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#11614 - 01/23/09 06:43 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
Noel96 Offline

Registered: 10/31/08
Posts: 13722
Loc: Australia
I'm sorry to hear your news. You're in my prayers.
Well wishes galore,

#11615 - 01/23/09 07:05 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Noel96]
Danny C. Offline

Registered: 03/18/04
Posts: 6494
Loc: South Louisiana

You have been and will remain in our prayers. Please keep the faith and hang in there, and of course let me know if there is anything personal I can do for you and/or family. You know I am only a few hours or so drive away.
Danny C.

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#11616 - 01/23/09 08:05 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Danny C.]
Howard Offline

Registered: 05/30/00
Posts: 2704
Loc: Leesville,La. USA
I can't thank you all enough for the support and encouragement. My local oncologist said that since I was still able to get around and feed myself,etc, that there was a pretty good chance to beat this. My age is against me, 71 next month, but I'm pretty hopeful. I hate how it's hurting my wife, she lost her last three siblings in less than a year from cancer.Again thank you all so much.

#11617 - 01/23/09 08:34 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
Don Gaynor Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 8005
Loc: Oklahoma, USA
often the wives get overlooked in these situations and need extra love and encouragement too. please give your wife a big hug and a kiss for me, harold, and tell her how much she is appreciated. my thoughts are with you both.

#11618 - 01/23/09 08:45 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
MarioD Offline

Registered: 12/27/03
Posts: 11449
Loc: Hamlin NY
I know what you mean about the wife. My wife lost her mother to cancer when my wife was 15. When I had my bout I could see the worry in her face regardless how much she tried to hide it. That hurt more than the chemo!

For what it’s worth I found that whey protein really helped me. I bought the chocolate favored powder that I mixed with milk. It is the same whey protein that body builders use. It really helped me with my energy level. You may want to check it out.

Good luck my friend.
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#11619 - 01/23/09 10:02 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: BlueTurbit]
edbulmer Offline

Registered: 09/18/06
Posts: 809
Loc: Toronto
We'll here for you Howard. A great bunch here, stay focused and positive, it does make a difference. I have a fellow boating friend who's had this for 15 years. He's doing well. I know everyone's different but we are praying for you. What a great head start. Keep us informed.
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#11620 - 01/23/09 10:32 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: edbulmer]
Don Gaynor Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 8005
Loc: Oklahoma, USA
if protein supplements are in order, then i heartily recommend Ensure supplement shakes. with my swallowing difficulty my doctor prescribed it to keep my weight up. walmart Equate is cheaper but fewer flavors. the ensure butter pecan is scrumptious. i get it through the va canteen for 16.50/24 case. i drink 2 per day and have kept my weight up but my fingernails grow like weeds. howard, are you a veteran? the va has several programs that would benefit both you and your wife. one is 'respite care' where they will send a nurse to your home so your wife can get a break. check with your nearest va.


#11621 - 01/24/09 12:09 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Don Gaynor]
Le Miz Offline

Registered: 03/20/01
Posts: 229
Loc: Austin, TX
You (and your family) are in my prayers, Howard.

#11622 - 01/24/09 12:56 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Le Miz]
DennisD Offline

Registered: 01/14/06
Posts: 317
Loc: BC Interior
Howard, sorry to hear about your prognosis. My thoughts will be with you. I wish you enduring good spirits, and continual prayer. Dennis
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#11623 - 01/24/09 04:05 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: DennisD]
Keith from Oz Offline

Registered: 12/05/07
Posts: 2202
Loc: NSW Australia
You have our thoughts & prayers from Downunder too, Howard.

#11624 - 01/24/09 05:37 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Keith from Oz]
guitarman Offline

Registered: 07/25/05
Posts: 973
Loc: U.K
Keep the chin up Howard and have faith.

We are all rooting for you.

Best wishes


#11625 - 01/24/09 06:09 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
PapaMikie Offline

Registered: 07/13/07
Posts: 888
Loc: Ottawa ON Canada
And an other prayer for you.

#11626 - 01/24/09 08:56 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: BlueTurbit]
furry Online   content

Registered: 06/28/06
Posts: 5788
Loc: Scottish Highlands
Hope you pull through Howard, I'm rootin' for ya

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#11627 - 01/24/09 12:39 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
toucher Offline

Registered: 04/20/08
Posts: 1072
Loc: Arizona
Howard, I was talking with my wife about your situation, and she told me about someone she knows who had lymphoma around her heart, her lungs, both kidneys, her liver and stomach, well pretty much the whole abdominal cavity including small and large intestines. She was diagnosed about three years ago, today she is free from any of it.

We belive her positive outlook and the fact that she believes in prayer, brought her through this, so don't give up!

Dang....This is addicting.

#11628 - 01/24/09 03:10 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: toucher]
Beagle Offline

Registered: 08/18/07
Posts: 674
Loc: Fort Worth TX, USA
God bless Howard! Prayers for you! Look forward to your healthy return!

#11629 - 01/26/09 12:33 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
lkmuller Online   content

Registered: 07/11/00
Posts: 1145
Loc: Aiea, HI, USA
Howard! You know you're in my thoughts. We've been friends a long time. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Anything. I WILL help, I promise.

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#11630 - 01/26/09 08:50 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: BlueTurbit]
davemilleruk Offline

Registered: 08/05/08
Posts: 301
Loc: Devon UK
Hang in there Howard, You got lots of prayers and support here.
I'm sendin ya some positive thoughts and a special prayer from the UK

Kindest Regards,

#11631 - 01/26/09 12:34 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Howard]
Oren Fisher Offline

Registered: 07/08/06
Posts: 1126
Loc: Victoria, BC Canada

Everybody's got their favorite cure for cancer, and they are all valid to some degree or other, even for older folks. As time and energy permit, have a look at as many as you can, and deploy the ones that resonate for you. People all over the world are curing all kinds of cancer in the most amazing ways - some of them very inexpensive and easily accessible. (Natural healing has been an interest of mine for many years - PM me if you would like some help finding information on some of the more useful strategies.)

All I'm really suggesting is that you take an active hand in your "cure", and involve your wife as much as possible so she feels like a valued part of the process. Team up, get pro-active, and enjoy the challenge of making yourself a little stronger every day.


#11632 - 01/26/09 01:47 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: Oren Fisher]
TeleBob Offline

Registered: 04/06/06
Posts: 217
Loc: Minneapolis, MN USA
You are in the hands of the ultimate healer. You will be in prayers all over the world.

Be blessed

#11633 - 01/26/09 02:38 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Bad news [Re: TeleBob]
occ Offline

Registered: 12/05/01
Posts: 648
Hello everyone. I just went to see Howard at the Hospital. He had just gotten into a room and was getting blood work. He and his wife seemed in good spirits. I'll check on him later this week and let everyone know how he is doing. occ

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