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#428578 - 09/02/17 09:19 PM [Off-Topic] Adele and Biab? Check it out.
Muzic Trax Offline

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I took her vocal and made a backing track with Biab. It's just a down and dirty file.



#428579 - 09/02/17 10:32 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
Samuel Davis Offline

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That's pretty cool. I've thought about doing some remixes on songs using isolated vocal tracs. Using BIAB to do it would probably make it rather so ple and interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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#428585 - 09/03/17 01:12 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Samuel Davis]
sinbad Offline

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Brilliant, how did you go about it?

#428587 - 09/03/17 02:02 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Samuel Davis]
Muzic Trax Offline

Registered: 01/24/03
Posts: 4962
Loc: California
I found a raw vocal of Adele on YouTube and then proceeded to make an arrangement in Biab.


#428591 - 09/03/17 03:56 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
musiclover Offline

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That sounds really impressive and shows us what biab is really capable of, well done.


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#428593 - 09/03/17 04:09 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
BlueAttitude Offline

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It's fun to do and not that difficult. I work with a songwriting partner and most of the time I come up with the basic idea for the bed, send that to her, and she develops the melody/lyrics.

But for this one she already had the vocal melody and lyrics done. She sent me over the vocal track and I figured out what chord changes would work, sorted out an arrangement, and built a suitable bed.

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#428641 - 09/03/17 01:14 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
Pat Marr Offline

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you should participate in remix contests. Original artists make their individual tracks available, and encourage people like us to recreate the song using the original vocals.

Here's a link to one of our forum members' remix entries, with links to the original files:

#428675 - 09/03/17 06:17 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
lambada Offline

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Very impressed Trax. Makes us realise how important a good vocal/vocalist is for our recordings.
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#428712 - 09/04/17 05:50 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
Charlie Fogle Online   content

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I will suggest not confining your covers to just isolated vocals. Signature riffs and licks are abundant and easily downloaded as well. Here is a YouTube link to Don Felder giving a lesson on all of his licks, solos and riffs for Hotel California. He has transposed the song to Am, which is likely a better key for a lot of voices than the original key. Don is very solid on his timing as well and this makes a very authentic cover as all the signature licks are there. Plus, Don Felder is your session musician along with all of the great PGMusic session musicians. A true All Star Band.

Don Felder Hotel California Guitar Lesson

A tip to quickly get isolated vocals or other stems into BIAB or RB is to download the original song and run it through the ACW for the chord chart and an accurate tempo map in the original key. That will also give you a good guide for inserting the vocals into the BIAB backing track.

Some prolific singers on YouTube I've found that perform useable vocal/guitar songs are Alan Robinson, Austin Criswell and Larry L. (Podline66). Search for Larry L's early works that were done before he began to do a lot of post producing himself on his songs. Alan Robinson does tutorials but at the beginning of each lesson, records a complete performance of the song. Austin Criswell, I think, is a brilliant singer.

There are also many American Idol, America's Got Talent and The Voice performers who upload covers and originals with simple guitar or piano accompaniment that will have excellent vocal performances.

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#428752 - 09/04/17 01:24 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Muzic Trax]
Guitarhacker Offline

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Very cool and lots of fun. I didn't listen because it wouldn't stream.

I did the same thing back in 2009 with Imogen Heap's vocal. The idea was to create a backing track. This is a combination of BB as well as me playing the guitar parts.

I've posted this here before.....

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#428785 - 09/04/17 07:04 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Adele and Biab? Check it out. [Re: Pat Marr]
Muzic Trax Offline

Registered: 01/24/03
Posts: 4962
Loc: California
That was a great backing track. Biab can compete with the Big Dogs when it comes to making music.



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