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#445189 - 12/14/17 06:50 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Getting 2018 up and running
John Payne Offline

Registered: 02/04/01
Posts: 125
Loc: Rockwall, TX, USA
Just installed 2018 Audiophile into ThinkPad laptop running W10 that I've been using for 2017 Audiophile all year. Installation went fine and I downloaded latest changes.

When I ran BIAB for the first time I heard no audio (interface is M-Audio Fast Track C400 via USB). Checked BIAB's AUDIO setup and saw it was using the WAS driver. I've never used that so I changed it to ASIO as this is the way I've been running very successfully with 2017.

Now I get a series of error messages starting with "Your driver uses a data format that the program doesn't yet support", then "Error creating ASIO buffer" and "Error in ASIO driver". Program hangs after that so I can't get to the AUDIO setup.

Any quick suggestions or should I wait and give the PG help desk a call tomorrow?


#445208 - 12/15/17 12:14 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
Noel96 Offline

Registered: 10/31/08
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Loc: Australia
Switch to the MME audio driver and see if that helps.

(MME us always a good choice when trying to isolate problems.)

Another thing to try is start BIAB by right-clicking on the startup shortcut and selecting "Run as administrator".

#445251 - 12/15/17 05:56 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
Matt Finley Offline

Registered: 07/12/00
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Loc: Hudson Valley & Lake George NY
There is a remote possibility that a Windows 10 update did this by coincidence at the same time. Reboot. Then try as above but if it fails, reinstall your audio driver.
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#445281 - 12/15/17 07:30 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
Edward Buckley Offline

Registered: 03/27/06
Posts: 812
Loc: Guadalajara, Mexico
Please update us, as this issue will effect a lot of users I’m afraid.....thanks!


#445289 - 12/15/17 08:25 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
jford Offline

Registered: 12/20/00
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Loc: Pensacola, Florida
And not just Windows 10. I had all kinds of audio problems trying to get some work done last night (we're doing a parody of Chattanooga Choo-Choo for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary this weekend, where we've rewritten the lyrics to chronicle their life together in a humorous way, but I digress).

I was getting dropouts, lockups, stuttering, couldn't change from one sound car to the other while troubleshooting. The computer was running slowly. I rebooted several times (warm and cold boots); nothing worked, it was awful. Sound would start, then stop, then pick up again, then get distorted. Didn't matter if I switched between MME, ASIO, or WAS (if it even let me before locking up), nothing worked. I even re-installed my ASIO driver, but to no avail.

Turns out Windows 7 had two pending (not major) updates that should have just updated in the background. So finally, I closed out everything and just let the updates run. The computer downloaded the updates, and then when starting the install it just hung up trying to create a restore point (and after waiting 20 minutes for it not to happen, I just went to bed).

When I got up this morning, there was a message on my screen that the updates were successful and I needed to reboot the computer. I rebooted, and afterwards worked in BIAB and RealBand for a couple of hours with no sound card glitches at all. Everything worked great. Both the onboard and the external FastTrack Pro worked fine. I could switch between MME, WAS, and ASIO with no problem. Got my work done and the song is ready for when the folks come over on Saturday.

Too weird.

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#445341 - 12/15/17 12:53 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
John Payne Offline

Registered: 02/04/01
Posts: 125
Loc: Rockwall, TX, USA
Returning to factory settings allowed BIAB to boot up and run so I reset the audio to MME and all went fine. Then to see if I could recreate the problem I reset the audio to WAS. This time everything seems to be working. Odd that this all happened but so far so good ...

#445404 - 12/15/17 06:03 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
Kent - PG Music Offline
PG Music Staff

Registered: 11/05/08
Posts: 874
Hi John,

I've seen something like that happen with Fast Tracks before (their ASIO drivers can be finnicky).

The ASIO driver would have trouble working in BIAB if the Fast Track was being used as the default audio device in Windows.

If you set Windows to use your computer's onboard soundcard, does the ASIO driver then work in Band-in-a-Box without errors?

I'm glad to hear it worked with WAS!

PG Music

#445478 - 12/16/17 07:12 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: Kent - PG Music]
John Payne Offline

Registered: 02/04/01
Posts: 125
Loc: Rockwall, TX, USA
Yes Kent, I think so.

I'm a guitarist and mostly use BIAB live for gigs (jazz standards realtracks, no MIDI devices) but about 6 months ago started doing home studio recording again. Plus I wondered if the audio out from a good USB-audio interface might possibly be better than the audio from my laptop's headphone out. Having read good things about Focusrite 2i2, thought it might be a good upgrade from the C400 which I'd used for home studio recording about 5 years ago.

However, with Focusrite I had problems getting a stable configuration of ASIO driver, bit-rates etc. Problems were especially noticeable when switching back and forth between BIAB and other audio applications. Also, I could hear no difference between audio from USB interfaces and laptop headphone out so going back to headphone out for live gigs and C400 for studio provided the simplest and stable situations.

The only times I have problems now, usually caused by leaving the computer unattended long enough for it to go into sleep mode, I've found that disconnecting the C400 and rebooting so that the laptop audio system becomes default clears things up. I can then connect the USB/C400 and all is well. But, it also could be that simply setting the laptop's sound module as the default as you suggest could clear this up, and perhaps even the problems I had with the Focusrite. I still have it (and having recently retired from my day job thus have more time) I will do some experiments.

Thanks for your help Kent. I'm a longtime fan of BIAB and have demo'd it many times to interested patrons and other musicians at my gigs. Thanks to the whole team there at PG for the products of your excellent work and hope in some small ways I've helped PG music.

#445530 - 12/16/17 10:51 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Getting 2018 up and running [Re: John Payne]
fiddler2007 Offline

Registered: 12/22/07
Posts: 726
I had USB audio and windows 10 problems; stuttering after a while of running smoothly.

Finally installed the newest AMD radeon drivers, explicitly the basic version with no gamers' acceleration etc present or active. All worked well with BIAB 2017 and 2018 the first versions and ASIO with a low latency setting (for 2018 it seemed).

Now with 506 i had to switch to MME, as there was clearly distortion present, with the RTs. I haven't sussed it out yet, but tips are welcome ... F


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