjoyed it!
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Jump to new posts Re: A Pair Of Peaches by Torrey Bliss @ 08/19/18 01:28 PM

Alan, I agree with Floyd. Hang on to this for another opportunity. Great job! Thanks, Torrey
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Jump to new posts Re: All There Is by Torrey Bliss @ 08/19/18 01:11 PM

Great Job Kenny! You have a very distinctive vocal style that works very well with these Southern Rock style tunes! Thanks, Torrey
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Re: Photo sharing app by Guitarhacker @ 08/19/18 12:20 PM

I've used drop box for that as well.... You set up the albums and add folks. it's very simple to use
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Jump to new posts Re: Too Long or too Short by Guitarhacker @ 08/19/18 12:18 PM

make your own ending. Add enough measures and do what you want. shut off the BB endings
Jump to new posts Re: Recording clean by HCM @ 08/19/18 10:21 AM

Too bad. I just got the Focusrite 2i2 I’m gonna try splitting my signal and recording in stereo - using both inputs on the Focusrite and then maybe I will hear both channels when I monitor.
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Jump to new posts Re: CWreck by Scott C @ 08/19/18 09:01 AM

Originally Posted By: Torrey Bliss Nice song Scott! You have some very interesting chord structure in this it all works together really well with your guitar! Thanks, Torrey Thanks Torrey Glad you checked out the song. Was so glad to see you posting again. Originally Posted By: dani48Hi, Scott ! I agree with Mario that this must be your best instro so far !!!! I have to admit that I admire your playing very much I could not even come close ! Cheers Dani Thanks Dani for checking out the
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Play Option by Jazzman @ 08/19/18 07:54 AM

Hi Keith Don't know if this is what you are looking for - but - is it the box in the bottom left of the SONG PICKER window - Play when chosen - you remember Brian
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