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#169889 - 08/11/12 03:00 PM [User Showcase] newbie going "Out On A Limb"
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6071
Loc: Florida
Hello to everyone.

Been "lurcking" here in the forum for several months. Following discussions,
listening to songs, gaining a lot of insight, getting a few chuckles.
Heard some really nice productions.
All the while, longing for the day that I could call on that stable of musicians
that you guys/gals "pal around with".

That day finally came.

Had BIAB back in 1993 (Version 5). My upgrade to version 6 came on 5 1/4 inch floppies (I still have them).
Never really used it except to verify chord placement and timing to write
Nashville Number charts or for a click track. (Never had a good synth).

So I've got a LOT to learn (though I have learned some tricks thanks to the folks on this forum).

So here is a first effort.

Out On A Limb

1877 Fiddle, Soloist CountryRob Ev 120
618 Fiddle, Background Allis Ev 120
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Pedal Steel, Background Ev 085
NashvilleEven8^2-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, HiHat
Bass - midi from C_90BAL.STY (Country 90's Ballad)

The fiddle and pedal steel parts were combinations (a piece here, a piece there).
I had already laid a couple of acoustic guitar tracks before "the band" came
(musicians are always late)

Harmonies courtesy of The BAIBettes.

Comments welcomed/encouraged. Can't learn otherwise...

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#169890 - 08/11/12 05:29 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
Janice & Bud Offline

Registered: 12/05/11
Posts: 5991
I like it. Nice lyrics and hook. Excellent fills. Spot on mix for my taste. Yup...splits and joins are about the only way to get tasteful realtrack fills yours work well. Good job all the way around.
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#169891 - 08/11/12 05:50 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
Sundance Offline

Registered: 05/30/08
Posts: 4215
Hey Floyd and Welcome to the forum!

You're going to have a blast with the new BIAB - I imagine there's quite a bit of improvement over those floppies.

Great first song post. My suggestion would be to change your second verse to third person - in other words saying "her" instead of "you". That way there's no confusion who you're talking to after the collective "you" that you're using in the chorus.

Otherwise I think this is a terrific song. Really nice job with the BIABettes and the tracks. Nice voice you got there too.

Good job.
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#169892 - 08/11/12 07:08 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Sundance]
Don Gaynor Online   content

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 7902
Loc: Oklahoma, USA

stable of musicians

I love those descriptive terms! Stable and Oklahoma musicians are never far apart. Don't step right yonder! I never allow my horse to think he's smarter than me even when the evidence is overwhelming!

Seriously, I really liked your song, especially as a first effort.

The vox was on pitch and very expressive.

Story line was very good, especially after doing the modifications that Sundance noted.

My big thing, as always, is the lack of a nice instrumental break in there somewhere. Electric guitar and/or resonator guitar or fiddle and harmonica would fit in nicely. That's just a personal preference, not a criticism.

I look forward to hearing many more from you. Don't take my biased opinion discourage you. I meant it as encouragement.

Two thumbs up!

#169893 - 08/12/12 08:32 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Janice & Bud]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6071
Loc: Florida

Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to have someone actually "like" something.

Edited by floyd jane (08/12/12 08:33 AM)
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#169894 - 08/12/12 08:46 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Sundance]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6071
Loc: Florida
Josie -

There IS a LOT of new stuff. But the interface has remained pretty much the same after all these years. Of course, dealing with the Real Tracks is all new to me - and the reason that I "came back" to BIAB. Had no idea about these changes until I stumbled onto it a few months back (and was totally amazed! It was finally what I had always wished it would be).

An interseting observation - the you/her issue. It's the difference between singing/writing songs "to" someone as opposed to "about" someone. I tend to lean towards the "to". But you may be right in this case. I'll probably try that and see how that feels. Thanks for the suggestion.

The BIABettes are a great addition to the programs. Give 'em a chord sheet and they go to town....
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#169895 - 08/12/12 08:53 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
Tano Music Offline

Registered: 12/29/10
Posts: 670
Loc: Charlotte, NC
Really nice, esp the lyric..and you picked a nice rhyming hook.

I'd second the advice about adding some instrumental in there..

#169896 - 08/12/12 01:13 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Don Gaynor]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6071
Loc: Florida
Don -

Thanks for taking the time to listen. I know you are an instrumental-break-kind-of-guy... I've heard some really nice ones out of you. Like I said, I've been hanging around for a while...

But I spent a lot of time writing in an environment where the people listening wanted nothing to do with anything other than a short beginning and get-to-the-song. The lyrics/message/story/hook/melody was really the only thing that mattered and there was no time for sitting through istrumental breaks. So you get to the point where you no longer consider that... you get away from it because it "gets in the way"... minds wonder and songs get turned off, they move on... You are "trained" to "get to the point".

As I continue on, I'll try to throw a few in.
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#169897 - 08/12/12 09:21 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
pinglis Offline

Registered: 02/04/08
Posts: 57
Loc: Sydney, Australia
Good story - and I like how the second and first verses connect even though in one you're a child and in the second you're an adult.

Strong lead vocal and excellent backing vocals. The choice of instruments backs it up well - a couple of good hooks and I like the chord changes, especially in the chorus. Well done.

#169898 - 08/13/12 07:29 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: pinglis]
Tommyc Offline

Registered: 01/08/11
Posts: 2733
Cool Song! Love the lyrics!

#169899 - 08/14/12 05:08 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Tommyc]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6071
Loc: Florida
Paul, Tommy -

Thanks for the comments (and for listening).
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#169900 - 08/18/12 10:12 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
MarioD Online   content

Registered: 12/27/03
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Loc: Hamlin NY
Well it
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#169901 - 08/19/12 01:17 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Tommyc]
PgFantastic Offline

Registered: 02/11/05
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Loc: Kentucky
One fantastic song, great performance. Excellent lyrics. Thanks for sharing your God given talent.

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#169902 - 08/19/12 11:29 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: PgFantastic]
Robh Offline

Registered: 08/08/06
Posts: 4166
Loc: California
Great lyrics, and a very fine first attempt. Welcome to the forum.
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#169903 - 08/19/12 12:13 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: Robh]
eddie1261 Offline

Registered: 04/08/11
Posts: 4376
Good stuff!!! So good I wish I had "done writ it my damned self"!! I don't know if you meant "going out on a limb" literally or metaphorically but it works either way.

Nice BGV. Multi track of your voice or hardware?
I will continue to post in the songwriters forum but will be keeping my opinions to myself as far as the off topic forum goes.

#169904 - 08/19/12 01:26 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: eddie1261]
jptjptjpt Offline

Registered: 06/05/12
Posts: 192
I couldn't get it to play. Sorry.

#169905 - 08/20/12 10:14 AM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: jptjptjpt]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6071
Loc: Florida
MarioD, PgFantastic ,Robh - Thanks guys! Really appreciate the comments.

eddie - not sure a compliment gets any better than that. The BGVs were done in RealBand using the harmonizer plugin. Running my vocal through it and using the chords from BIAB. Used to use hardware (Studio Vocalist), but this makes it a LOT easier.

jptjptjpt - the page loads a jscript to provide the "play button" (quicktime). I would guess you have your browser set to block it (it's safe code - people use it all the time).
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#169906 - 08/28/12 11:14 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
trapper456 Offline

Registered: 08/14/11
Posts: 343
Loc: Montana, USA
Man I love your style. I love the lyrics and the use of "Band in a Box" I love the Background vocals. When I first heard this song I was like "Alright" What version are you using? I have BIAB 2011.5 the everything pack. If this is a sample of the newest BIAB I am going to get it. I great song, vocals and tune. Wonderful hook, love it.
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#169907 - 08/30/12 02:07 PM [User Showcase] Re: newbie going "Out On A Limb" [Re: floyd jane]
F.M.M. Offline

Registered: 12/26/11
Posts: 1180
hi floyd another keeper there,s a lot of talent on this forum keep them comming thanks for sharing great mix and vocal and arrangement has pro sound eric


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