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#214158 - 09/06/13 10:12 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: Pat Marr]
JohnJohnJohn Offline

Registered: 06/25/12
Posts: 2163
Pat, again THANK YOU so much! I really and truly appreciate your patience and assistance!!

#214181 - 09/07/13 05:36 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
Pat Marr Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
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Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
Originally Posted By: JohnJohnJohn
Pat, again THANK YOU so much! I really and truly appreciate your patience and assistance!!

is any of this working yet? Making sense?

#214182 - 09/07/13 06:34 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
JohnJohnJohn Offline

Registered: 06/25/12
Posts: 2163
Hi Pat!

So, I just finished playing with RealBand for a couple of hours. I started a new song...put in some chords...set up track one as MIDI #1, track 2 as MIDI #2, track three as MIDI GPO4 assigned channel 1 to be a Steinway Piano, channel 2 to be a flute, channel 3 to be a choir...generated each track...hit play and...WAS BLOWN AWAY at how cool this is!!!

Then I played around with the Piano Roll to adjust and edit my MIDI tracks and again...blown away at the power and what I can do! I also loaded up Reaper and found I really like their MIDI editor a lot better so maybe I can work back and forth or something!

I still have a ton of questions but I'll try and organize and post them in the forum soon.

Thank you again for your patience and kindness and knowledge! smile


#214184 - 09/07/13 08:08 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
rharv Offline

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Loc: Marysville, Mi. USA
I also loaded up Reaper and found I really like their MIDI editor a lot better ..

I have never heard anyone say that before.
First time for everything I guess

When you get your questions together it may be time to move the post to the Realband forum.
I almost missed this thread because it was in the BiaB forum.
Make your sound your own!

#214187 - 09/07/13 08:53 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: rharv]
JohnJohnJohn Offline

Registered: 06/25/12
Posts: 2163
thanks rharv...I'll start my new questions thread in RealBand!

regarding the Reaper MIDI editor I just found it to be way more intuitive. things like selecting notes, resizing them, adding, deleting, etc. all just worked like I expected whereas with RB I am still puzzling over how to do things. I figured out Reaper's quantizing right away as well as locking the grid to a key and other cool stuff I don't know if RB Piano Roll even does. or maybe it does more but I could not quickly figure it out.

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#214292 - 09/08/13 04:58 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
cubanpete Offline

Registered: 08/24/07
Posts: 1198
Loc: Florida, USA
Hi John, I have to admit that I haven't read all the replies on this matter, but yes the mod wheel acts as a volume level, and if you're planning on using GPO on live gigs this could pose a challenge, however I have found out that if you only want to use the GPO sounds to record a song if you set your volume levels of whatever instrument (strings or wind instruments)to 100%, even though the mod wheel in the GPO edit window does not show as to be affected at all by this, the recorded results are fine. The problem is you cannot "monitor" the recording because you cannot hear it. I have try it before without any problems as far as that is concern.
I hope this help.

Mike B.
Music should be part of your life

#214303 - 09/08/13 06:49 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: rharv]
MusicStudent Offline

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Loc: Chicago
Originally Posted By: rharv
I also loaded up Reaper and found I really like their MIDI editor a lot better ..

I have never heard anyone say that before.
First time for everything I guess

Rhave, the latest version updates over the past months have been all "midi love". The developers have made a serious effort to bring the midi editor up to snuff. And I mean serious, just look at the change log over past couple weeks alone since the release of version 4.50:

Version 4.52:
◦ Actions: various actions better respect edit cursor in undo state
◦ Graphics performance: fixed high CPU use when displaying media items with many embedded cues
◦ MIDI editor: better cursor positioning on note edge clicks .
◦ MIDI editor: fixed scroll issues, improved play cursor behavior
◦ MIDI editor: track and channel selection available in both piano roll and event list view
◦ MIDI editor: fixed channel filter initializing incorrectly when loading projects
◦ MIDI: fixed pasting events into blank area of arrange view
◦ Metering: fixed track metering inaccuracies on looped playback
◦ Playback: fixed rare but possible increased memory use when changing loop selection during playback
◦ ReaPlugs: improved undo point notification for various controls
◦ Routing matrix: fixed scroll issue .
◦ Video: fixed audio decoding issue when using VLC decoder on files containing a 32bps audio stream

Version• 4.51:
◦ MIDI editor: dropdown box above keyboard area to select active track
◦ MIDI editor: better performance updating edits with lots of pooled items
◦ MIDI editor: improved source length editing behavior
◦ MIDI: faster creation of pooled midi items
◦ MIDI: fixed stuck note on looped playback introduced in 4.5
◦ Undo: reduced excess work/flicker when in an undo block

• MIDI editor: ◦ support for editing multiple MIDI items at the same time
◦ added track list and media item lane, filter window now filters only MIDI events, not media items
◦ track list and media item lane control which media item is active, which others are visible
◦ optionally preview all selected notes that start at the same time position
◦ optionally preview notes when editing or changing selection via keyboard action
◦ actions to activate next/previous item, visible item, or track, action to enable/disable relative snap
◦ added mouse modifiers to move/copy selected notes by dragging in the piano roll (no need to click the note again)
◦ added toolbar snap button context menu
◦ many bugfixes and performance improvements
◦ improved action to view raw MIDI data
◦ new cursors midi_noteedge_l, midi_noteedge_r, midi_stretch_l, midi_stretch_r
◦ save and load bank/program select files with tracks, rather than with individual MIDI takes
◦ stretch CC events when stretching a group of notes (when option enabled)
◦ support for 14-bit CC messages in piano roll and event list
◦ theme colors for out-of-bounds piano roll
◦ theme image for midi_item_bounds.png, table_remove_off, table_remove_on
◦ track list shift+click expands/collapses folders or track items
◦ track list has right-click menu option to choose which tracks to show/hide in track list

• JS: ◦ $xHEXCONSTANT now parsed same as 0xHEXCONSTANT, no conversion to 32 bit signed integer
◦ editor has improved non-english keyboard support, syntax highlighting, better resizing support
◦ _global.variable support, regXX alias to _global.regXX
◦ added atomic_setifequal(), atomic_exch(), atomic_add(), atomic_set() and atomic_get()
◦ improved behavior with fx that define input or output pins but not both
◦ invsqrt() now produces same results for negative inputs on x86-64 and x86/PPC

• MIDI: ◦ fixed chasing notes in certain instances .
◦ fixed multiproject hang bug .
◦ import SMF cues that are embedded in the tempo track
◦ optionally embed project markers as MIDI cues when exporting project MIDI
◦ optionally import embedded cues as project markers
◦ when playing back looped, improved sample-level rounding to avoid duplicate midi notes

• API: ◦ GetSetMediaTrackInfo with I_RECARM no longer generates undo points
◦ added GetTrackDepth function
◦ added functions to get media item track, parent tracks
◦ fixed DoActionShortcutDialog() not updating configuration files
◦ undo/redo cancels any pending undo blocks

• FX: ◦ Monitoring FX support - useful for analysis, room adjustment, or other non-project related processing
◦ fixed changing parameters via program change causing potential hang .
◦ safer UI updating when changing bypass/parameters via automation
◦ dropping FX on a track input fx, record arm, record mode, or record input will put FX on input chain
◦ input FX are now properly tracked by undo system

• ReaPlugs: ◦ ReaControlMIDI supports channel pressure messages
◦ improved use/calculation of constants throughout that might affect some win64/AMD systems
◦ fixed potential for crash in ReaFIR analysis code on incorrectly-sized windows
◦ safer ReaInsert audio device hooking

• Time signatures: ◦ improved beat-attached behavior when removing points .
◦ fixed adding editing markers at zero/negative measure counts
◦ improved adjusting media items when changing time signature denominator (related to change in 4.32)
◦ improved behavior moving/copying regions with time signature markers .

• Timestretch: ◦ fixed issues in 4.4x with playspeed envelopes and preserve pitch
◦ latest AVX-enabled Windows builds of Elastique
◦ fixed Elastique issue on some win64/AMD systems
◦ allow non-1.0 playrates that are very close to 1.0 .

• Undo: ◦ extensive optimizations and improvements
◦ avoid excessive state loading when undoing changes to track order/counts
◦ better reuse of undo buffers when changing track order/counts
◦ improved memory use, scan for common blocks in history when adding states
◦ incrementally updated RPP-UNDO files, can make for much faster save of undo history

• Windows: ◦ added WMA as supported file extension
◦ fixed CPU usage display working intermittently on systems with large uptimes
◦ installer better handles incorrect ReWire installation states
◦ topmost button activation tweaks (fixes for embedded bridged plugins and native plugins such as Kontakt)

• Actions: ◦ added set item name from active take filename
◦ fixed label for scroll view horizontally by page .

• Click source: ◦ better behavior when using pitch shifting/timestretch
◦ do not adjust click source rates when adjusting tempo

• Envelopes: ◦ better behavior with multiple points selected
◦ added actions to select various track envelopes

• Grid: ◦ better support for measure lengths that are not multiples of grid size .
◦ framerate grid/snap support

• OSX: ◦ PowerPC build has improved defaults for better performance
◦ fixed fx pin connector text
◦ localized audio device info menu support

• Project bay: ◦ better undo integration for speed/RAM use, faster undo state loading
◦ improved sorting for length, track, position with fallbacks .

• Recording: ◦ MIDI input mode with pdc-adjust respects loop end timing
◦ preserve PDC monitoring properly observes i/o latency for audio

• Stretch markers: ◦ action to remove stretch marker at current position
◦ actions to navigate to next/previous/nearest stretch marker
◦ guide indicators when moving

• VST: ◦ improved bridged embedded support for SE plug-ins (broken in 4.40)
◦ when mode set to not scan VST info, apply renames after updating plugins

• Autosave: configurable option for when to autosave (always, stopped, or not-recording)
• Directory cleanup: better media path resolving for freeze and project bay referenced files
• Dockers: improved autotransparency behavior
• Fades: splitting items with crossfade set will set both crossfade and default item fades .
• Marker/region manager: import/export csv properly supports commas/quotes (RFC 4180) .
• Metronome: Preferences/Audio setting to choose default output
• MTC: fixed hour-rounding issue with 25fps
• Pan: enabled overriding pan mode for the master track . .
• Performance meter: options to show/hide empty tracks/master track/Monitoring FX
• Project tabs: option to put project tabs on left edge of window rather than top
• Routing: reduced excessive volume/pan messages being sent via MIDI sends when stopped/looping
• Text rendering: fixed potential memory overflow bug, thanks JeffOS
• Track manager: fixed extra spaces being added when renaming child tracks
• Video: fixed file closing hang when using WMA files on Windows
• WavPack: fixed crash on reading invalid wrapper chunks
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#214311 - 09/08/13 08:47 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Questions About BIAB and Garritan Personal Orchestra [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
JohnJohnJohn Offline

Registered: 06/25/12
Posts: 2163
thanks Mike B.!

hey jazzmandan, what is funny is I was still using Reaper 4.4! but now that you mentioned it I upgraded to 4.52 to get even more MIDI goodness!

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