Old Man Winter is lurking around the edges, sending signs the time is nigh. Let’s hope we can each finish our scheduled projects before the deep freezes of January and February set in, putting the usual kinks in the proceedings.
Here’s my November video, on "Scales."
I’m at a crossroads with the series. As it stands, the prudent thing seems to be to produce a fourth (Music Theory) and then go on to consider re-shoot, (the delights of digital video,) of the series as it is, in 4 parts. Either that, or leave the cuts as they are and move on. Regzrdless of the decision, it has been a blast.
On that note, I wish to thank all the members and staff of the Band-in-a-Box Forum for taking their valuable time to support and look in on what this series intends to accomplish. I hope, for all, the time has been well spent.
Without further adieu:
Part Three -- Scales and Neck Positions
Ed's Country Gospel Series
(1) BiaB Backing
(2) Scales Lesson
(3) Playing Demo
Trtusting you will all stay with me on this. In the near future, I will be directing this information to the Christian Musicians' Community.

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