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#152364 - 03/03/12 07:17 PM Addition of intro is shifting "Melody".
seeker Offline

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First of all out of the lines, but am using
~1116:Fiddle, Background CountryBoogie SW 110
for Melody. Worked out a very nice melody with it
about 2 weeks ago.


Found out when using RT that generation includes all of
the song, including intro.
Do not want to lose this melody, so froze all tracks but Soloist.
Found a good fit with 1711 Brents WesternSwing, Bluesy.

I add intro screen.
Used pop intro to add and the entire melody shifted up 4 measures
filling the intro. Can use magic F5 to mute it, but 1/2 of the A section
is gone, shifted into the Intro area.

Unfroze all the tracks, added intro. Froze again. The same thing happened.

What am I doing wrong?

After post had this idea.
Add the intro, copy those 4 measures.
Reload song, insert 4 measures, then pasted the intro.
*&^%$# same thing happened, the melody shifted up 4 bars...

2nd try. Load good song, inserted 4 blank measures, played the song.
Again melody shifted up to fill the 4 measures.

Thank you

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#152365 - 03/05/12 02:47 AM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: seeker]
Noel96 Offline

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It might be easiest to do what you want in Realband. It would be possible to drag the melody across 4 bars and re-align it in RB.


#152366 - 03/05/12 02:25 PM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: Noel96]
seeker Offline

Registered: 12/06/05
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Loc: 80 Mi North of Sacramento CA

I've spent many hours working on this one song, its a good song.

Also did some amount of work with RB.

Will give this a whirl when "Ole" body gets better.
Been under the weather a bit.

Thank you.

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#152367 - 03/05/12 02:54 PM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: seeker]
jazzmandan Offline

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I have had the same experiences. Don't know how to fix it. Sorry. Just thought you may feel better knowing you are not alone.

#152368 - 03/05/12 05:47 PM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: jazzmandan]
seeker Offline

Registered: 12/06/05
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Loc: 80 Mi North of Sacramento CA
"Misery Loves Comapany"

Thank you jazzmandan

Its a very weird way this happens.
Think I have a work around, but
my get-along has a hitch in it.

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#152369 - 03/05/12 08:11 PM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: seeker]
jazzmammal Offline

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I'm not at home right now but I think you can save the melody track as a wav to it's own file. Then nuke the that track in Biab and import the wav file back onto the audio track. When you do that I believe you can specify how many bars you want it offset by so you can line it up. Note it's no longer a Real Track, now it's simply another wav file.

Working with melodies in Biab is very clunky sometimes. I agree with you I've been bitten by this problem as well. This is why I've gotten into the habit of not creating the melody in Biab until I'm positive the song arrangement is finished precisely because of this problem with the melody. I use Real Band so much now I sometimes forget these little Biab things. The thing is now they've added so many neat RB type features to Biab 2012 the lines are getting blurred.

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#152370 - 03/11/12 01:45 AM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: jazzmammal]
seeker Offline

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Hello folks,

I have completed a "Partial" success.

I save the original completed(without intro) as .mgu

Newed the screen
Change the key to match the song.
Added intro with generator.
Placed song end at bar 5.
deleted contents of bar 5.

Imported .mgu file starting at bar 5.

Played the song..
Intro sound great and the original melody is still intact from the import.

One glich which can be fixed is 3 chorus's were not imported, only one.

The song does play nicely in its entirety but only intro, one chorus and ending.

I will unfold the original song without the intro and save in the way.

Then load intro, import unfolded completed song.

This should work just fine.

Actually once this is identified the work around will be pretty quick.

Tired now, but will work on its completion soon.

This is a case where ability to go back and edit the start of the thread
to Resolved would be nice.


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#152371 - 03/11/12 08:59 AM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: seeker]
Mac Offline

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Under the Melody menu, "Edit" -- there is a command, "Copy Melody to All Choruses".

There is also another, "Kill Melody in Middle Choruses" -- handy for creating the typical song structure where the Melody is played once at the beginning, Soloing is done over the Middle Choruses and the Melody is again played on the last chorus.

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#152372 - 03/11/12 11:09 AM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: Mac]
seeker Offline

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Loc: 80 Mi North of Sacramento CA

Thanks for that tip.

I unfolded the song after the posting last night could not wait.
And it was all melody.

Hence you

"Kill Melody in Middle Choruses"

should resolve that.

Getting close, but social items, like taking my wife places this morning
are a "Most required" thing to do.

Was really happy to find out how to create the intro standalone, then
import the intact body of the song.

Whodda thunk that would work.
BTW, you have to have the Intro residing on the page first.
Then the .mgu song import.

I tried loading the song, inserting bars, then importing the intro.
Then the regeneration simply slid the whole melody over the intro again.

Thanks and good morning to you Sir.

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#152373 - 03/11/12 03:36 PM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: seeker]
Shastastan Offline

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Do what works for you to get the end result you want. I do the song first. Then import the melody that matches the bars to the song. Then copy the intro from the last few bars of the song. I check the "add bars at destination" and uncheck copy chorus to whole song. Then, I edit the intro as to dynamics and add the lead in notes if there are any. Sounds like the opposite of what you do, but it works for me.

Cornet Curmudgeon

#152374 - 03/11/12 03:41 PM Re: Addition of intro is shifting "Melody". [Re: Shastastan]
Matt Finley Offline

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I'm with jazzmammal on this one. The most important thing for me is to get the song structure set first in BIAB, before I add melody and harmony and tag melody etc.
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