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#131032 - 10/12/11 12:39 AM [Off-Topic] Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook
Sundance Offline

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Thought some FB users might find this interesting. Here's a little excerpt from the AP.

"There was information which indicated that Facebook had, in fact, participated in certain acts that violated the Federal Wire Tap Act, and as we discovered, violated the Louisiana Electronic Surveillance Act and there was truly a basis for a cause of action," said Ieyoub.

That cause of action has landed Facebook in Federal Court in Baton Rouge. The suit, in part, accuses Facebook of tracking its membership even when you're not logged into Facebook.

"I don't know necessarily whether we shut them down," said Ieyoub. "We can stop them from this illegal practice that they have been implementing - and that's the collection and storage of private electronic communication of its users even when the user is not actually logged into the website."

"Anytime an individual is not secure in his private communications or private property it's a serious situation," said Ieyoub. "That's why there's both federal and state legislation that prohibits this kind of conduct."

A Facebook spokesperson told the Associated Press that the lawsuit is without merit and they will fight it vigorously.
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#131033 - 10/12/11 12:44 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook [Re: Sundance]
Pat Marr Offline

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thanks for posting this Josie. I'm on the fence regarding FB. I'm never comfortable that my privacy is as controlled as I'd hope.

Should be interesting to see how this suit pans out.

#131034 - 10/12/11 02:12 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook [Re: Pat Marr]
Glenn Kolot Offline

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I'm not on the fence - I haven't joined and won't. Same goes for Twits.


#131035 - 10/12/11 07:57 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook [Re: Glenn Kolot]
John Conley Offline

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I don't care. I have most of my family on FB, a few musicians, and some folks from here. Sharing pictures, and little stories for my 85 year old parents, gives them a reason to turn on the computer and do Sodukku. I am not paranoid by nature, nor do I become afraid in the face of some unknown possible bad thing they are going to do to me. What would that be? Cut off my legs comes to mind, but if that stopped the pains it would be worth thinking about some days. I have other things to worry about, though not much.

The fact Facebook would want to track a senior for nefarious purposes seems quite remote, but that's just my opinion. What will I get, an ad for depends? That would be better than the 30 emails a day in my junk box alleging a part of me is miniscule and not working.

As any group gets bigger people in general become suspicious of them and their resources. I just don't have the time. Of course I have to deal with the sales people my Mother tells to send her stuff like magazines etc.

I hope Facebook tracked me yesterday. I sat in the same chair all day, reading books and listening to Baroque Music. There must be some good stuff there. Maybe they saw the UPS guy show up with my weekly Amazon package. He had a brown truck, brown suit, and brown shoes.
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#131036 - 10/12/11 08:51 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook [Re: John Conley]
filkertom Offline

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I'm on FB because that's where everyone's going. Given the cavalier attitude they've had in the past toward creator's rights, I won't upload anything to 'em. Their biggest harm is the same ol' same ol', selling personal information to companies. So I don't give them very much.
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#131037 - 10/12/11 09:59 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook [Re: filkertom]
rharv Offline

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Sign out..
Some of what happens is FB fault, some is on others. Bing checks your FB cookie if available, much like Google will check your gmail or google+ cookie if available.

Better yet, set your machine to clear cookies everytime the browser is closed. You'll have to sign back in all the time but your cookie will be empty at beginning of session.
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#131038 - 10/12/11 10:21 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Former LA Atty Gen Suing Facebook [Re: rharv]
Don Gaynor Online   content

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have you ever read the privacy statement on yahoo? it says, in part: "We DO COLLECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION..." ladies and germs, "there ain't no free lunch!" you can quote me on'at!


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