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#41017 - 10/28/09 07:15 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Using MP3 Files Instead of MGU files
rothjohn Offline

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I'm a very casual user of BIAB 2009. So many features and so little time to research all of them. Maybe you can help me get a quick answer.

I use BIAB only to record myself playing with backing tracks. I do this to track whether I'm improving or not. I usually get the MGU files from a Yahoo! group. But some of the Yahoo MGUs are not very enticing. I'm able to find other backing tracks in MP3 format. I can open and play these files, but I'm unaware of how to use the imported MP3s to record my own work and end up hearing myself playing with the MP3 track. Using an MGU file, I would only click "record audio," play my portion, and save the file. With an imported MP3, I haven't been able to find a way to record.

Is this possible? Can you describe the process for me?

Thank You.


#41018 - 10/28/09 07:33 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Using MP3 Files Instead of MGU files [Re: rothjohn]
Edward Buckley Offline

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Hey Rothjohn,

BIAB and Real Band are capable of making outstanding backing tracks, I've been making my own for years now. With the new Real Instruments/Drums, your results can be very good.

A few questions may help us give you the best advice>

1. Do you have the Real Tracks/Drums installed?

2. If so, are you using these to replace the midi parts?

3. What sound module or softsynth are you currently using? This in itself can give you a wide range of results.

4. Do you have a sequencing program, like Powertracks or Sonar? This would make it much easier to do what you have written.

I never thought of BIAB as a program where I would load a MP3 and then try to add tracks to it.

My final question is>Have you tried to work with these files you downloaded from the net?

For example, I have over 19,000 BIAB files. Some of these I got from the Net. When I load them, some sound great, some sound so so, and some sound AWFUL. Knowing how to fix a "Bad" sounding tune is an art in itself, much like playing an instrument. I would highly recommend that you spend time trying to learn how to edit these files so that you get the desired results, the time spent will be well worth it!!

Let us know, and get digging away until you have mastered BIAB, it is an awesome program in the hands of one "In the know".


#41019 - 10/28/09 08:30 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Using MP3 Files Instead of MGU files [Re: Edward Buckley]
Zebra Offline

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I think PowerTracks Pro Audio is the program you need for that. PowerTracks will import MP3s to a stereo track and then you can layer your parts onto additional tracks.

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#41020 - 10/31/09 05:28 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Using MP3 Files Instead of MGU files [Re: Zebra]
WienSam Offline

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RealBand will do it too
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#41021 - 11/02/09 03:00 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Using MP3 Files Instead of MGU files [Re: WienSam]
Muzic Trax Offline

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Re-MP3 Files

You can use the Audio Chord Wizard in Biab for MP3 files. It will generate the chords from the MP3 (You need to adjust the bars in there though with the ACW settings etc...) and place the music on Biab's Audio Track. You will not be able to record to the Audio Track unless you delete the music backing on the MP3.

You can record to the Audio Track along with a Biab style, just like an MGX file though. That way, you can create your own Biab backing track



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