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#241015 - 02/22/14 05:30 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: kristen]
Noel96 Offline

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Hi Kirsten,

When I read bobby's above post, the first thing that sprang to mind was...

"Hmm... It seems bobby specifically signed up to the forums to answer your question."

Even though he says he's not affiliated with Per Bristow, his post seems to be very 'sales pitch' oriented. I may well be wrong but in the world of www, I've found it's always better to be cautious.

Just an observation.


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#241016 - 02/22/14 05:41 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: kristen]
sslechta Offline

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Yeah, my spammy senses were tingling.

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#246974 - 04/10/14 12:05 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: kristen]
Sundance Offline

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Check out the Born To Sing offerings by two LA teachers. I used to use their original tapes years ago for warm ups and practice. They've been around a LONG time and won't break your bank. Not as glitzy marketing as some but very good exercises.

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#247126 - 04/13/14 05:21 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: kristen]
dani48 Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
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Loc: Helsinki, Finland
Hi, Kristen !

If you like singing but you
are not ready to pay a lot for it
I would recommend joining a barbershop
chorus in your vicinity ! :)) That way
you would get to train your singing
and tuning abilities practically for
free !!:))


#261192 - 09/02/14 05:41 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: kristen]
Noel96 Offline

Registered: 10/31/08
Posts: 12617
Loc: Australia

It's interesting that the people who keep reviving this post only make a single post. Also, it seems that that single post is devoted entirely to reviving this thread. Have a look at Vrinda, amyrose, massiwippi, marklame, bobbybro.

It makes me wonder if Per Bristow is working behind the scenes to keep his name in the spotlight; a bit of free advertising and self-promotion.

#262291 - 09/13/14 07:06 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: kristen]
Noel96 Offline

Registered: 10/31/08
Posts: 12617
Loc: Australia

Yet ANOTHER new poster whose only post is in this thread. The sole purpose of the post seems to be to bring the thread back to the top of the forum. There's definitely a pattern happening here.

For anyone who's looking for the real deal in singing tuition ...

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy seems to be one of the best singing methods around.

#262305 - 09/13/14 09:43 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Has anyone tried Per Bristow's Singing method? (Sing With Freedom) [Re: Noel96]
Charlie Fogle Offline

Registered: 04/07/13
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Loc: South Carolina
Yes Noel96, I just learned of Ken Tamplin recently by accident. New poster, Joesarahh's User Showcase post of "The Cumberland" has used that method. Joe has gotten a lot of positive feedback on his vocals from forum members for his post here and others on YouTube and his website. I came across an early YouTube post where he credits the Tamplin method with helping his vocals. In a reply to a question from me, he advised he was already singing professionally when he purchased the course and had previously had classical vocal lessons but he gave a very positive review of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

His opinion carried more weight with me because he was not speaking as a paid endorsement nor give all the credit to Tamplin's method but provided a thorough answer to how it benefited him personally.

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