A Build 3 update is available for PowerTracks Pro Audio 2017

Download the build 3 update

This is a cumulative update, that works from any previous 2017 build.
We consider this a beta update patch because it is new.

Summary of Changes for Build 3 (since build 1) (Mar 17, 2017)

  • Fixed: Improved support for the Vielklang VST instant harmonies plugin.
  • Added: Always on MME added (checkbox setting).
  • Fixed: The time location of time-based VSTi plugins was being continually advanced when RB was stopped. This has been fixed so that the VSTi time location now gets set to PT's current time location when playback is not happening.
  • Added: Drag and drop from the drop station to VSTI plugins, that support this, is now implemented
  • Fixed: Program title was changed to 'file converter' if a conversion needed to be done such as after recording (this affected the title shown when alt-tabbing or hovering over the icon on the task bar, etc.).
  • Fixed: FX button now correctly turns blue if MIDI track is actually using a VSTi or DXi synth.
  • Fixed: the choose note dialog in Notation Window had garbled text.
  • Fixed: when drawing a slur in the situation of notes being extremely close together, program could potentially slow down or freeze.
  • Fixed: a few miscellaneous minor localization and help-topic link issues.
  • Fixed: Saving to XML would result in the timing being wrong, if the song's PPQ was not 120.
  • Added(build2): Localization support.
  • Fixed(build2): Installer didn't show destination directory if PT was already installed.
  • Fixed(build2): Code 740 error could happen after installation finished when launching program.
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