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#319740 - 11/22/15 09:07 PM [User Showcase] Missing Me
Sundance Offline

Registered: 05/30/08
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Hey Y'all,

I haven't posted a country ballad in a long time so I hope you enjoy this one. I first wrote Missing Me seven years ago when I was going through the grieving process. I thought about it a few weeks ago and decided to finally finish it.

Fair warning - it's a country tearjerker.

©2015 Josie Beck

On the outside I look better
Now that I can laugh and crack a joke
And I can smile when I say your name
Without that lump caught in my throat
My eyes aren't red and swollen anymore
From crying every hour
It looks like I'm getting on with my life
But no one sees inside

I'm missing me
the way I used to be
When we were a family
and me and you were we
Oh when you and I were us
God knows I loved you so much
Now that I'm finally getting through
the pain of losing you
I'm missing me

On the inside I know better
I try to make it day by day
And I still dream of the old days at night
Wishing I could feel the same old way
I know you're up in Heaven looking down
And you don't want me feeling sad
but the part of me that left with you
is never coming back

I used BIAB/RB and mixed in Reaper. The original style was _sbaljj1.sty. All music tracks are RTs and vocals by yours truly. RTs used are: 366 Bass, Drums NashEven8, 1725 Piano, 1513 Guitar, 2325 String Quartet

Your thoughts are always appreciated.
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#319742 - 11/22/15 09:45 PM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
RichMac Offline

Registered: 05/23/10
Posts: 1616
Loc: New Zealand
Hi Josie. Country tearjearker indeed. And very well done.
Like the lyrics and the hook idea of missing me as I used to be.
Good one. Cheers.

#319753 - 11/22/15 10:36 PM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
VideoTrack Offline

Registered: 06/05/12
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Loc: Melbourne, Australia
Really liked the presence of your voice in this one Josie. A really nice mix, and yes, a Country Tear-jerker.

The fiddle carried the song very sensitively. I especially liked the phrasings. A great contribution.


PS: somewhat sadly, I understand that there are some real-world events that lead to the song.

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#319755 - 11/22/15 11:09 PM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
dcuny Offline

Registered: 09/27/10
Posts: 1949
Loc: Sacramento, California
Sounds like a country classic. Well written, well sung, and an excellent arrangement. The chorus (and harmony) is particularly strong. The only thing it lacks is some pedal steel guitar. smile
-- David Cuny
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Vocal control, you say. Never heard of it. Is that some kind of ProTools thing?

#319764 - 11/22/15 11:39 PM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
PeterF Offline

Registered: 12/06/03
Posts: 1958
Loc: Sydney Australia
Lovely production (but as you say a tear-jerker) - something in your voice reminded me of Christine McVie.

#319770 - 11/23/15 12:33 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
gibson Offline

Registered: 08/25/03
Posts: 3025
Loc: wales
I'm missing me
the way I used to be

What a phrase!! Says so much.

I enjoyed that listen *wipes tears from eyes*
nice to hear you back!!

I was missing you laugh

ps nice ending
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#319773 - 11/23/15 01:26 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
ROG Offline

Registered: 12/12/11
Posts: 2493
Loc: York, England
Oh wow Josie!

That is just perfect and sounds like the sort of song which could earn money.

Loved everything about it and wouldn't change a thing.

Your voice sounds fabulous and the harmony is amazing. You were obviously going to sing this with emotion, but I have to say that it really comes through and makes the song what it is - perfect.

Just going to find the Kleenex before another listen.

Take care, ROG.

#319785 - 11/23/15 04:20 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
Charlie Fogle Offline

Registered: 04/07/13
Posts: 4239
Loc: South Carolina
Simply one of your best at every level.
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#319788 - 11/23/15 04:54 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
Guitarhacker Offline

Registered: 04/03/09
Posts: 5485
Without a doubt, this is my favorite from you.

The melody and progression reminded me a lot of some of David Allen Coe's classic country tunes.

Nice lyrical work in the chorus. This is also classic country word smithing.

My only nit is on the vox. Just a touch of melodyne to pull things into line would be a perfect touch. The chorus harmonies are really sweet... man I really loved the sound of the harmonies, however, I hear too many artifacts through out. Sounds like you used a harmonizer to create them.

Nits aside.... this is a really well done song.
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#319789 - 11/23/15 04:58 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
SRP Offline

Registered: 05/16/15
Posts: 532
Loc: Chattanooga, TN
Hi Josie,
The process of loving and then losing someone is masterfully described in this song from someone who could only have gone through it. And then for you to take it to the next step in wanting to find your old self again is just genius. I really enjoyed your writing and your vocals were just perfect. Great song!

#319812 - 11/23/15 05:46 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
tommyad Offline

Registered: 05/22/11
Posts: 2662
Loc: Florida
Josie, I'm on my 4th listen and not my last. I love the write, the melody and your vocal reading of the piece. My new favorite. Classic country! Nice work on the backing tracks. The only nit I have is the intro. Sometimes those piano tracks sound a little funny changing chords. ( depends on the progression ). I would have lengthened the intro a bit to smooth it out some. Your voice sounds spectacular on this. Lady you can really sing! ( and write ) This is so very good. Congrats on a job extremely well done! Tom

#319821 - 11/23/15 06:09 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
RnAM Offline

Registered: 05/02/14
Posts: 2938
Loc: The Netherlands
Hi Josie,

Beautiful song Josie and we recognize the feeling in the lyrics.
Well done!

Rob and Anne-Marie
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#319840 - 11/23/15 09:15 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
boehm Offline

Registered: 06/22/12
Posts: 2863
Loc: Karlsruhe, Germany
Hi Josie,

great song and awesome vocals and harmonies.
Nicely arranged.
Very enjoyable listen.

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#319849 - 11/23/15 10:35 AM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 5632
Loc: Florida

Your best, I think. Classic country sound. The melody on the chorus is a stand-out.

Nice arrangement and mix. Good use of the strings.

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#319874 - 11/23/15 03:03 PM [User Showcase] Re: Missing Me [Re: Sundance]
90 dB Offline

Registered: 04/20/10
Posts: 4579
Loc: Florida
This is gorgeous. Your best to date (that I've heard). Sorry for your loss, but some great songs have come from pain, and this is one of them.


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