The new features in 2018 will allow users to edit their drum track.
This is a short tutorial using the Audio Edit window.

The other option is UJAM Virtual Drummer, this differs from other VST Instruments as it is not a sampler, it is actual real playing.
It has many different presets and styles. The user can easily create the drum track how they want it as UJAM Virtual Drummer also has the separate drums and cymbals hits in GM mapping thus allowing custom fills anywhere you like. There are 3 versions of UJAM Virtual Drummer at the moment Phat Solid and Heavy

With Band-in-a-Box you can set it in Preferences to run more than one instance.
In the second instance BB 2 we load a BLANK style to enable to let the audio track play only.
We File-Import the same drum file that is use in the song in BB 1 from bb\Drums.
We find the same drum with the closest bpm to our song in BB 1 * before Importing we change the tempo in BB 2 to the same as the track we are importing from the bb\Drums folder.

We now change the tempo in BB 2 to match BB 1 song tempo.

If the tempo did not need changing skip the next section.

If we had to change the tempo to match our drums in BB 1 then we need to drag the Audio track to the Drop Station WAV or the Center and we can add ACID info to the wav. Now we drag it out to BB 1 song's folder then we just Import that back into BB 2 giving us the correct bpm to work with.

Now in BB 1 we right click on the drum track Track Actions - Save as Performance track

From our Audio Menu we Move Performance Track to Audio

Over in BB 2 we can go to the end of the drum file selecting a separate drum or cymbal hit (this is done without the snap function checked)

So over in BB 1 we enable "Snap" and select the bar or beat we want to Paste (Mix) to - note if you want to paste between the snap beats you will have to disable "Snap" * we use the Edit Menu not right click as right click will erase the current audio.

If we want to copy a section from BB 1 that is is in sync to the bars and beats we use the "Snap" function. We use Paste (Insert) from the Edit Menu this will erase the current audio and replace it with the new section.

UJAM Virtual Drummer
We can draw a long midi note for each section or enable Latch.