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#62271 - 02/25/10 06:05 PM [Off-Topic] Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees"
Skyline Offline

Registered: 02/11/03
Posts: 2273
Loc: Warwickshire, UK
This is a composition of mine designed to blow the winter winds away, which we've had far too much of in the UK!
Scene: A very warm Spring day, you stretch out in the shade under a tree and watch the dappled sunlight through the leaves above as your thoughts drift away...
Alan wields his Strat in brilliant fashion on verses one and three, and I play verse two. We add fills behind each other's main parts.
We hope you enjoy it.
'Beneath The Trees'.
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#62272 - 02/25/10 06:28 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
Curmudgeon Offline

Registered: 01/06/06
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Loc: Henderson, NV

Don S.
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#62273 - 02/25/10 06:40 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
bobcflatpicker Offline

Registered: 10/27/07
Posts: 3357
Loc: WV, USA

Very nicely done! Good job.


#62274 - 02/25/10 07:27 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: bobcflatpicker]
georgeptingley Offline

Registered: 08/29/09
Posts: 57
Loc: Point Richmond, California

Beautifully done in every way. Only wish there were a little reverb on the piano (which reminds me of America's "Daisy Jane" from a few decades ago).


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#62275 - 02/25/10 07:37 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: georgeptingley]
Pat Marr Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
Posts: 7548
Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
Nice song guys... somewhat "EAGLES-esque"
I kept waiting for Don Henley to start singing

#62276 - 02/25/10 10:37 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Pat Marr]
jim111 Offline

Registered: 05/12/08
Posts: 409
Great job, very good tune. Thanks for sharing.

I'd be completely happy if I had just one more guitar.

#62277 - 02/26/10 05:34 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
George Nelson Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 1179
Loc: Scotland
Wonderfully Tranquil. Love it.
Well done guys.

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#62278 - 02/26/10 11:27 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: George Nelson]
Danny C. Offline

Registered: 03/18/04
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Loc: South Louisiana
Kudos guys on a job well done.

Danny C.

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#62279 - 02/26/10 05:33 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Danny C.]
retake Offline

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 193
Loc: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Very nice.

#62280 - 02/26/10 05:44 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: retake]
MarioD Offline

Registered: 12/27/03
Posts: 11340
Loc: Hamlin NY
It’s all been said. Super song and chops.

Four thumbs up – two for each of you!
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#62281 - 02/26/10 06:01 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
Joe Gordon Offline

Registered: 12/21/02
Posts: 491
Loc: Galston, East Ayrshire, Scotla...
As usual, a great listen! Nice, expressive playing from both of you.....keep it going. Joe G
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#62282 - 02/26/10 08:01 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
PgFantastic Offline

Registered: 02/11/05
Posts: 2646
Loc: Kentucky
Very nice song. Very well produced.

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#62283 - 02/27/10 01:17 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
tributeman Offline

Registered: 01/14/10
Posts: 589
Loc: uk
Its a really nice tune the only criticism is the drums for me it was a bit to "hard" for such a tranquil and melodic song.In my ear I could hear in part of that song a nice string section but was impressed with it overall Cheers Frankie
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#62284 - 02/27/10 05:31 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
Noel96 Offline

Registered: 10/31/08
Posts: 13525
Loc: Australia
Hi Alan & John,

It's all been said. This is a really well written, well performed and well produced song. There's nothing I would change. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.


#62285 - 03/01/10 05:40 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Noel96]
Skyline Offline

Registered: 02/11/03
Posts: 2273
Loc: Warwickshire, UK
Thanks everyone for the generous comments. We enjoyed putting it together and it's doubly worthwhile when it's enjoyed by our friends here.
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#62286 - 03/02/10 04:18 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
mglinert Offline

Registered: 07/12/07
Posts: 938
Loc: France, but I'm an ex-pat Brit
This is a really pro-sounding and well worked instrumental. I would love to hear a 'vocals-added' version, so that the melody comes through more. I agree that perhaps for some of the time we could have a rimshot instead of that snare - also not sure about that ethereal patch that kicks in at 1:11.

well done guys..
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#62287 - 03/02/10 10:34 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: mglinert]
Russell DeMussel Offline

Registered: 08/03/00
Posts: 14555
Loc: Deville, La. USA
Wow! What else can I say? Alan that bell like sound of your Strat is awesome. Sounds like you put on a new set of strings for this one.

John your guitar work fit in there perfectly. I liked the way the two of you wound in and out of each other. The mix was great. Good on ya Mateys.
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#62288 - 03/04/10 03:38 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: Skyline]
RickeG Offline

Registered: 06/19/09
Posts: 484
Nice surprise. The intro visual I got was that of wintery. Then, you kicked in with the drums and it lightened up the mood to feel more like a brighter day. I like the variety of guitar tone choices especially in defining the verses. I like it very much. Being a guitar instrumentalist I can appreciate the thought you are trying to visualize where vocalist would do with their lyrics and voice.

Very nice,

#62289 - 03/14/10 11:11 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Alan & John Instrumental - "Beneath The Trees" [Re: RickeG]
enjfb Offline

Registered: 12/14/07
Posts: 169
Loc: Bristol, UK
Hi Alan and John,
I think it worked a treat as today is a beautiful Spring day. A very enjoyable composition and professionally performed. It is going on my ipod. Thanks.


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