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Jump to new posts Re: Love Walked Back Through The Door by BlueAttitude @ 08/16/18 03:27 AM

Yeah! I love this, great groove happening, good lyrics and vocal. Overall a very good song, enjoyed the listen.
Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database
How and where can I monitor the progress of the Song Titles Database updates?? i.e. How far is the database implemented in BIAB? Are updates publisyhed anywhere?
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Jump to new posts Just in case you need another drummer... by sinbad @ 08/15/18 11:30 PM

Avid are offering PHAT free for a limited time
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Jump to new posts Re: The Trouble With Love by Deej56 @ 08/15/18 10:24 PM

Brian, Really like this song--nicely done, with some great vocal backings and a solid hook. As others have noted, the lead vocal seems a bit buried. Would be great if you could bring it forward and feature it more--your vocalist has a nice voice and tone. I'll look forward to hearing your next take on this. All the best, Deej
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Jump to new posts Re: Shamanic Prayer by Deej56 @ 08/15/18 10:18 PM

James, Well, this have a very powerful cinematic feel to it. Just love that rhythm guitar in the backing. Was looking for something about a third of the way through to come in a bit lower, or maybe a bit fuller, than what came in at 1:56--think there's an opportunity to establish a bit more depth. But, hey, I'm really new to this--so take my thoughts with a big, big boulder of salt. Oh, and really like the percussion (?) that starts and repeats from 2:38. Well done, James! All the best,
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Jump to new posts Re: Olevia TV by Teunis @ 08/15/18 07:09 PM

You should be able to buy a Universal remote at any electronics outlet that sells tvs. Most Universal remotes will accept the code type entry. The Logitech Harmony is a bit different. You plug it into your pc via USB the it goes off to Logitech where you tell the software about your tv or whatever. You can have 4 or so devices configured at once and flip between them thus reducing the amount of remotes hanging about. Be sure to ask the sales person that you can put in the Olevia codes. Y
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Jump to new posts Re: 636 Swing Street by Al-David @ 08/15/18 05:12 PM

Originally Posted By: GocartMozAwesomne job. Sounded very big band pro to me. Very engaging from start to finish! Dave Thank you very much! I work with these horn tracks quite a bit, when I get a chance. This came together pretty good. Glad you liked it! Wishing you the best. ALan
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Good addition. Over the years this feature and its many nuances have often seemed to be quite "iffy", if not flat out broken. So it's good to have a concise overview like this vid to cover the ways it's all supposed to work.
Jump to new posts Re: Only able to see one part of one measure by Kent - PG Music @ 08/15/18 02:14 PM

Hi 2bSolo, Let's click on Options, then Preferences, and click on the Audio tab. What's the Audio Driver Type? Next, please click on Drivers. What's selected in the window that appears, and what else is available? Thanks Kent PG Music
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Video - Band-in-a-Box®: Count-in & Metronome Tutorial by Callie - PG Music @ 08/15/18 01:55 PM

Our latest video release is our Band-in-a-Box®: Count-in & Metronome Tutorial! By default, Band-in-a-Box® has a two bar count-in. Watch this tutorial for a quick explanation of all the options available within this feature! (video link:
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Jump to new posts Re: Do you “need” a subwoofer to mix? by Guitarhacker @ 08/15/18 01:43 PM

I have ARC and had ARC'd my old studio so I knew it pretty well. This new studio.... well, to be honest, I haven't yet taken the time to run ARC on it. I've been meaning to do that and plan to get around to it...really I do...... once I do finally ARC this room, I'll have a better handle on all the frequencies. Remember: You can't mix or compensate, or treat what you can't, or don't hear.
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Jump to new posts Re: When setting up for MP3 what should the peak level be by Guitarhacker @ 08/15/18 01:35 PM

-3dB is a good target. But why are you using mp3's instead of waves for performances? Use an audio editor such as NCH's Wave Pad so you can see the wave form in both mp3 and wave format. You can see how much room you have to the 0dB level and if you have "overs" or not. It also allows you to normalize and set your peak level to whatever number you want. There's no problem with running the mp3's to 100% or 0dB to get the most from them. Nothing is clipping at that level. Personall
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Jump to new posts Re: intermittent highlighting of the melody track by Kent - PG Music @ 08/15/18 12:55 PM

Hi Narayano, Can you freeze the tracks in the song file and send it to please? I'll be happy to test it. Thanks Kent PG Music
Jump to new posts BIAB a great tool by Mark Styles @ 08/15/18 12:50 PM

I've been composing music for a LONG time. I first became acquainted with BIAB in the late 80's. I had to do 16 nursery rhymes with all different singers, and each song in a different style. And had 3 weeks to do it. This would have been totally impossible. I had seen mention of BIAB. I bought it - and completed the task on time. The client was amazed and delighted. Then I worked for a music library service, which also demanded variety, and fast turn around time. At that point I began list
Jump to new posts Re: Forget Windows 10--Really--You Knew This Was Coming by Notes Norton @ 08/15/18 12:31 PM

That's an issue I have with Mac computers. I don't by cheap computers, my 2002 Think Pad still bounces around on stage with me, along with a Win7 ThinkPad. The Win7 machine replaced another 2002 Think Pad. I could get by on one, and both computers are setup to do both tasks. In the unlikely event that both die, I could zoom over to any store that has computers and buy a PC because I also have everything I need on a flash drive. I couldn't do that with a Mac. Apple and Lenovo both make fine c
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Jump to new posts Re: Fingerpicking notation by Dave @ 08/15/18 11:55 AM

pick a swing style rather than an even style, or change the print option to triplet
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Jump to new posts Re: Band in a Box DOMANDA! by doctormidi @ 08/15/18 11:13 AM

Ciao sì certo, a patto che si tratti di 3 computer della stessa “famiglia”, intendo o Tutti e tre Windows o tutti e tre Mac.
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I've now also made a Youtube version, with the music 'cleverly' superimposed over some footage of burning logs (sound & all)... just to really hammer in the much mentioned campfire element Seems to work out alright:
Jump to new posts Re: Song collaboration by LPman @ 08/15/18 09:28 AM

Hi EMG I added a layered paino improvisation to a YouTube user named meta sage. I wanted to see if was possible to add a custom piano backtrack to what he was saying ( link below ). When I listen to the 9 minutes of my piano alone I hear unresolved progression parts. So I removed it. Now I have a 5.58 minutes. But I am bored with it. I take my 5.58 minutes piano midi and feed it to BIAB with a country style eliminating my piano altogether. I mute piano 2 my piano playing cause it doesn't match
Jump to new posts Re: food for thought - re: monitizing music by Deryk - PG Music @ 08/15/18 08:08 AM

What a really interesting video and topic I agree with Kent above, "Buying an MP3 is more like buying a museum pass than a painting" is a gorgeous analogy.
Jump to new posts Re: mouth mouse for some handicapped (i don't use PC speak) by Deryk - PG Music @ 08/15/18 07:00 AM

Wow - I found this fascinating! The future is now - thanks for sharing
Jump to new posts Re: In The Write by Deryk - PG Music @ 08/15/18 06:40 AM

Very in depth, and a very well written article. Really good find - thanks for sharing
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Jump to new posts Re: Add-Ons Tool by VideoTrack @ 08/15/18 06:24 AM

Such improvements have been requested previously. Definitely supported. +1
Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
I agree tht the function should be there and work seamlessly. Therefore, +1
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Video - Band-in-a-Box®: Count-in & Metronome Tutorial

Our latest video release is our Band-in-a-Box®: Count-in & Metronome Tutorial! By default, Band-in-a-Box® has a two bar count-in. Watch this tutorial for a quick explanation of all the options available within this feature! Click here to watch...

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Nous avons été très occupés à travailler sur Band-in-a-Box® durant l'année 2017, celà s'est traduit par la création de plus de 50 nouvelles fonctionnalités ainsi que l'apport d'une incroyable collection de nouveaux contenus, à savoir: des RealTracks, des SuperTracks MIDI, des Études d'Instruments, des Boucles, des Prestations d'Artistes, des Préréglages Amplitube et styles associés, des RealTracks dans les 12 tonalités et une Notation Guitare Hi-Q!

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 für Mac - German release!

Wir waren fleißig und haben über 50 neue Funktionen und eine erstaunliche Sammlung von neuen Inhalten, mit RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studien, Loops (Schleifen), Künstler Performances, Amplitube Presets und dazugehörenden Styles, 12-Tonarten RealTracks und Hi-Q Gitarren Notation, hinzugefügt!

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