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#283388 - 02/05/15 02:20 PM [User Showcase] Cottonwood Tree
Kemmrich Offline

Registered: 02/27/07
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For this FAWM I was Assigned a cottonwood tree by donna in the tree challenge -- and, of course I went a'googling. I found this reference for The Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion, By Kathleen Cain. I read it and said, that is mighty poetic. I changed things around for rhyming and brevity, but if it was a school assignment, I might be sent to the plagiarizer's tent! I found Kathleen Cain on facebook and sent her a message -- I wonder if she will ever see it!

I bought a ukulele for this FAWM and I have used it on every song so far! This tune is the only one that use BIAB, though. Never could quite figure out where it would end -- you would think I would know how to count!

EDIT: I started with the demo for the selected style (_HRNPIPE.STY) and really only made a few minor chord changes.


The Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion, By Kathleen Cain
(c) Emmrich 2015

grass covered limb
traces remain
carved by wood-working skills
of sun wind and rain

blackened limbs
struck by lightening
weathered branches
graying then whitening

a sculptor would take pride
in nature's fine work
down by the riverside

but leaves sprouted in the farthest reaches
yes the tree found a way
to send out new life
on this mighty fine spring day

chickadees, wrens, finches, crows
blood calls of territory and lust
blue heron nests, stick magpie roosts
this cottonwood tree seduced

a story teller would take pride
in the work that God did
down by the riverside

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#283393 - 02/05/15 03:53 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
Greg Johnson Offline

Registered: 12/21/13
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Loc: Davis, CA
Always enjoy your stuff Kevin!! There is a fantastic organic and relaxed feel to your music. Kind of reminds me of the Dead. Very cool tune. Much enjoyed!! Take care. Greg

#283397 - 02/05/15 05:39 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
Charlie Fogle Offline

Registered: 04/07/13
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Loc: South Carolina
Very nice tune and I enjoyed listening. I found the lyrics and music matched well together which is something I sometimes find hard to do when I try to merge music with an existing poem that was never intended to be set to music. Good job.

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#283402 - 02/05/15 06:54 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
VideoTrack Offline

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The Ukelele really works interestingly well for the intro, and nice lyrics. Maybe the balance of instrument levels could be tweaked. Overall, quite OK.

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#283445 - 02/06/15 07:15 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
boehm Offline

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Hi Kevin,

nice tune. Interesting arrangement.
You did a good job in transforming the text into lyrics.

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#283447 - 02/06/15 07:20 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
Janice & Bud Offline

Registered: 12/05/11
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Nice, very nice. Definitely has a
Working Man's Dead/American Beauty
feel. And in our book that's a very
cool thing.

You did a really fine job on the transformation.
I trust she will be pleased. We certainly

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#283471 - 02/06/15 10:11 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 6048
Loc: Florida
A good Americana sound going on that, Kevin...

Enjoyed it.

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#283477 - 02/06/15 10:54 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
Rob4580 Offline

Registered: 01/28/12
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Loc: Murgon Queensland Australia
Do I hear a touch of Neil Young in there?
Well done.

#283508 - 02/06/15 02:08 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
gruverider Offline

Registered: 07/15/12
Posts: 1435
really love the sound you got out of your mandolin!

much enjoyed!

#283516 - 02/06/15 03:30 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
RnAM Offline

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Hi Kevin,

Very nice song, especially the mandolin!

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#283571 - 02/07/15 06:23 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
90 dB Offline

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Loc: Florida
Love this one Kevin. That Uke sounds sweet!


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#283583 - 02/07/15 07:33 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
JoanneCooper Offline

Registered: 05/12/12
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Loc: South Africa
Hi Kevin. I really love the laid back feel of your songs. Love the uke. I let your SC profile run while I was busy doing other things on my computer. I enjoyed! Good luck with FAWM and looking forward to hearing more of your entries.

Edited to add the home I was born in in Zimbabwe was called "Cottonwood"

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#283625 - 02/07/15 01:38 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
tommyad Offline

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Loc: Florida
Kevin, Interesting use of that uke. It really adds to the loose vibe. Nice use of the real tracks and of course very well sung. I enjoyed it. Tom

#283678 - 02/07/15 05:49 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
Jim Fogle Offline

Registered: 08/20/11
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Loc: Winston-Salem, NC USA

I like the way you expanded the song by adding tamborine, handclaps, etc. Those fills add depth to your production.

Who is the un-credited female singer in this song and some of your other songs?
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#283763 - 02/09/15 03:18 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cottonwood Tree [Re: Kemmrich]
Kemmrich Offline

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LOL, I tried to get on all day yesterday (10+ times) and I kept getting this error:
Originally Posted By: 404 Error
Not Found
The requested URL /ubbthreads/postlist.php was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

This morning it was still down, but then I went through the home PGM page to the forums and voila, I'm in -- was the address changed?

OK, I had time yesterday to comment back and listen to other tunes, this morning I don't! Thanks to all that listened to the tune and commented, I'll come back later this week.

1.) Uke vs Mandolin. Some commented on the "mandolin" -- it's a concert ukulele, but I am sort of using it as a mandolin. Maybe after FAWM, I will look at more traditional ukulele playing styles (probably not, through -- that would involve practicing!).

2.) "un-credited female singer": ha, ha -- that's me doing harmonies. Now, I almost always use melodyne on my harmonies, not to change the notes, but only correct them within the pitch I am trying to hit. I slam the melodyne pretty hard, so that might change the timbre of the voice also.

3.) I did work a bit on remixing (it is still a bit ramshackle, though!).
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