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#434402 - 10/20/17 03:07 PM [Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production] Re: BIAB as Disruptive Technology [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
David Snyder Offline

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Well, let me see what I can whip up. Might not be immediate.

David Snyder
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#434405 - 10/20/17 03:52 PM [Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production] Re: BIAB as Disruptive Technology [Re: David Snyder]
JohnJohnJohn Offline

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Originally Posted By: David Snyder
Well, let me see what I can whip up. Might not be immediate.


Cool! Thanks David!

#439185 - 11/21/17 09:49 AM [Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production] Re: BIAB as Disruptive Technology [Re: David Snyder]
Al-David Offline

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One thing I've noticed is that there are quite a few "demonstrations" of BIAB on YouTube that are horribly done. The comments to these so-called "demos" were less than kind - but the "demos" were really, really bad. One person hearing that bad "demo" talks to other musicians and then there are 20 - 30 musicians that have a negative view of the program, many of them never having heard it, or never having heard it properly demo'd.

I'm not referring to PG Music's excellent demos - rather, to someone, a user, who really doesn't know how to properly present the program but creates and posts what he/she calls a "demo". It's really unfortunate.

I've been using BIAB since 2011.5 and still have so much to learn.

Good luck with your writing/composing, folks!


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#439407 - 11/21/17 10:11 PM [Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production] Re: BIAB as Disruptive Technology [Re: JohnJohnJohn]
Charlie Fogle Offline

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< 4) On a related note, there is likely a concern among professional musicians that using a product like BIAB to write original songs is risky because many of the RealTracks have an almost signature sound that can make songs sound too similar to each other. >

With the ability of each track to have as many as 10 different instrument changes it is a very simple matter to put alternate instruments throughout the chord chart that will completely eliminate the signature riffs and create a completely unique and unreplicable track.

Each instrument change provides a tremendous additional amount of audio for the BIAB search engine to access as it reads the chord changes. You can program the changes either by using the Part Markers or Song Settings using the RealTrack Button near the top of the window. Even alternating between two instruments doubles the amount of audio available to the Biab search engine and up to 5 changes per instrument.

I use the Stylepicker to quickly audition many Realtracks (4-5 instruments per Style) and normally filter my search by the artist's name. It's not unusual to find the artist playing in another style but using the same instrument with a similar tone that will play nicely as a replacement instrument to customize your track.
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#441448 - 11/29/17 12:51 AM [Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production] Re: BIAB as Disruptive Technology [Re: David Snyder]
jazzmammal Offline

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Cool thread. David you mentioned Harvey Gerst earlier. I had a great forum conversation with him 6 or 8 years ago. I don't believe he's posted since then. He knew Peter from before he started PG Music.

Harvey doesn't exactly "use" Biab in the sense we all think of. He talked about mostly using it for band demo songs for folks on a very limited budget, not day long studio sessions. Say guy and girl vocalists with basic strumming live guitar, bass and drums. Their budget is $300 and they're doing three songs. That's pretty much turn the stuff on, roll tape for an hour, done. When he's doing the mixdown after everybody has left he decides he wants 8 bars of something to sweeten up verse 2 or whatever. There's no budget to bring in another player. He'll find a few RT's, generate several versions, pick one and plug in those 8 bars, sometimes it was only 2 bars like a short Brent Mason lick . Yes he's using Biab but not too much.

He posted a few examples of this and it sounded absolutely awesome. That dude knows his stuff and I think his son has taken over the studio now.

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