There seems to be a "National Day" for almost everything now... for instance, today is National Crayon Day!

Did you know that you can change the color scheme within Band-in-a-Box®? The program installs with an easy to view color combination that is customizable when you visit Opt | Preferences | Colors from within the program.

To select a pre-made color scheme, select Options | Preferences and then click on the [Colors] button to open the Color Selection dialog and choose from the "Color Schemes" list. If you have more schemes on a disk, for example, press the [Import] button and choose the appropriate scheme from the list. Select [OK] to make the changes permanent.

To manually change the individual elements of a color scheme, in the Color Selection dialog click on the name of the screen element you wish to change (i.e. Chord Area, List Box, etc.), then click on the [Choose…] button to bring up the Windows Color palette (the same one used in MS Windows) and click on the color you desire. You can also choose enter the appropriate Red, Green, and Blue values in the boxes provided.

Repeat this procedure for all of the elements you wish to change, and click [OK] when done.

Give it a try - there are some great build it Color Schemes to inspire you!

TIP: If you're happy with the color scheme you've created (and may even want to share it with others), click the [Export] button and enter an eight character name for your new scheme - it will be saved as a .BBC file in your BB folder.

You can also access additional Chord Display settings (font, color, layers, etc.) by clicking on the [Chord Display] button on the toolbar!

(It's not quite the same as coloring with crayons, but crayons are permanent and we don't recommend coloring your computer monitor!) wink
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