I've written about this issue before, and no responses helpful feedback was generated so I'll bring it up again, because it seems that the 2018 build still has the problem.

This issue, which I will explain further below, renders my #1 desired use for BIAB, using tablature from guitar realtracks to learn various styles of rhythm guitar, an empty dream.

Although I admittedly know next to nothing about programming, it should such a simple matter to rectify because I have a number of cheap-to-free programs that have no similar transcription issues.

Below, I'm pasting what I wrote about those issues, along with two others and screenshots. But first let me post a screenshot of the problem that appeared in the 2018 features video: Check out the Bb7 in this screenshot from that video.

There are 3 glaring issues with BiaB's tab notation I would love to see addressed.

1. Whenever there are "stacked" notes in standard notation (that is, one note is displayed on the line and another note immediately adjacent displays in the space in between the lines) the guitar notes are shown as if they are played sequentially. This is extremely annoying when trying to play along with any notation using power chords, blues rhythm, jazz and bossa comping, double stops, compound bends, etc.

2. If two notes are tied in standard notation, regardless of whether it's a single note played over the duration, or an entire sequence of notes played legato, only the first of those notes will display on the corresponding tab.

3. Tab transcription, even in the purportedly HQ 12 key wood-shedding tracks, will display the bends, but omit about 75 percent of the slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.

Would love to these issues addressed,

Oh, one more thing. If you could display note values in tab like they do in Guitar Pro, Go Playalong and every other tab editor--even the free ones like Tux guitar, that would be awesome!


Capture Error 2.PNG

Missing Tab Eaxmple .jpg

BIAB Misaligned Tab example.jpg

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