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#442483 - 12/04/17 01:57 AM [Off-Topic] RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player.
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#442487 - 12/04/17 02:40 AM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: pghboemike]
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Glad I saw that, but I'm still figuring out how much I really need one crazy

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#442560 - 12/04/17 09:10 AM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: pghboemike]
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Uh, no!

I think I'll stick with my Audio Technica (because I still play records - I've got about 1,500 in my collection) and bypass "driving" around the disc.


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#442638 - 12/04/17 02:27 PM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: jford]
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Nice one John.

I had the Hydraulic reference version of this baby from Michael Engineering.

Why oh why did I forsake this for Digital Music? sad sad frown frown

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#442654 - 12/04/17 05:30 PM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: jford]
Larry Kehl Offline

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I'm with you John I wouldn't let that thing drive around my LPs' (I wouldn't let it in my house)!

Besides what's the tracking force on that thing a few OUNCES vice a few GRAMs; worse how to control anti-skating (I'm sure it's WORSE given how the thing moves around the LP with only "trackion" appearing to be the right hand wall keeping it "in the groove"

You have me beat I might have around ~ 1K LP's. I had a LOT more but on multiple moves to/from Taiwan some got "lost" and since I had them on Reel-to-reel never got around to replacing - now it cost too much assuming you can even find the LP (that hasn't been abused)


#442816 - 12/05/17 11:45 AM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: Larry Kehl]
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I bought a lot of record albums while in Taiwan. Usual cost was 10NT or bout $0.25 US. Like you my thought was play 'em once while recording to reel-to-reel.

But talk about customer service, I became friends with the store owner that I frequented and he once spent multiple days in a Taipei warehouse searching for an out-of-production album I desired. He found it too and presented it to me as a gift. grin
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#442822 - 12/05/17 11:56 AM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: pghboemike]
jford Offline

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When I was stationed at Fort Sill, OK, back in 1981, I became friends with the owner of a used record store called RD's (Recycled Discs). I was a regular customer and we talked a lot about music.

When a lot of young soldiers who had spent their money on stereos and record albums got their orders and found out the weight restrictions to go overseas wouldn't allow them to ship their album collection, almost brand-new records came into the shop by the box load.

There were several times where I'd go into the store and he would say, "hey, I just got four new boxes in. Do you want to take a look?" He hadn't ever gone through them yet.

I would peruse them and often pick out 20 or 25 albums. None of them were priced yet. He would usually charge me about $15-$20 for the entire stack of records, and most looked like they had only been played once or twice. I did this several times over the few months I was stationed there.

Good times!

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#442913 - 12/05/17 08:05 PM [Off-Topic] Re: RokBlok is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. [Re: Jim Fogle]
Larry Kehl Offline

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I also bought a TON of 10 NT "cloned" albums (10 NT was, and I think still is, 25 cent 'merican) But I was talking about the actual real deal LP's, not the lower quality Taiwan presses.

I would buy the 10NT album (from EVERY genre) ones I hated I threw or gave away, ones I wasn't sure about I put on reel-to-reel and if I grew to like it I'd buy the real deal, and ones I loved, that I didn't already have on my real-deal wish list, or already own, were added to my go buy list (as money allowed).

For folks who might not know - Taiwan was (is?) notorious in 60's/70's for IP theft (books, tapes, LPs, and other things) as soon as an album was released they had them ready in Taiwan for 10NT. They made a reverse copy of a real, but virgin album pressing, then used that to turn out thousands of the same album with slightly inferior, somewhat softer and THINNER vinyl - a lot more prone to static, scratches, etc. However, if you cleaned them, then "burnt to tape" on first of second listen you could get a a fairly decent and relatively click and pop free recording.

But due to the nature of the vinyl, and probably the QC during the pressing/molding(?), process these albums usually didn't standup to a lot of repeat plays on even the best turntables
tone-arms and styli set-ups. They were great for playing if you'd been drinking (I did a lot back then), or if you were playing at parties/gatherings, etc. becasue you didn't have to pamper them. I also didn't use top 'o the line styli on them becasue some of the worst pressings/copies could ruin a high-end stylus

Oh nostalgia: I do miss those days. I was a dirt poor tow and three "stripper" (airman then "buck" Sgt) but could afford high end booze (10 units a month at the the base package store - booze was rationed becasue most ended up on local black market - I seem to remember Johnny Walker Black was loved the best - personally I can't stand that JW swill), all the books you could read (any and all clones: form the Handbook of Chem and Physics, or CRC tables, entire Encyclopedia of Britannica set, to all current fiction and non-fiction), and hand-made custom tailored civilian cloths and boots & shoes for next to nothing.

A haircut and hot towel straight shave at a corner barber shop was ~25 NT plus tip (so less than a buck). I don't think I shaved myself for a year once I found that little shop.

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