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#259475 - 08/14/14 11:14 AM [Off-Topic] Re: What's the rules on posting in the user showcase [Re: furry]
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Interesting topic being discussed and lots of good opinions.

AS I see it....

If the person posting the song is an active participant in the PG forums and is an owner and long time user of PG products and uses them in many of their musical productions postings here..... then, does as I mentioned..... uses BiaB to compose a tune but then collabs with others to have the tracks performed by all live musicians......even though the final product is not BB nor is it recorded with any PG products, this song should still be considered OK for the PG forums due to the factors mentioned.

BTW: I have several songs that were not posted here that were originally written and recorded with BB on the original tracks....I then recorded the song a second time using all original, live, acoustic tracks and refrained from posting it here.

AND..... since none of us in the collab are drummers, there is a real likelihood that the drums will have to be a synth, and possibly they will be a BB or RB track thereby qualifying without question.

However, and what I don't agree with and often report to the mods, is non PG owners posting non-PG music here. Just like I don't go to the GarageBand forums to post my stuff, because I don't use post here, one should at least be an owner of PG products.
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#259488 - 08/14/14 02:27 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What's the rules on posting in the user showcase [Re: rharv]
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Originally Posted By: rharv
To me, it is worded to imply PGProduct(s) were required, but really doesn't say that.
It says -
"users of PG Music products (e.g. Band-in-a-Box or RealBand) can post links to their original song compositions, for others to listen to"

Qualification 1: I use PG Music products
Qualification 2: I can post a link to an original composition

It does not say the two have to be combined. It could have easily been worded to require it, but wasn't. Instead it was worded to imply it.
If this was done with forethought, I'm fine with that.

Just for fun, assuming both qualifications have been satisfied, is the 'user of PG Music products" that posted the link to their original song composition barred from then listening to their composition from User Showcase since the rule states the post is "for others to listen to" and the "user of PG Music products" isn't an "other"? Or is he/she?

Ya'll have to excuse me, I spent 35 years going in circles like this trying to interpret insurance policies. Promise. I'll stop with this one. ;=)
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#259519 - 08/14/14 06:40 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What's the rules on posting in the user showcase [Re: furry]
rharv Offline

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The user is assumed to not be you.
The user is also not me.
Therefore the user must be some other, there by qualifying. smile

(Meant for c_fogle)

Edited by rharv (08/14/14 06:41 PM)
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#259565 - 08/15/14 07:37 AM [Off-Topic] Re: What's the rules on posting in the user showcase [Re: furry]
Kemmrich Offline

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I only post songs here that have at least one BIAB component (bass, drum, guitar fiddle, ...) in them. That's the spirit of the "guidelines" that works for me.
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