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PG Music News
Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Mac Build 263 Update Available!

Band-in-a-Box® Version 2018 for Mac users can download the latest free patch update, Build 263, here.

Summary of changes for Version 2018 Build 263 (July 20, 2018):
Added: Help Video button added to the Audio Harmony dialog.
Added: Menu items added for opening an entire Karaoke file.
Added: Menu items added for opening an entire MIDI file.
Added: Support added for features that some newer styles will require.
Fixed: Audio harmonies would be generated with the wrong notes if selecting a range of audio in the middle of the track.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash or freeze when using adding UserTracks and pressing Play.
Fixed: Bar lines would not display properly in the Audio Edit window if launching through the menu item "Audio Chord Wizard (Audio Edit)".
Fixed: 'Multi' and 'Medley' RealTracks were not displaying proper track titles.
Fixed: Playback might cause a crash after editing multi-drums.
Fixed: Some AU plugins might cause a crash during playback.
Fixed: The 'A number is out of range' error message should mention the number that the user entered for clarity.
Fixed: The Audio Harmony dialog needed some hints.
Fixed: The Ghost button in the Piano Roll window could not be disabled.
Fixed: The Notation Window would not redraw properly after exiting the Import Chords dialog.
Fixed: The Preferences 2 dialog might not exit using [OK] without an 'A number is out of range' error message.
Improved: The Audio Harmony Dialog has been rearranged to be more intuitive when using Band-in-a-Box Intelligent Mode.
Improved: XML improvements.

Video - Unboxing Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Mac

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Mac is currently only available in English, but that didn't stop this Danish company,, from creating an unboxing video!

Video - Unboxing af Band In A Box 2018 Mac version

They love that Band-in-a-Box® is so portable when you order the UltraPAK pre-installed on a hard drive!
(...and so do we!!!)

YouTube Find - How I Learned To Play Guitar Without YouTube And NO GUITAR TEACHER

EricBlackmonGuitar recently posted a great video (using Band-in-a-Box backing tracks...) called How I Learned To Play Guitar Without YouTube And NO GUITAR TEACHER - check it out! Click here to watch...

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows Resource - Individual New Features Videos

The December release of Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows added 50+ new features and enhancements, Video RealTracks, 202 new RealTracks, and more!

Here is a summary of the videos created to highlight the new additions and features:
(click on the title to play the video)

- Everything you need to know in under 6 minutes!
- Complete New Features Video
- 2018 Audio Chord Wizard
- Vocal Oohs and Aahs
- Video RealTracks
- 202 NEW RealTracks
- 40 Bonus RealTracks in the 2018 49-PAK

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows Build 520 Available!

Band-in-a-Box® Version 2018 for Windows users can download the latest free patch update, Build 250, here.

Summary of changes for Build 520 since 519 (July 17 2018):
Added: Save As style feature has support for MIDI velocity changes if volumes aren’t 90 on mixer when saved.
Added: Support for MIDI velocity changes in styles. Use the Misc-More dialog in StyleMaker to set velocity changes in MIDI styles.
Fixed: [Style Memos etc] button was not visible in the Style Editor -> Misc dialog.
Fixed: Bar lines would not display properly in the Audio Edit window if launching through the menu item "Audio Chord Wizard (Audio Edit)".
Fixed: Hitting the Return key while in the Audio Edit window might trigger Loop Screen mode.
Updated: PDF Manual and Help.

User Blog - Recording and Processing Vocals Using RealBand...

Joanne Cooper's latest blog post is a "start to finish" of how she records and processes vocals for her songs using her three "go-to" programs: RealBand, Melodyne, and Nectar from Izotope (with a little help from Band-in-a-Box...)!

Check out this blog post here.

Video - Using MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows!

Learn how you can add MIDI SuperTracks to your Band-in-a-Box® song?

Using MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows!

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