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#447459 - 12/27/17 08:08 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: pghboemike]
jford Online   content

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I've seen Liberty DeVito play with Billy Joel in concert and he pounds the hell out of those drums, but it sounds great.

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#449824 - 01/07/18 09:24 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: pghboemike]
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Just watched the documentary on Netflix on Rush. What a great documentary. So interesting to watch such a hard working band of “nerds”. You would never think that a rock band could consist of nerds! Completely devoted to each other.

Such talented musicians just sticking to their guns. Fascinating. Was never into their music but have now downloaded their albums am going to give them a listen. Incredible lyrics.

#449843 - 01/08/18 03:01 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: pghboemike]
Le Miz Offline

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So this is the thread that won't die.

Thanks for starting it Mike!

I also love music documentaries, and have seen most of those mentioned here. Most of those I enjoyed.

Here are two of my favorites not mentioned by posters. Both are available on youtube.

The first is probably my favorite music documentary. It lasts just under 27 minutes. It was made by the Canadian government !!!

"Lonely Boy" is about Paul Anka, who was born and grew up in Ottawa.

Like many documentaries that set out to attractively feature the artist or group, it does that. But it also shows some very interesting sides to Anka's personality (he's under 21) and especially unveils his manager Irving Feld.

I'm sure Irving Feld has passed away now, but he's who I would wish was my manager.

He's over-the-top, really enthusiastic about Paul. He's planning for Paul's career when he's grown. Clearly he was also honest. (!!!) (That's UNUSUAL!)

I don't think it's coincidental that Anka has had a 6 decade career and is rich.

(After Ray Charles signed with ABC-Paramount, Irving Feld became his manager too. Ray Charles had a nearly 6 decade career, ended by his death, and became rich despite having serious drug habits.)

But none of that is what makes this my favorite music documentary. It's the footage devoted to the fans, almost entirely girls. I've never seen anything like it. There's an intimacy between the camera and the young women. Of course, like everyone else, I've seen thousands of video shots of fainting, screaming girls (Elvis, Beatles, etc.).

In this one you can watch these women melt, slowly. At first the guys (brothers, dates, fathers) are watching the girls. But they get sucked in too.

The cops initially (especially the older ones) are watching the audience (their job). Within a few minutes, they're too fixated on Anka.

For a brief time, they cut the PA sound and you hear only the sound in the audience. (I love that!)

Maybe the best moment: Paul gets a girl on stage and sings to her. While he's doing this, you get to see the girls in the audience, each one dying, wishing that girl was her.

For me, the fact the these girls (at least the ones still with us) are in their 70's (older than me) is mind blowing.

I try to remember this documentary when I see latest greatest teen idol berated as a lightweight. I'm continually amazed at the power of music.

(If this seems effusive, it's because I found the video on the internet and watched it again. The things I liked about it seemed even better than when I last saw it over a decade ago.)

The second documentary is about someone I'd never heard of. (I've never lived in Los Angeles.)

"The Mayor Of Sunset Strip" is about a disc jockey, Rodney Bingenheimer. A large portion of the doc is also about Kim Fowley, who I did know about. I regarded him as a talented music producer and an extreme degenerate.

The documentary addressed part of his musical "talent"; my opinion was unchanged. As to my opinion of him as an extreme degenerate, after this documentary, I feel I was much too kind. (Kim Fowley has passed away.)

This one depresses me, and makes me sad.

The number and variety of musical artists in this film is staggering. (Probably, the most I've ever seen in a documentary. I'm excluding Ken Burns multipart PBS series "Jazz", that is also one of the best I've ever seen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

This documentary shows how the music business (that's BUSINESS) sucks people in, and spits them out.


If I had a child 12 or above who wanted to be a professional musician, I would would sit down with my child and watch it. (Nowadays, I would probably be arrested for child abuse, but I would risk it.) I would want my child to know what to avoid. (You can't assume your child will end up with an Irving Feld.)

Heartbreaking but excellent. "Lonely Boy"

NSFW "The Mayor of The Sunset Strip"

#450016 - 01/08/18 10:43 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: Le Miz]
Ryszard Offline

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I have three exceptional examples saved to DVR. The links point to IMDb entries which give media-centric information. They occasionally appear on YouTube, and I have provided links if I could find them; however, they are ephemeral.

Soundbreaking: Going Electric.

The series is a documentary about various aspects of contemporary music history. “Going Electric” focuses on electronic music, particularly the development of the electronic synthesizer, and absolutely transformed my understanding of the subject. It centered on two geniuses who created a massive analog synth called Tonto and what Stevie Wonder did with it. His album Songs In The Key Of Life was part of the transformative result. There is much more, all of which I found fascinating.

[Trailer only]

The Beatles: Sgt Pepper’s Musical Revolution

Musicologist Howard Goodall takes us through the creation and recording of the revolutionary album, with history and cultural insights I was unaware of, and illustrating musical concepts which I was intuitively aware of, but hadn’t thought through fully, on keyboard. There is narration, interviews, early videos, and more.

David Gilmour: Wider Horizons

[From IMDb] “Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour discusses his childhood, family life, early career and process for the creation of his fourth solo album Rattle That Lock.” I have always been fascinated by the sounds of Pink Floyd and the creative processes behind them. It was a huge revelation to learn that his wife is the author of the evocative lyrics in many of his songs. We also get a look inside his floating studio, which came into existence as a Victorian-era private concert hall.

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#450164 - 01/09/18 02:17 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: Ryszard]
Don Gaynor Offline

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A very important family in Country music was The Carter Family.

Mother Maybelle wrote the guitar tune "Wildwood Flower" which is learned by many guitarists somewhere along their learning process.

I composed "Maybelle" in her memory along with the beautiful guitar work of forum mate ROG in the UK.

#450188 - 01/09/18 04:25 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: pghboemike]
lambada Offline

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Not necessarily classics, but last week I watched:
Keith Richards: Under the influence (interesting and fun - not finished watching yet)
Gaga:Five Foot Two (I really enjoyed this although I found her a little sad - seriously likable but remarkably insecure lady)
Quartet (Beautiful movie - maybe a little sensitive for this forum!:-))
Whitney: Can I Be Me (The perils of being at the top - fast living and everyday acceptance of vast amounts of drugs and booze on a lady who seemed to be a lovely person who was destined for fame with her family pedigree.)

I enjoyed them all.

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#450453 - 01/11/18 03:21 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Your Favourite Music Documentaries [Re: pghboemike]
pghboemike Offline

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Documentary on the birth and emergence of the soul music industry in the late 1950's, along the 12-block stretch of Chicago's South Michigan Avenue known as "Record Row."
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