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#458396 - 02/20/18 08:56 AM [Songwriting] Questions about what can "easily" be done
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I know basicly nothing about music but i want to take chords from an already published song and slightly alter it and make my own version of it. The song in question is this[1]. In my non-musician eyes it feels like it should be an easy task but would it be as easy as i am thinking?


#458426 - 02/20/18 11:52 AM [Songwriting] Re: Questions about what can "easily" be done [Re: osmethne]
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Yes, it's that easy or easier. Change anything about the song like tempo, key signature, genre of the vocalist and so on and you've created your version of the song.

Somehow though I don't think that's the answer you're hoping for. Are you wanting to know more about the process of using Band-in-a-Box or RealBand as tools in the creation of your version of a song?
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#458438 - 02/20/18 12:25 PM [Songwriting] Re: Questions about what can "easily" be done [Re: osmethne]
osmethne Offline

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I think i am more asking how difficult it would be for me to make my own version of that song without knowing basicly anything about music. What kind of timeframe would i be looking at learning the basics of BIAB, and chords, to be able to make a crude version of this song and then after that fine tune it?

#458456 - 02/20/18 01:53 PM [Songwriting] Re: Questions about what can "easily" be done [Re: osmethne]
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Do you play any instruments?

Do you have any understanding of how music works? For example, were you involved in any form of making music when at school, etc.?

#458459 - 02/20/18 02:31 PM [Songwriting] Re: Questions about what can "easily" be done [Re: Noel96]
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None of the above. But i do have an "ear" (whatever that is...) for music, can sing relatively well and can hear more "tones" than my friends. Not sure if that is of any help...

#458461 - 02/20/18 03:01 PM [Songwriting] Re: Questions about what can "easily" be done [Re: osmethne]
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Thanks for your replies.

Understanding music is about understanding how a particular coding practice works. I suspect that the most beneficial way for you to learn how to use BIAB would be to have some lessons. That would really help a great deal.

Lessons could be in the form of personal instruction (face to face) or maybe Youtube clips or maybe a special course on music basics.

To use BIAB it's not necessary to read music but it is necessary to understand how chords work, how the rhythm of chord changes work and rhythm in general.

Joanne Cooper, one of our forums' regulars, has developed a course specifically aimed at teach beginners how to use BIAB to create songs. I haven't seen it but, from what others say, her course is accessible and very easy to understand. All agree that Joanne has done a great job putting it together. It's available at the link below. It's only $10 (US, I think but I'm not sure).

PG Music have a 30-Day, money-back guarantee. What it would be possible to do would be to get the beginner version of BIAB (the ProPak (link)) and use this in conjunction with Joanne's course to see if Band In A Box will be of benefit for you. If it turns out that BIAB will not do what you want, then simply ask for a refund.

I would suggest that you explain the above to Sales Staff at PG Music and ask about how the refund process works before committing yourself.

Hope this helps,


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