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#373531 - 11/07/16 05:21 PM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer
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If you have some decent Virtual Instruments you can use RapidComposerLE or full version to create some great UserTracks.

1. Load a UserTrack Template, most are on here

2. Open an SGU template in BB

3. In Prefs > Output Chords set Enable, Complex Chords, write track to midi file

4. Save As MID > File on disk

5. RapidComposer > Import Midi > Select BB Chord Output track

6. Mute the Chord Track and Add Track

RapidComposer will fit any midi anywhere to chord/scale.
You can drag any Midi Generators in from the Phrases window
or your own midi files/loops from a folder.
You can now split the midi where you like, right click Convert to Relative form and save it as a custom phrase to the Phrase window.
Right click Phrase Generators in the track for more options.
Click the little button after M S "=" on the track to color note by Chord/Scale/Out.. you can switch to Edit mode or double click to enter the Phrase Editor, in there set View to Chord/Scale/Out.. click Apply Changes then exit.
You can create "Key Switches" for you Virtual Instrument articulations, these are left in Absolute mode so they don't change note as you move them across the chord track, save them with the same name as the Phrase they belong with 'My Riff 004' 'My Riff sw 004' so My Riff 004 might have a slide or bend switch that goes with it.

7. Export As WAV for both Mac and Win

8. Open the SGU Template in BB, set it to the tempo of the usertrack

9. File > Import Audio wav (from RapidComposer)

10. Save As UserTrack

If you have RealBand it is easier in that.

#374111 - 11/14/16 04:16 AM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer [Re: Pipeline]
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An excellent tutorial Pipeline, thanks!

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#374500 - 11/16/16 11:13 AM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer [Re: Pipeline]
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What a great tutorial - thank you for creating & sharing it! I've announced it in our "Newsbit" for today, which is also posted here.
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#374514 - 11/16/16 12:18 PM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer [Re: Pipeline]
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The whole UserTrack can be Transposed and saved to a wav in another key, this will give BB/RB a lot more material to work with.


#374536 - 11/16/16 01:49 PM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer [Re: Pipeline]
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Never heard of this "RapidComposer" thing. Time to google away! cool
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#374545 - 11/16/16 03:16 PM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer [Re: Icelander]
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Mac Output Chord:



#374672 - 11/17/16 10:42 AM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposer [Re: Pipeline]
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What an in-depth and thoughtful tutorial! Great stuff, Pipeline.
Will - PG Music

#387766 - 01/01/17 02:01 PM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposerLE & Full [Re: Will B - PG Music]
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Going even deeper...

Automatic Virtual Instrument Phrases Articulations for the Full version of RapidComposer.

Having midi phrases you can move around over any key/chord/scale is just one of the great features of RapidComposer.
The Full version allows you to save keyswitch articulations to any notes in your phrases.

In C:\Users\BIAB\Documents\RapidComposerV3\DB
You will have your vst's info Kontakt 5.dll.rcINST that is created when you add a vst to RapidComposer
we just create a new text file and rename it Kontakt 5.rcCTRL
we drag it into Notepad to edit
add your instrument in the green text area

Be aware of your keyswitch positions, some programs call middle C (note #60) C4, some other vendors call it C3,
so my keyswitches in Kontakt were on C0 octave in RapidComposer they were being played on C-1 so in the text Kontakt 5.rcCTRL I had to move them to the C1 octave. As you play the phrase you will see the keyswitches being triggered by RapidComposer.


## Controller and articulation definitions

controllerset= "
Kontakt 5";
controller={name="Modulation"; num=1; default=0; },{name="Volume"; num=7; default=64; },{name="Expression"; num=11; default=100; },{name="Control 20"; num=20; default=64; },{name="Control 21"; num=21; default=0; },{name="Control 22"; num=22; default=0; },{name="Control 23"; num=23; default=10; },{name="Sustain"; num=64; default=0; off=0; on=127; },{name="Legato"; num=68; default=0; off=0; on=127; },{name="Reverb"; num=91; default=64; },{name="Chorus"; num=93; default=0; };

group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Grace Note"; keyswitch="F1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Trill Up"; keyswitch="G1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Trill Down"; keyswitch="A1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Up Silide"; keyswitch="A#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Down Slide"; keyswitch="B1;
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Bend 1"; keyswitch="F#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Bend 2"; keyswitch="G#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Mute"; keyswitch="D#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Harmony"; keyswitch="E1";

group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Sustain"; keyswitch="G1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Mute"; keyswitch="G#1;
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Slide Up Fast"; keyswitch="A1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Slide Up Slow"; keyswitch="A#1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Slide Down"; keyswitch="B1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Harmonic"; keyswitch="F1";

So now we have made and saved our Kontakt 5.rcCTRL for the Kontakt 5.dll.rcINST

Or those with a lot more keyswitches like MusicLab Guitars

Pic 1
We set the the track Instrument to Kontakt
Set the Controller Set to Kontakt
Set the Articulation Set to our Kontakt Instrument Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr

Pic 2
Set to Note Editing

Pic 3
Set Articulation for note/s in phrase

Pic 4
Switch back to Phrase Editing

Pic 5
Save Phrase to your Custom Phrases, now you can drag n drop your phrases anywhere and it will fit to key/chord/scale

Any midi that you import/drag in can be converted to Relative form, saved it to Custom Phrases, so as you move it it will snap the notes to the chord or scale.

RapidComposer you can see the chord and scale notes, and it will also load as a VSTi then you just import the BB Chord Output Midi file (Mac) to get the same chord track in RC as BB.

You can drag the midi/RealChart straight in.

Actually the Guitar RealCharts are multichannel, ch 11-16 strings 1-6 so you need to re channel them first to drag into RC. In Options in the midi save dialog check "Save RealCharts to Midi Files" then in RC select Import Midi > Select track > Import into current composition.

Open in new Tab full screen

Open in new Tab full screen
So we can convert it to relative form,
color and snap it by greens chord notes blue scale notes red out or passing notes

To Export Chord track to Biab or RB:

Insert a new track in RC
right click > Fill with Chord Generator
hold Ctrl key and drag track name out to a folder

In Biab, File > Import > Import Chords from Midi file Ctrl-Alt-I (NOT PG Music MIDI file)
Open (Change)

In RealBand set tempo, Ctrl Drag RC track straight into a track in RealBand, in the chord window click Reinterpret. If you have "Export Chords as MIDI Markers" checked in RapidComposer's Settings > Miscellaneous, you will have the chords on the bar timeline as markers.

To get the chords into Cubase
Set tempo in Cubase
Set 2 bar offset in project settings if needed
Ctrl Drag track into Cubase
Insert Chord Track
Select midi track > Project - Chord Track - Make chords.

The Beta version has more newer features compatible with Biab like Midi Import and 2 bar intro option. Add the beta to the end of your download link:
v3 Beta Feedback And Discussion (Bugs, Features, Suggestions)
If you find any chords that are not interpreted correctly when importing either way report them to Attila in the forum.


#388474 - 01/05/17 03:17 AM [UserTracks (and other add-ons)] Re: Creating Rapid UserTracks With RapidComposerLE & Full [Re: Pipeline]
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This is a guide from a question in the UserTrack forum:

Full screen Export BB Chord Track

Full screen Import BB Chords to RapidComposer

That's where RapidComposer make it easy, you can enter any tab or drag a midi bass pattern from a midi file into RapidComposer convert it to Relative form, Save it to the custom phrases library.
Open a UserTrack Template in Biab, in Prefs set Chord Output, save as midi,
in RapidComposer Import the midi file and select the BB Chord Output track.
This will give you the same UserTrack Chord track in RapidComposer.
Now just insert a new track load your Virtual Bass vst,
now just drag the save Reggae Bass phrases from your custom library into the new track and they will snap to chord/scale.
Now save the track to wav and put it in the usertrack folder along with the SGU with same progression and tempo.
You can then change the Key in RapidComposer and save as wav along with the SGU you just change the Key of in Biab to match.
Now you will have a Bob Marley Bass UserTrack in a lot of different Keys, you can save it in 12 keys if you like and in the F5 > UserTracks Development window you can set what part gets played where, if you do that with the first key template it will have the same settings in the other keys, so if you start in A, set the settings in the SGU in Biab then when you change the key of the template it will keep the UserTrack Development settings for each key SGU.

Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 A.wav
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 A.SGU
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 Bb.WAV
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 Bb.SGU
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 B.WAV
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 B.SGU
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 C.WAV
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 C.SGU
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 C#.WAV
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 C#.SGU
Bass, Acoustic, Reggae Sheriff Ev90 ......


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