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#121564 - 07/16/11 08:56 PM [User Showcase] Just looking for opinions here
eddie1261 Offline

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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
Maybe PG or one of the official types can weigh in on this one.

How many users use these forums? Are they ALL honest and trustworthy? People are posting their creations and not knowing who is listening to them and possibly stealing them... Is everything the gets posted here copyrighted? I won't ever post a song on here because I have this fear that one of them will show up in a soundtrack someday with someone else's name as composer. Even after copyright I don't think I would post in a public forum. I have shared a link on occasion to get some feedback from people I respect, but to toss it our for public consumption before it is protected sounds a little silly to me when you don't know who is listening.

If you say "I can't" ..... I'm pretty sure you won't.

#121565 - 07/17/11 12:40 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: eddie1261]
PgFantastic Offline

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Most of my music is testimonial, giving glory to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is the reason I share it, because I want others to know just how great my life is since Jesus saved me. This is what I would tell you, ask yourself, what is my goal, do I want to have a billboard chart topper, Do I do this because I like performing, do I do this because I just want to share. The answer to that question will tell you what to do with your music, to share or not to share. I would think if you asked everyone on this forum if they have ever had to go to court over copyright infringement because someone on this forum or someone that heard their music on this forum stole their music, I would think the number would be very minuscule, if not zero. I would lean more toward zero. Is that to say it is not possible someone may not steal your music, No. The fact is you are more likely that one of your band members run off with your music, or someone close to you. The only real way to insure you never get infringed is like you say never share. That leaves this question, is a song really a song if it is not heard? Just something for the many forum minds to contemplate. I will add that I have had forum users ask me if they could perform my songs in church and around at gigs. I tell them yes, I only request that they not record and sale them. I have even on occasion sent the song files from biab when I still had them. You see it is all about your goals and aspirations.

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#121566 - 07/17/11 02:11 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: PgFantastic]
pikeyh Offline

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I am with PG on this one, I deliberated for a while before putting some demo's up on the site,anyway dont we all steal song idea's from different sources like radio etc.And as for copyright..mmm,ok if you have the time and big bucks for the fight if you need to but at 48 i think i would rather a number of likeminded people critique my songs and be pleased when i get a positive response, and if some idiot want to steal my song idea cos they cant write their own, as Frankie says "Thats life" but I do understand where you are coming from Eddie and you do have a valid point, but as PG says a song really needs to be heard be people to be a song, or would it be better left under wraps inside a pc. thats my thoughts anyway.. Kind regards from sunny South Wales.. GB

#121567 - 07/17/11 02:53 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: pikeyh]
jcspro40 Offline

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Every "serious" song that I post on a Public forum or on my various Soundclick - etc sites is copyrighted © in the form of a "book" at the LOC. I wait until I have 12-14 tracks before I pay for it.

All my other songs I just post them for folks to enjoy or hate, crtique or just listen to. As a friend use ot say...

"A lock only keeps an honest man honest."

If someone wants somthing you have badly enough they will figure out a way to get it!
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#121568 - 07/17/11 05:54 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: jcspro40]
Noel96 Offline

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Your thought is one that I've had and still continue to have on and off.

An interesting story for you ...

I co-wrote a song with a friend and we put it up on American Songwriter's free web pages ( We wrote the song at the beginning of 2010. A publisher who was sifting through the pages a couple of months ago stumbled across our song and asked us if she could represent it. We signed up. I must say, it felt pretty cool to actually be asked for a song

Now if we hadn't had our song out there in front of the public, we would never have gotten our publishing deal.

One thing that the American Songwriter website has is that it allows only people in the industry to hear the whole song. General public are restricted to a snippet of the song (when this option is activated).

All the best,

#121569 - 07/17/11 10:05 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: Noel96]
Ian Fraser Offline

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As Robert says

You see it is all about your goals and aspirations.

I am registered as a writer with a performing rights organization. Every song I post has already been registered with it under my own publishing company name as protection to establish a possession of copyright date. This makes me feel better. How secure it is in reality - I don't know.

I am also a member of Taxi and make submissions to their industry listings.

Eddie, trust is difficult but I feel that if I want to market the tunes I have, then I have to take chances, otherwise what use is the song just sitting on my PC. If we want to hone our craft then we need feedback; feedback needs public exposure . . . and taking a chance.

It's all a matter of goals - if you have none for the music, then what does it matter? If it matters, then we do the best copyright protection we can, and stop spinning the wheels worrying about the matter. Decision, one way or the other, puts a stop to wheel-spinning, and gives a chance for real progress in a field you love.

Good Luck All - Ian
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#121570 - 07/17/11 10:37 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: Ian Fraser]
Kemmrich Offline

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LOL! There are millions and millions of songs out there -- and only 12 notes (in western music) and everyone has the same ideas. It's all been done before. The chances of your music being actually stolen is beyond minuscule. Quit worrying about it.

P.S. Heck, the odds of your stuff being really original are pretty slim, too.
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#121571 - 07/17/11 10:46 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: Ian Fraser]
eddie1261 Offline

Registered: 04/08/11
Posts: 4026
Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
Okay, here is what is at the root of my concerns. In 1984, I received a phone call from a drummer friend and the message was "Go see [unnamed movie here] and make sure you stay for the song rolling over the closing credits. You'll love that song."

I went to see [unnamed movie here]. The movie itself was so-so. When the credits started rolling, I thought to myself "Hey this sounds familiar." And 16 bars into the song I stood up in the theater and said "Hey! I WROTE that *@&#^#%^& song!!!" and ran to a pay phone to call the drummer who had called me.

I was in LA working on a music project in 1983 with a bunch of Ohio transplants. We had everything but a guitar player, and we recruited a local guy. We ran 15 songs, 11 of which I wrote, the other 4 the drummer wrote. We threw three of those away, all three were mine. The 12 (8 me, 4 him) we recorded were copyrighted. The three we threw away were not. One of those throw away songs was the one in the movie.

PS. The writing credit for the song that rolled in the movie?

That guitar player we hired.

Moral of the story..... don't trust people with your music unless and until you can prove it belongs to you.

Sub moral of the story? If karma is real, I will see that guy again. And if my temper is real, I will knock his teeth out of his mouth and continue to pummel him until he admits he stole my song. And then sue him for however much money he made from the song he stole, minus a performing credit for the time he worked for me, which I will estimate at $1.00.
If you say "I can't" ..... I'm pretty sure you won't.

#121572 - 07/17/11 11:01 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: eddie1261]
Kemmrich Offline

Registered: 02/27/07
Posts: 1814
That was almost 40 years ago! We live in a different time -- there is no protection anymore for copyrighted music. Illegal downloads, rappers sampling whatever they want, the public viewpoint that music is a "background" thing and should be free has worked against the copyright holders.

Make music, enjoy music and don't let an event that happened in 1984 ruin your current life.

Oh by the way, if one of my songs ended up in a movie or on the radio and a different author was listed -- I would have the same reaction you had!!!!!
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#121573 - 07/17/11 01:20 PM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: Kemmrich]
Tommyc Offline

Registered: 01/08/11
Posts: 2487
Musical theft is the sincerest form of flattery ! Otherwise why would we all want to make music with Biab (so many style alias's wish I could sound like them all)? Every lick I ever played either came from or was modified from someone else . My best licks are mostly mistakes while trying to emulate others . I wish someone would steal from me (only musically !),maybe I might be coming closer to what people really want.

ps Showcase Here ! Where is your song Eddie ?

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#121574 - 07/17/11 01:35 PM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: Tommyc]
eddie1261 Offline

Registered: 04/08/11
Posts: 4026
Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
Where is THAT song? Lawyers have instructed me not to name the movie lest <B>I</> be sued. We ran that song maybe 3 times at a rehearsal and said "Nah" so it was never really written down anywhere or recorded. However, apparently Mr Guitar Playing Song Thief ran right home to his home recording equipment and laid it down because two years or so later, there it was.

I may post a couple of my new ones when the copyrights are in place. Not that they are monumental pieces that will make a mark in music history, but I want to be protected.
If you say "I can't" ..... I'm pretty sure you won't.

#121575 - 07/18/11 07:31 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: eddie1261]
Tommyc Offline

Registered: 01/08/11
Posts: 2487
Sorry Eddie What I meant to say is this is the user showcase ,what you want is off topic unless you are posting song . You make the song we listen to the song and tell you what we think .

#121576 - 07/18/11 09:11 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: Tommyc]
eddie1261 Offline

Registered: 04/08/11
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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
Oh I see what you meant now Tommyc. Admins feel free to erase this post since it is truly not in the right place.
If you say "I can't" ..... I'm pretty sure you won't.

#121577 - 07/19/11 08:03 AM [User Showcase] Re: Just looking for opinions here [Re: eddie1261]
Tommyc Offline

Registered: 01/08/11
Posts: 2487
I don't mean erase the post , I want to hear what you guard so closely . I'm into sharing music man ,don't hide your talent throw it out there and maybe get some ideas on how to improve it! Come on over On the Dark Side, Eddie ! lol


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