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#192124 - 01/26/13 08:44 PM [Off-Topic] For keyboard players who've always wanted to wail on guitar, check this out.
jazzmammal Offline

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MusicLab RealLPC (Les Paul Custom) and Strat and acoustic and probably others. I'm not blown away too often but this is freakin amazing. The plugin lists for $249.

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#192125 - 01/27/13 04:10 AM [Off-Topic] Re: For keyboard players who've always wanted to wail on guitar, check this out. [Re: jazzmammal]
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Good voice too )
Every Day I use BIAB and love it

#192126 - 01/27/13 05:55 AM [Off-Topic] Re: For keyboard players who've always wanted to wail on guitar, check this out. [Re: ZeroZero]
Joe V Offline

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Amazing - this is actually a great model for me. I had mentioned in a previous post that I would love to get the sounds typically uniuqe to a violin from a guitar synth. And Mac wisely pointed out to avoid those techniques that the guitar synth can't really emulate well, and just play to the guitar synth/violin sounds' strengths.

I would think many of the sounds typically unique to guitar would be difficult or impossible to emulate from a keyboard - but I'm very impressed with this emulation. Though it wasn't apparent to me if this was MIDI, and the more I think about it - probably not. Perhaps the trick to this great emulation is 'real tracks' ? (pun intended : ) - e.g. real samples ?

So if they can get this great guitar sound from a keyboard - I have hope at doing the same using my guitar to play violin sounds - without the limitations that, IMHO, are lacking from many of the guitar synth violin sound emulators I've heard.

#192127 - 01/27/13 09:29 AM [Off-Topic] Re: For keyboard players who've always wanted to wail on guitar, check this out. [Re: Joe V]
MountainSide Offline

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It is quite amazing software. Spent alot of time looking into these plugs and finally settled on the RealLPC and the RealGuitar acoustic. Either has better guitar emulations than my Motif or Fantom. Run both 32 and 64 bit versions. Have no issues with either BIAB or RB in 32 bit. In addition to being able to "play" lead both have hundreds of auto strum patterns built in. Have to admit though, that Jeff Abbott has chops that could make anything sound great!
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#192128 - 01/27/13 07:24 PM [Off-Topic] Re: For keyboard players who've always wanted to wail on guitar, check this out. [Re: Joe V]
jazzmammal Offline

Registered: 06/08/05
Posts: 6344
Loc: Redondo Beach, Ca.
Joe, this is midi. People keep trying to say midi is dead. They just don't know what they don't know. This midi doesn't sound dead to me, it's all about how you use it. People complain all the time about midi sounding bad or cheesy, they're just not willing or don't know to spend the cash for the good stuff. $249 for these killer guitar sounds is well worth it imho but I haven't looked for other plugins that can do this. For all I know this isn't the best one out there. I've been surfing around a lot checking stuff out since Xmas and I can tell you my eyes have been opened wide. There's some amazing things going on with midi, it's far from dead, if anything it's getting stronger.

Learning how to play that keytar or regular keyboard with a ribbon controller is a whole art form by itself and people are doing this kind of thing all the time. You can do this with a pitch bend wheel but you would have to program it for the right amount of bending but I think a ribbon would work best and it so happens my Kurzweil takes a ribbon and I may pick one up. This is another one of those "I don't need it" things but it looks like so much fun. True, you can't allow yourself to get blinded by a virtuoso player like this guy but I'm not exactly chopped liver myself, I can do this with some practice.

Win 10 64 bit, Intel 4770, 256 Gig SSD, 16 Gigs Ram, Roland Sonic Cell, Kurzweil PC3, Hammond SK1, Korg PA1XPro, Garritan JABB, Hypercanvas, Sampletank 3, more.

#192129 - 01/27/13 07:46 PM [Off-Topic] Re: For keyboard players who've always wanted to wail on guitar, check this out. [Re: Joe V]
Mac Offline

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What never fails to crack me up about guitar players who finally invest in a MIDI guitar or MIDI guitar pickup setup is that invariably the first thing they try to do is emulate -- a guitar.

So they set the MIDI synth up for some guitar patch and proceed to play their guitar like they always do, and when what comes out sounds nothing at all like what they are used to getting from their guitar, they stop right there and declare MIDI to be useless.

Never made much sense to me, for if they want to hear a guitar, well, they already have one.

Then there's the type who fixate on one lonely MIDI Instrument Patch that isn't very capable of emulating the true sound of that one instrument, and declare MIDI to be nothing but a toy. Ignoring all the other patches that do indeed sound like the real thing, such as pianos, clavinets, vibes, organs.

Hey, find out what you and your equipment CAN emulate, and highlight the good.

If whatever MIDI setup you have at hand, be it a guitar or a keyboard or a wind instrument or the computer, whatever, if it doesn't do a good enough job of emulating, say, a fiddle, to your liking -- then don't use it to emulate a fiddle. That does not mean it won't do a great job at some other patch. But be advised that some other player with the same exact stuff is likely to turn in a pretty good sounding fiddle track where they emphasize what it CAN do and don't bother with what it can't.

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