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#460423 - 03/04/18 12:21 PM [Off-Topic] Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont
Muzic Trax Offline

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It appears Yamaha has modeled a 32 Bit GM Soundfont based from their Tyros Keyboards.

You can listen to it here and it is by far the BEST GM Sounds I have ever heard.

Demo Page

You're Welcome wink


**** I think it was made for Van Basco Midi Player. Will it work inside of Biab? Thanks

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#460468 - 03/04/18 03:01 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont [Re: Muzic Trax]
Noel96 Offline

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Thanks for posting. That sounds incredible. At US$39.95 (16 bit) it sounds like a bargain.


#460490 - 03/04/18 05:53 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont [Re: Muzic Trax]
Noel96 Offline

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Loc: Australia
more information...

I bought the BLACK TYROS GM EDITION sound fonts.

I then downloaded and installed the 32-bit version of VSTSynthFont (1.096).

VSTSynthFont loaded into BIAB's 'default' VSTi synth slot fine.

When I opened the TYROS General Midi sf2 file, though, BIAB froze. I left it for a couple of minutes and then used CTRL+ALT+DEL to close BIAB.

When BIAB was re-opened, and I reloaded VSTSynthFont (and opened the Tyros sf2 file), all was good. MIDI tracks generated and the instruments were automatically assigned correctly.

At the moment, though - and this does not affect program operation, I cannot close BIAB without getting the Windows error "Your application has stopped working". I'm currently trying to isolate what might be causing this.

I'm just passing this information along in case it's of use to someone.


#460629 - 03/05/18 09:20 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont [Re: Noel96]
F.M.M. Offline

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hi noel had same problem not with your new purchase just the stock fonts that come with it however i increased buffers on sound card 1024 to 4096 better results but sometimes biab don't like it eric

#460887 - 03/06/18 01:11 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont [Re: Muzic Trax]
jazzmammal Offline

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Since it's a soundfont won't it work in Sforzando? The Tyros is an awesome keyboard, if this can work I'll be all over it.

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#460889 - 03/06/18 01:19 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont [Re: jazzmammal]
Kent - PG Music Offline
PG Music Staff

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Hi Bob,

I don't think this one'll work with Sforzando, unfortunately. Sforzando only supports SFZ format, this soundfont appears to be SF2 (slightly different).

PG Music

#460912 - 03/06/18 04:04 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Black Tyros 32 bit GM Soundfont [Re: Kent - PG Music]
MarioD Offline

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Originally Posted By: Kent - PG Music
Hi Bob,

I don't think this one'll work with Sforzando, unfortunately. Sforzando only supports SFZ format, this soundfont appears to be SF2 (slightly different).

PG Music

But SFZ will convert SF2s To SFZs.

If I were to purchase these soundfonts I would use a soundfont player. There are a few of them out there. Personally I will not buy this as SF2s are old technology and other sound sources are much better. Plus there are a number of GM SF2s out there for free that sound really good.

If you are using SF2s get a soundfont editor:

That way you can replace individual SF2s and/or create another GM SF2. When I was using SF2s I had a number of SF2 sets. Many were GMs but some were instrument specific like and orchestra, or all brass etc.
The only exercise I did this month was run out of money!

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