I am a long, long time use of Band-in-a-Box for Windows and have been using the Audiophile version for quite a few years. Apart from wanting the best kind of sound I can get, my main reason for using Audiophile is that it comes on a USB Drive and all I have to do is unplug the old Drive, replace it with the new one, and double click on the Setup.exe file. That is about all my brain can handle these days in terms of a software installation. grin

I should mention that I keep all my Song files on my computer's hard drive, filed under Libraries, Music, BAND-IN-A-BOX FILES (with 78 sub headings for different jazz genres and band folders). Thus I do not have to transfer the song files to the new USB drive and Band-in-a-Box soon learns where to look for a Song to load.

So all that is good, but I have been a bit concerned reading the topics on this forum that there may be some things I should load onto the new USB drive from the old one?

Last year I did purchase the 49-PAK, although not this year so far, and I am wondering if I should load these 2017 files unto the new USB Drive? I do have the old installation CD if this is the best way.

Also, is there anything else I should transfer from the old 2017 USB drive?

Also, are there any files that were installed on my computer hard drive from the 2017 version that I should now delete?

I should warn that I am going to have a million more questions resulting from the new features of the 2018 version. You should see all the pencil notations I have made already in the New Features Guide! And there are even features from 2017 that I still do not understand. blush
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