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#424795 - 08/06/17 10:49 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Edge Blues - how to get rid of Edge
fiddler2007 Offline

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Well, i was on the brink of getting windows 10 off my system, back to 7; couldn't get rid of that f***ing MICROSUCK EDGE ...... reverting to an older so called "update" was impossible. Telling Windows 10 that Firefox was my default browser wouldn't do it, always that Edge moved in ... reg-editing, installing "Edge Block 1.4", nothing worked.

But this is the only solution i found: !!! how to get rid of edge !!!

#424875 - 08/06/17 07:46 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Edge Blues - how to get rid of Edge [Re: fiddler2007]
Pipeline Offline

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It's worst than a virus lol.
Yes I upgraded from Win 10 to Win 7, never looked back.
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#425729 - 08/11/17 05:16 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Edge Blues - how to get rid of Edge [Re: fiddler2007]
JohnJohnJohn Offline

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That is strange...I have been on Win 10 for some time and the first thing I did was set Firefox as default browser...never saw Edge again.

#425749 - 08/11/17 11:46 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: Edge Blues - how to get rid of Edge [Re: fiddler2007]
fiddler2007 Offline

Registered: 12/22/07
Posts: 863
Seems related to "feature updates", security updates are IMO necessary these days.

I found that 360TotalSecurity (paid version only?) handles the latter quite well, as f.i the last official Window 10 v 1607 KB3206632 "update" they leave out, probably since there are issues with it. Seems to give Group Policy problems among others on about 15% of all Win x64 1607 systems ... installing KB3206632 problems (PS its from a commercial site, so use tips with care, EaseUS i have used once in a while though).

Further & interesting reading?: deleting stuff from windows 10 PS i prefer using 00SU10 and Win10privacy for most of these.

I am going to leave the new "creators update", v 1706, alone for now; too many bug reports sofar. - F


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