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#225732 - 12/04/13 08:21 PM [RealBand] RealBand 2014 Build 7 Patch (Feb 27, 2014)
Andrew - PG Music Offline
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We have a RealBand 2014 Build 7 update patch:

Note: This update also incorporates the previous 2014 updates.

Summary of Changes for 2014 Build 7 (Feb 27, 2014)

Fixed: Nodes weren't working with ASIO.

Summary of Changes for 2014 Build 6 (Feb 24, 2014)

Fixed: Moving volume control for a track did not change the audio level unless playback was restarted.

Fixed: Clicking on the node overview in tracks window, for a track without nodes, would sometimes insert nodes, even if not clicking on the horizontal line.

Fixed: Copy/Cut/Paste as well as Ctrl-Drag/Drop now default to not including nodes.


Summary of Changes for 2014 Build 5 (Feb 21, 2014)

Fixed: After loading a style with the StylePicker, chord entry in the Chords Window stopped working for most chords.

Fixed: Double-clicking to insert a node did not work if there was a track with nodes displayed below the track you double-clicked on.

Fixed: Delete, in the Tracks Window, was causing nodes to get created on the sides of the deleted area.

Fixed: Nodes checkbox in the Paste window.

Added: Cut/Paste, as well as Ctrl-Drag/Drop, was creating nodes on the sides of a region even if nodes didn't already exist


Summary of Changes for 2014 Build 4 (Feb 17, 2014)

Added: Adjust volume of nodes in track volume right-click dialog, and in the node popup menu.

Improved: Faster bootup time.

Added: FlashMessage to let user know that there isn't a marker close to the current time, instead of deleting a far away marker, if the Delete Marker button was pressed.

Fixed: Various drag/drop issues involving the DropStation, etc. For example, dragging a MIDI track to DropStation and then to desktop did not work.

Fixed: Paste with crossfade enabled had artifacts.

Fixed: Flashmessage instead of error message box if there is problem creating wave in header.

Fixed: Spurious "file too big to load completely" error.

Fixed: Volume control not always correctly reflecting node change when song was started from new location.

Fixed: Hi-Q MIDI instrument name not being shown in the menu after being loaded in.

Fixed: Hi-Q MIDI instrument not being loaded from MGU or SGU.

Fixed: Dropping a file onto the Tracks Window would sometimes result in TempLoad1234.WAV showing up in the track name.

Fixed: Ending checkbox in the Song Panel was not reflecting the setting in an MGU or SGU.

Fixed: Weird problem in which pressing Alt-F and choosing Open Next File would result in menu flickering.

Fixed: Could not add a .WAV to the jukebox.

Fixed: RBERROR.LOG file showing a beta version.

Fixed: Drum grid would remain silent due to all the blank tracks defaulting to audio tracks, and expression therefore being set to zero by default.

Fixed: Range check or access violation if the next chord was way beyond end of current screen in audio edit window.

Fixed: Volume automation had an "echo" issue on audio track(s) where the volume changes occurred again after they already happened.

Fixed: Snap/Lock Selection button issue in Tracks Window where they interfered with each other. (e.g. Snap released Lock Button).

Fixed: Vocal synth not working in some cases.


Summary of Changes for 2014 Build 3 (Dec 13, 2013)

Added: Options | Hide Toolbar menu item has been revived with Ctrl+T as the shortcut (hides the TOP toolbar). Message added to bottom status bar, "press Ctrl+t to exit fullscreen".

Fixed: Lockup when changing Metronome playback setting during playback with the Metronome button.

Fixed: CPU usage meter didn't change colors in response to moderate or heavy usage.

Fixed: Potential access violation after clicking/dragging a range of nodes.

Fixed: Cutting/pasting a range of nodes didn't always result in the nodes looking correct afterward.

Added: Nodes are automatically added when loading in a .MID.

Updated: Help file.


Summary of Changes for 2014 Build 2 (Dec 4, 2013)

Fixed: Node entry locked up RealBand in Windows XP.

Fixed: If RB was booted up with the Guitar Window already set to a Bass fretboard, then, if you switched to guitar, the zero fret note names for 2 of the strings would not be visible.

Fixed: Choose Font dialog, when launched from Notation Options Window, would not always stay on top of other windows.

Fixed: Double-clicking can now work for entering a node directly on the line (in addition to outside of the line).

Fixed: Node editing caused the numbers on time-line to be bold.

Fixed: Hover for big clock in the time panel didn't work.

Added: Double-clicking on an existing node will erase the node.

Fixed: Help menu item didn't opening 2014 features guide.

Edited by Andrew - PG Music (02/27/14 04:29 PM)
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#225804 - 12/05/13 07:10 AM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 2 Patch [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
silvertones Offline

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Thanks! Works great.
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#231800 - 12/30/13 07:12 PM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 2 Patch [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
rharv Offline

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Thanks for the XP node fix and the CPU color change. Much better.
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#231806 - 12/30/13 07:43 PM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 2 Patch [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
Robh Offline

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Yeah the CPU thingey was driving me nuts
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#240462 - 02/18/14 01:55 AM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 2 Patch [Re: Robh]
seeker Offline

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Thank you and rest of the staff for your hard work!

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#240976 - 02/22/14 01:04 PM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 5 Patch (Feb 21, 2014) [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
Jim Fogle Offline

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Wow! Five days between patches 4 & 5. Thanks for the super support and quick response to the bug reports.
Jim Fogle
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#240985 - 02/22/14 02:33 PM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 5 Patch (Feb 21, 2014) [Re: Jim Fogle]
seeker Offline

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Thanks to all the PG team for the updates.
Am OLD coder, so drilling down on some fixes can be bearcat.

Again Thank you!

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#241312 - 02/25/14 03:16 AM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 5 Patch (Feb 21, 2014) [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
Mike. R. Offline

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Thanks for sorting out the volume slider in B6 so quickly.

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#241314 - 02/25/14 03:27 AM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 6 Patch (Feb 24, 2014) [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
solidrock Offline

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Yes it's great to get these Updates/Fixes regularly please don't stop ! it's great support !

The nodes don't seem to be working still, but by default the node check box is not ticked, I'm happy with that, now I don't have to use Volume Automation nodes until you get the clip base ones in RB & BB smile .

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#241376 - 02/25/14 11:26 AM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 6 Patch (Feb 24, 2014) [Re: Andrew - PG Music]
LynB Offline

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Regret that Build 6 still has a bug. I selected a guitar track and down the length of the track entered Nodes at intervals as 127 and 0 successively to obtain a sawtooth effect. Although the Volumn slider moved the sound level remaine constant after the first node. Can anyone duplicated this funny????

#241402 - 02/25/14 04:01 PM [RealBand] Re: RealBand 2014 Build 6 Patch (Feb 24, 2014) [Re: LynB]
solidrock Offline

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Yes, as in the video the nodes move the slider but volume remains the same.


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