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#158149 - 04/29/12 09:03 AM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: WienSam]
MarioD Offline

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Eddie, been there done that!

All of the advice that has been given is good advice. I will add a couple of things that I do when in a funk like yours:

1-Listen to music. Pick the style(s) you like and just enjoy.

2-make up songs about your problems! I found this very comforting. You should hear some of the songs I wrote about my totally incompetent supervisor!

Always remember you are never alone!
Yesterday I walked into a room and remembered why I was there! It was the bathroom!

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#158150 - 04/29/12 10:11 AM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: MarioD]
eddie1261 Online   content

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Such GREAT advice, and even more, a reason to rekindle my belief in mankind that you would all offer such great advice, much of it based on your real life experiences. I have read everything carefully at least twice, and you are all the best ever for supporting me! Even you, Mike, even though you are from Pittsburgh where that team in black and gold lives.

All of this will pass. It may take some time, but it will pass. In the meantime, I accept the challenge and will start working on lyrics for "Better Days Will Come" today.

I don't know if I am frustrated or angry, and the anger would be directed inwardly. I make some bad decisions and then what it comes time to pay I don't handle it well. The emotional part of this stemmed from my having to say goodbye to a woman who I met about a year ago, and we became very good friends, but it reached a point where "friend" wasn't going to be good enough. Given the dynamics of the situation, "more than friends" just isn't in the cards. We live rather far away, she works 2 jobs and plays in 2 bands, and her kids are both involved in SO much that she is mom's taxi as well. The kicker though is that I was literally already out of high school when she was born, and that age gap is insurmountably huge. It did give me a song called "From A Distance", explaining how being forced to stay at a distance and keep it inside really stinks. An example of a song that is written but I have no interest in recording it. Maybe it's too painful of a song. I know that "The One That Got Away" was like that. I must have run that tune 100 times before I got desensitized to the lyrics enough to sing it through without breaking down.

On the health side, I will be 61 in 2 months and the effects of the diabetes are becoming much more pronounced, to the point where I will likely start losing toes and other appendages within the next year or so. The neuropathy is really bad at times and that is the last stop before the amputations start. And every friend I had who was diabetic was gone by age 67, some earlier. That doesn't bode well.

Financial difficulty started a year ago when I lost my job. I was off for 3 months, and when I did find a job it was for a very low pay rate and while I was able to keep my mortgage, car payments and utilities current (I was never late or never missed even ONE payment) 4 unsecured credit accounts totally fell apart. I arranged a buyout with one, am paying off a settlement on another, and I am in contact with the last 2 in efforts to make a settlement with them. Nonetheless, my credit score took a HUGE hit and that is depressing after working so hard to improve it to where I could buy my house in 2009. I would really like to sell this one and move to a better neighborhood but my credit prevents that.

The neighborhood part ties into that. My neighbor has not made a house payment in 29 months, and they have finally been foreclosed and will be evicted by the end of June. The house will then go up for sale in repossession, and who knows WHAT my next neighbor is going to be. My dog, in her whole 5 years here, has known she is allowed to go next door and play with the neighbor dog, including going in the house. Have you ever tried to UNtrain a dog and break her of something she has done for 5 years? I have already gone through the expense of putting in an outdoor kennel, and next have to put up stockade fence, but that's not the point. I am incurring all of this because someone else thought cranking out 2 welfare babies and buying 2 new cars was more important than their mortgage, and now our neighborhood is at risk of being ruined by an undesirable person buying that house.

And in a nutshell, that is what's at the root of my funk.

Thank you all for your input!!
If you say "I can't" ..... I'm pretty sure you won't.

#158151 - 04/29/12 10:32 AM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: eddie1261]
Danny C. Offline

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Other than the great advice above all I can say is to find yourself an audience. Force yourself to get out in front of them and play your ass off, because you know from experience the love and feedback you get when performing just may be the best drug of all time.

My best to you,
Danny C.

The More You Drink The Better I Sound

#158152 - 04/29/12 11:21 AM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: Danny C.]
WienSam Offline

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Come on, Eddie. Worse things happen at sea you know. You come from nothing you're going to nothing, what you lost? NOTHING!

Give the audience a grin!

You are still not alone. Makes me feel better though - you would not want to know what I am going through
Follow That Dream

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Turning that corner again - I have to keep following that dream, no matter what

#158153 - 04/29/12 11:38 AM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: eddie1261]
Tim Lawrence Offline

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Loc: Long Beach California. United ...
Hi Eddie,

Yep, been there a few times, and the more I try to force myself to be creative the less results I get.
I've found for me the best thing to do is just let go and ride the wind.
Eventually things have a way of coming around and I find myself in a better place where I can create again.
I think that you posting your message here is a good start to turning things around because you will see that you're not alone, and most of us have been where you are at different points in our lives.

Hang in there man things will get better.


#158154 - 04/29/12 11:56 AM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: WienSam]
Pat Marr Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
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Loc: Winston-Salem, NC

You are still not alone. Makes me feel better though - you would not want to know what I am going through

there is a tendency to believe that our problems are worse than those of other people... and there *IS* some comfort in seeing that on a MISERY-O-METER scale of 1 to 10, we're more of a 3 than a 10.

Everybody hurts

#158155 - 04/29/12 12:04 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: Pat Marr]
Pat Marr Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
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Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
you get juice by crushing the orange...

you get light by consuming the candle...

You get a garden by burying the seeds...

do I see a trend here?

The Bible in the book of Romans chapter 5 says (paraphrased)
"Tribulation leads to patience...
patience leads to experience...
and experience leads to hope."

The rest of the chapter says why.

#158156 - 04/29/12 12:10 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: eddie1261]
sinbad Offline

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I feel with you Eddie. Probably what's bugging you the most is your health problems. Look on the bright side, you could be hit by a truck tomorrow so all the worrying would have been in vain. Seriously though, there are a number of types of diabetes, most of which can be positively influenced by diet. I don't know which one you are stuck with, but I know quite few people who have similar problems, and those who follow their diet and avoid alchohol seem to be coping quite well. I guess you have tried just about everthing, but if not, try googling for a diet plan(, it doesn't cost anything. Forgive me if I am stating the obvious Eddie, but I don't like to see a good man down. Another help could be the writings of Louise Hay, I've found help there many times.
You have at your disposal however, probably the best medicine anybody can have. Music. Get in your studio and let it rip. Don't try anything new, just roar off some of the old songs you love, give it all you'v'e got until you are exhausted. Repeat that until you wake up with a smile on your face.

#158157 - 04/29/12 12:32 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
Don Gaynor Offline

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Eddie, please don't think I'm being flippant because Ive been in your moccasins many times. In my present physical state I am seen as a powerful encouragement within my congregation. That brings me great joy to know that others are encouraged by knowing my circumstances, something that I have come to accept without questioning.

There is an old adage that states: "The finest steel must first pass through the fire!" There is so much truth in those words. Surely you will eventually look back in this trying period in your life and realize that you are a better, stronger person for this experience. There truly is good to be gleaned from even the worst of our tribulations.

If we judge a man by the quality and quantity of his friends then you, Sir, are rich beyond measure!

If ever, night or day, you need someone to help carry your burdens then I invite you to PM or email me. That's not just blowing smoke, my friend. I may give you the bible's view but that certainly would be painless.

#158158 - 04/29/12 01:29 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
Wyndham Offline

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Posts: 1019
Eddie you have a suitcase full of material that Hank Williams would have killed for when his song cup went dry. all kidding aside, most have had a taste or a big gulp from that same cup of life. Get in the car and drive nearby to some place you haven't been for a while or some new place, see something new, take some quiet time to pray,God wants to hear what you have to say.Look at what you see and reflect on your life then get after it, there's still time to share your music with others.
Easy to give advice from this side of the screen, it's harder when you go to "defrag" the hard drive and the cat steps on "delete all" instead.
Gotta train that cat better, Wyndham

#158159 - 04/29/12 02:05 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
ROG Offline

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Loc: York, England

I accept the challenge and will start working on lyrics for "Better Days Will Come" today.

Eddie, I'm really glad you've taken it up. You never know, it might turn out to be some of your best work yet! If you get it done and it's good and it's not too intensely personal, perhaps you could post it as an inspiration to all of us.

BTW, I'm working on one called "Better Up-dates Will Come". We live in hope. LOL


#158160 - 04/29/12 03:31 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: ROG]
MountainSide Offline

Registered: 12/06/11
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Loc: Florida
Eddie, you've got a fine bunch of supporters here. I've followed you through your trials and tribulations with your MOTU equipment as well as listening to your tunes. You don't strike me as the kind of person who will give up or can give up. I believe you're up in the Cleveland area, I'm from there too. Head up to the lake, take a look at the old freighters and tugs...there's a song waiting for you there.
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#158161 - 04/29/12 04:27 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
carkins Offline

Registered: 11/30/10
Posts: 349
Hi Eddie
I think all of us with a creative spirit have felt what you feel at one time or another.
The causes may be different but the feeling is the same.
The fact that we are offering what advice we can is proof that the feeling can be beaten and the sun will shine again.
I'm sure the answer for you is here somewhere.

It's been proven that just the physical act of smiling regardless of how we feel will generate endorphins which after about a minute will make us feel better.
I've done it and it actually works!
Something to try.

If you can't find a solution that works for you in this forum it always helps to focus on someone who had it worse than you...Rodney Dangerfield

Always works for me.
Best wishes,

#158162 - 04/29/12 04:40 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: carkins]
MusicStudent Offline

Registered: 12/08/02
Posts: 5472
Loc: Chicago

...Rodney Dangerfield

A girl phoned me the other day and said... 'Come on over, there's nobody home.' I went over. Nobody was home.

That old one really got me laughting. Thanks - it does make you feel better when you smile and laugh.

#158163 - 04/29/12 05:27 PM [Off-Topic] Re: How do you get "the juice" back? [Re: MusicStudent]
John Conley Offline

Registered: 09/28/03
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Loc: London, Ontario, Canada
Eddie I have no financial problems. No lottery is needed.

I can see the end of the tunnel, not just the light there.

Every day I hope that it will be a musical day.

Some days not even that works, I cannot get the tempo, there is no music in me. That is the worst. Then I realise I cannot even get up the ambition to embellish a simple chord, nor to run some simple arpeggios. It seems the only solution is to waste another day sleeping on the couch, unable to hear the TV.

This week there is another meeting at the clinic, and a shot at changing up the meds.

Make a journal of how things are. Write it for a week and take it to the doctor.

Hang tough.

Yesterday I spent over an hour with a Fever. The one with Am F and E7. Not 98.6.

Some cool licks on the keyboard-organ. (Korg ps60)

Not today. I tore down and set up for something to do.

OOOooo... diminuendo
John Conley
Musica est vita

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