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#439342 - 11/21/17 03:37 PM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
eddie1261 Offline

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Several replies to my first post that mentioned (the dreaded) Pro Tools would along the lines of "Anything but Pro Tools". I just wonder why everybody hates it. The first thing I hear about is the price, and I will agree that $600 can sound expensive, but the cost of anything is relative to the resources of the person making the purchase. I bought it from Sweetwater and got 2 years same as cash so I paid $50 a month until it was paid for. I sure didn't need it, as I am probably the least active musician on this system. But for me it was a new thing to learn, a new challenge, so I bought it and took a course at Kent State and found that once I got past some initial setup things and got used to some terminology, it is very good. Industry standards become so for a reason, no? Houses are all built with the studs 16 inches on center for a reason, and I suspect that the reason might be that 16 inches is the best option for structure. Some rogue carpenter might build his house with the studs 32 inches on center if he wants to, but if it collapses..... That is a strange example, I know, but all I am asking is why people hold their nose at the very mention of Pro Tools. One down side is that it takes a rocket sauce computer to run WELL, though it will run on minimum level requirement computers, it will spit and stutter. In my case, it gave me a reason to buy an i& with 64gb of RAM and a high end video card, as well as a shiny new HP monitor. Not that I've ever really needed reasons to buy more computers....
If you say "I can't" ..... I'm pretty sure you won't.

#439347 - 11/21/17 04:18 PM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
Tyler - PG Music Offline
PG Music Staff

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I was honestly quite surprised to hear this news myself, I know quite a few people who use Cakewalk products.

#439358 - 11/21/17 04:42 PM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
rharv Offline

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Several replies to my first post that mentioned (the dreaded) Pro Tools would along the lines of "Anything but Pro Tools". I just wonder why everybody hates it.

ProTools is as un-intuitive (initially for me anyway) as RB/PT/Reaper.
They all require some learning.

One of the choices above costs much more, and to be honest the trade-off of features is arguable once you know them.

ProTools can do things RB/PT/BiaB/Reaper cannot, but the reverse is also true.
If you can afford it, get/use all the tools you can.
They are all just 'tools' at our disposal and discretion.

Ozone is expensive too, but it makes just as much difference in RB as it does in ProTools ..
Know yer tools, and select the best path for you.
Apparently Sonar isn't going to be the best option as an alternative soon.
Plenty of others still available.

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#439454 - 11/22/17 06:29 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: rharv]
MarioD Offline

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Well this sucks! But Cakewalk has been through this before, remember Roland?

The ironic thing is back when Gibson bought Cakewalk I said on the Cakewalk forums that I hope Gibson doesn't abandon it like they did Vision. Vision was ahead of its time back then IMO. The response I got was no they will not. Well they did!

I used Cakewalk's ProAudio 9 for years, Sonar 5 for years so it looks like I will be using the latest Sonar Platinum for years to come.
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#439457 - 11/22/17 06:43 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
Matt Finley Online   content

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Eddie, the studios I work in use Pro Tools but only because they feel they have to. It’s expected by clients who don’t know better, and it is a standard that makes it easy to transfer files between studios. But the engineers who use it daily swear at it all the time. It is not stable.

In my limited experience with using it, I found it quite user UNfriendly compared to SONAR, Digital Performer and Studio One. I don’t use a DAW all day every day and would be totally lost using Pro Tools.

But that’s all just an opinion, since you asked.
BIAB 2018 PC Audiophile. Software: SONAR Platinum, Adobe Audition, Ozone, Encore; Win 10 64. Hardware: custom i7, 16 Gb RAM; Roland Integra-7, Focusrite 18i20 (2), TCE Finalizer, Behringer X-Touch, Adam sub & monitors.

#439467 - 11/22/17 07:23 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
musiclover Offline

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Maybe PG might buy Cakewalk, then everyone (at least everyone on this forum) would be happy!

Now if PG did become the new owners and could manage to add generation of realtracks/drums within it, wouldn't that be something, though its easy enough to do otherwise by importing.


Edited by musiclover (11/22/17 07:34 AM)

My music

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#439470 - 11/22/17 07:38 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: eddie1261]
KeithS Offline

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Originally Posted By: eddie1261
Time to buy Pro Tools.

BIAB 2017 Audiophile
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#439515 - 11/22/17 10:26 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: eddie1261]
sslechta Online   content

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Originally Posted By: eddie1261
Once Steve helped me get my Focusrite to play nice with Pro Tools, it is glorious.

You're welcome! smile

Pro Tools Rant
Cost: I did similar to what I had switched to when I used Adobe Audition. I pay a monthly subscription of about $20 a month for as long as I like and don't have to worry about software upgrades as I get them as part of that. So when I went the Pro Tools route, I unsubscribed from Adobe and went to Avid. Monthly rate was about the same from one tool to the next.

Performance: Yes, a lot of people on the Avid forums complain about bugs but IMHO most of those are people that do not have the tech-savviness to figure out how things work in the first place. Once your sound card and software are locked in, things work great. I just love it because it is a work horse software that can carry a heavy load when needed. I had no issues at all recording all 8 inputs of my interface at once while recording a band. You can throw a ton of plugins on it during mixing without dropping a beat.

Difficulty: Yes, it may be overwhelming coming to it from scratch like I did 2 years ago. Like any software I kept plugging at it until I figured things out. Lots of searching in the .PDF manual and "The GOOGLE".
End Rant

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#439519 - 11/22/17 10:45 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
funkycornwall Offline

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I think many people who dislike Pro Tools actually dislike the company AVID. This was the company that mistreated the Sibelius team a few years back. They wanted a cheaper operation so sacked a brilliant specialist notation team which was immediately snapped by Steinberg. They are now the team developing Dorico which is aiming to be the top notation program. Since that time Sibelius has pretty well stood still with hardly any real development so you can imagine that many Sibelius users have a pretty low opinion about AVID.

In addition AVID's overall profitability looks pretty shaky and so I would not bank on the long term viability of the company

#439521 - 11/22/17 10:48 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: funkycornwall]
sslechta Online   content

Registered: 12/27/13
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Loc: St. Louis, MO. USA
Originally Posted By: funkycornwall
I think many people who dislike Pro Tools actually dislike the company AVID.

Well put sir. Thanks!

BIAB/RB 2017, Pro Tools 12.8, Korg N5, Proteus F/X, JBL LSR 4328 Powered Monitors, AKG/Shure Mics.
PC: Win10, Dell Precision T5400, 1 TB SSD, 2 TB HD, 32 GB Memory, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface

#439528 - 11/22/17 11:05 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
MusicStudent Offline

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Loc: Chicago
I started out oh so long ago with PT LE and the M-Box. Back in the day I coined the pharse "I didn't leave ProTools, ProTools left me" and added it to my Reaper account. Since Reaper I have never look back. Otherwise, all these years later, I honestly don't really recall why I got so upset at ProTools. But I did! crazy

I pay a monthly subscription of about $20 a month for as long as I like and don't have to worry about software upgrades as I get them as part of that

I hope you are making money with ProTools, cause otherwise, that sounds crazy.
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#439543 - 11/22/17 11:29 AM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: MusicStudent]
F.M.M. Offline

Registered: 12/26/11
Posts: 1040
hi protools not plugins to exspensive i have it and don't use it just me I'm trying studio one 3 see if it fits for me thanks eric

#439550 - 11/22/17 12:04 PM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
beatmaster Offline

Registered: 05/16/17
Posts: 87
Just downloaded mixcraft 8 pro studio trial.

After an hour I bought it.

The wave files I made in biab then over to mixcraft comparing it too sonar it blew sonar away sound/clarity, And I was about to purchase a reverb plug in from waves for 79.00 dollars.

Daw and all the plug ins that you get and it records top notch on the vocals again blew sonar away on my comparison.

Paid $99.00 USD on special rrp 179.00.

Worth a try on the trial.
win 10 64 bit 16gb, ssd 500gb, Alesis multimix8 usb,ketron sd 1000,shure sm7b,sonar,acid,mixcraft, variety of plugins.

#439560 - 11/22/17 12:23 PM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
sixchannel Offline

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I've certainly had Value For Money from my Cakewalk Guitar Pro2, bought in 2003. It's been unsupported for years but still does all I need. Never made much money out of me!
Old Guys Rule.The older I get,the better I was!

BB2018Plus,505,RB3,Cakewalk GTPro2(2003),Adobe Audition1.5(2003),WindowsXPPro and Win7

and for tracks that use BIAB specifically-

#439565 - 11/22/17 12:30 PM [Off-Topic] Re: calkwalk anoucement sad news [Re: F.M.M.]
David Snyder Offline

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Loc: North Carolina

The fact that I have about 300 songs and other compositions saved as Cakewalk projects all pointing at Cakewalk folders, all with Cakewalk Mixing Board templates, and hundreds of Cakewalk FX presets I built for as many different instruments doesn't bother me at all.

Sure I don't mind switching to another DAW and starting over from scratch.


Glad I have the guy down the street that used to build IBM mainframes.

Gonna pay him another visit soon and back up the operating system again.

This rots.


David Snyder
Audiophile Everything + Studio + Instruments + Fingers

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