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#16898 - 04/01/09 08:40 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Luvs3rds]
Brallan Offline

Registered: 01/18/07
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Loc: Los Angeles, CA.

How about buying another KC350. Would give you better monitoring options, plus the two amps would link up for that rich stereo effect. They'll listen.

Plus, learn to play the old chestnut, "Your mind is on vacation (And your mouth is workin' overtime)".

Or, just get drunk and play "The wreck of the Old '97" over and over. The inebriates love it.

Brad -- My FAWM

#16899 - 04/19/09 02:29 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Rachael]
Riverglade Offline

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Loc: Robertsdale AL

I like the Hot Spot mounted right on the mic stand. A few times outdoors, or at the beach, there could have been something with a little more oomph but it worked.

A lot of the posts here stress being heard above the noise no matter what. I know that was not the original question. I would like to politely suggest that the nature of the gig be considered. Many performers have forgotten what it is like to be in the audience. I have been a sound man for 10 years and we get a lot of feedback. NPI

My voice does not carry. Projection lessons might be in order. If the entertainment is so loud that I have to get in someones ear just to be heard then I will just shut up, be polite and listen. Not that I am interested in the performer but that competing is not worth it.

Are you the show? Are people there to see you? Then crank it up.

Are people there to visit with friends in a pleasant atmosphere? Are you just the "Entertainment Provided"? Then be reasonable. If you were hired to provide background music then be the background. Provide a level where people who are paying attention can move closer and folks that want to chat can move to the back. During the break ask the host or manager and provide them with your reading of the crowd.

Here is what I go by. Are the chairs facing you? Let em have it. Are the chairs arranged around a table? Then show a little moderation until the audience turns their chairs of their own accord.

In many strict songwriter venues the audience will actually "shussh" the chatty ones around them so the performer can really be listened to at a moderate level.

Cheers - to having more chairs turned your way!

Dave G
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#16900 - 04/29/09 06:02 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Riverglade]
Robh Offline

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Loc: California
If you have a small MP3/FM reciever (Ipod or the like) Go buy the accessory FM transmitter for it, the reverse it. Plug the headphone out of the mixer to the line in on the transmitter, tune your Ipod to that station and plug the ear buds in. WaaLaa instant ear monitor system. Cheap but not to bad.
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#16901 - 05/03/09 05:27 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Robh]
Maewyn Offline

Registered: 04/15/03
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I love these recommendations, all very good and interesting, because it really isn't about the program, it's about playing live I saw one post that said to elevate the speaker, that's good, and another, don't forget your monitor, that's good And, if it was there, I missed it (forgive me), point the speaker at YOU (with a lil distance, and not directly)...They'll still here it, and you will too

#16902 - 05/03/09 11:35 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Maewyn]
rockstar_not Offline

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Loc: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
You could also stop at your local audiologist and order a pair of Westone custom fit ES49 earplugs, which have a user-adjustable attenuation that is rather flat across all frequencies.

Disclaimer: I now work for Westone.


#16903 - 05/05/09 10:45 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Rachael]
Ian Fraser Offline

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Loc: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hi Rachel - the dynamics of the cocktail party - Actually if they moved a couple of step closer (cozy) rather than try to talk across wider spaces, there wouldn't be a problem - their conversation volume goes up in direct proportion to alcohol consumption

- I spent 20 years playing in bars with no monitoring system, just and my acoustic - sat right next to the column speaker as the monitor, that way I got the ones that reaLLY wanted to listen sitting right up front - the people at the back took their response cues from those at front. If I had to do it again I'd probably look at the "ear buds".
They might save hearing damage when trying to compete with loud groups.

Anyway, I found this link about the history of these "buds"
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#16904 - 06/30/09 08:18 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: MarioD]
mglinert Offline

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Loc: France, but I'm an ex-pat Brit

We used Hot Spot monitors and found them to work extremely well in these types of situations. We used the ones with a volume control as it gave each musician control over their monitors and also virtually eliminated feedback. ...

I recently bought myself one of these , an Alesis Transactive 50 for this very same purpose.
After 3 gigs I’m extremely happy with this solution.
The unit also sits on top of a straight mike stand so you can easily station it within arm’s length. This is important as it means you can adjust the volumes as necessary (some of my synth patches are, of course, louder than others).
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#16905 - 07/06/09 09:58 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Rachael]
flatfoot Offline

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>>>>....Just wondering what I could do different or should I do anything at all?...>>>>

Here is an approach that might bear thinking about:

What did the person who writes the check have to say? If she thought everything was wonderful, that you did exactly what she wanted and she would hire you again, try doing nothing. You did what you were hired to do. You earned your fee and everyone is happy.

If YOU are not happy, that's a different story. You don't have to put up with loud, inattentive audiences if you prefer not to. Don't take the next gig.

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#16906 - 07/07/09 04:44 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: flatfoot]
RickeG Offline

Registered: 06/19/09
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Hi Flatfoot,
I would have to agree. Even though there is the "artist" side of me that wants to be heard after all the hard work that goes into the preparation for a performance. But, I confess that I need to shift my gears from artist to employee when accepting a paid performance to where if the employer is happy, then the job was a success.

A couple of questions I ask the employer at our meeting are, "What are your expectations?" And, "What compliments would you like your guests to say upon leaving?"


#16907 - 09/09/09 03:57 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: RickeG]
protostar Offline

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I know I'm kind of late in this thread, but it's been a while since I've visited the PG Music Forums, and I'm playing "catchup". (as opposed to mustard)

Lots of good thoughts here... Since I'll be playing my first solo BB gig this weekend, I can't say from experience how to cope with the problem of a too-loud audience, for a soloist with BB accompaniment. But with bands I've been in over the years, this didn't seem to be much of a problem, because most of the time we used floor wedges or in-ears to monitor. For my setup, I'm just going to be using two speakers on stands. My strategy at this point is to have the speakers slightly behind me and to the sides, so that my mains are also my monitors. In my live test setups, feedback has not been any problem, even at moderately loud levels. Even though I'm not in the optimal spot to hear the speakers (outside the full-frequency dispersion pattern), I can still hear plenty of P.A. sound and my own playing. Well, since I'm playing flute & clarinet, hearing myself play is not a problem, but I'm saying that hearing the BB accompaniment through the P.A. is not a problem, either. I'm using cardioid and supercardioid mics, and close-miking the instruments, so I don't think I'll have a feedback problem.

And, since I'm billing myself as background music, I'm not concerned about my audiences "not paying attention" - there is no "show" per se. I'm just providing a sonic background tapestry, and like we used to say in the Army Bands when we would play dinner music at the Officer's Club, I'm playing "music to be ignored by". If the audience were to get really loud, so loud that I can't hear the speakers enough to stay in time with the music, I might crank up the volume a little, but I'm not going to get into a volume war with them. I'll just unmute the Melody track in BB and let the Band play for a while. And mime playing a la Milli Vanilli so that people think I'm actually playing. :-)


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#16908 - 09/09/09 10:29 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: protostar]
WienSam Offline

Registered: 01/16/05
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Loc: A corner of Vienna, Austria, t...
Ignore the audience - play your best.

If it works great for you and the whole sound check works, then just do it! Those who are interested will notice. Those who aren't - ain't nothing you can do about them anyway

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#16909 - 09/11/09 09:32 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: rockstar_not]
Mike Burdick Offline

Registered: 03/10/08
Posts: 7
Loc: Sedona AZ
I've been using a Fishman Solo Amp for my performances. I place it to my side and a bit behind me. It's pretty feedback resistant. Great carry-in and setup time, and it sounds great, too. Not a ton of thump (you'd need the Bose L1 plus sub for that), but it really gets the job done for me. I almost never miss a count-in as I'm hearing what the audience hears.

My $.02.

#16910 - 09/12/09 06:33 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: Mike Burdick]
jford Offline

Registered: 12/20/00
Posts: 10236
Loc: Pensacola, Florida
Hey Mike -

Just listened to the samples on your web site. Nice stuff!

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#16911 - 09/12/09 07:04 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: jford]
WienSam Offline

Registered: 01/16/05
Posts: 4900
Loc: A corner of Vienna, Austria, t...
I have the Yamaha StagePAS 300 . It is a great little PA system for anything from solo work to small bands. It does not feedback at all. I use my own for DJ shows, karaoke shows and personal performances. I have also used it outdoors with combos and a small band (5 musicians). The speakers are even shaped so that they can be used as on-stage monitors, placed on the floor and angled up at the performers, if necessary. The mixer has two ouptuts so you can use it with a larger system where needed (keep the StagePAS speakers on stage as monitors and plug the other output into the house PA system or other speakers). It is also very portable. Check it out

Of course, if you already have a PA system and just need a single on-stage monitor, I can recommend the Yamaha MSR100

Follow That Dream

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Turning that corner again - I have to keep following that dream, no matter what

#16912 - 09/14/09 01:53 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Some advice for loud parties? [Re: WienSam]
Wyndham Offline

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Awhile back we had a little folk group. My wife was lead and the guitarist was harmony, I was sound guy. We did some local coffee shops and book stores and very few people ever took the time to pay any attention to what we were doing. I think we could have played the menu from a Chinese takeout and had the same effect. Got to have a thick skin.
One night we had the tip jar out with a couple of dollars seed money in it and had several fellows looking real hard at those dollars. Some nights it's chicken, other nights just feathers. Wyndham

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