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#76503 - 06/18/10 08:28 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Audio Breaks Up When Using Real Tracks [Re: PeterGannon]
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BB runs well on XP with 1GB. In fact I still program it on Windows XP 1GB (a 3.5 year old HP AMD Turion64).

Me too.

Well, I just RUN it...

No problems.

The only time I ever had a problem as described, XP had reverted the hard drive to run in PIO mode instead of DMA.

XP is known for doing that, shall we say, "prematurely". Then the CPU has to waste precious cycles on disk read/writes and things bog way down. Audio interruptions are one symptom of this.

Again, a websearch will bring up how to fix that particular problem, provided the disk is still healthy. There is even a Script program out there that saves all the Registry tweaking, doubleclick the .exe and done. But first check to see if your disk is in PIO and not DMA...

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#76504 - 06/30/10 10:44 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Audio Breaks Up When Using Real Tracks [Re: Mac]
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Sorry for the delay in responding. I do maintenance work for a small reality company and it is usually part time, but we have a house that had terrific cigarette smoke damage and had to practically remodel it to get it ready for the next tenant. I was both too busy and too tired to write up a good reply. However I was able to implement all of the advice I had been given.


The Situation At The Moment

is that the program is running fairly well now. I can get the RealDrums and the accompany RealTracks and the solo RealTrack all going. I am still having occasional problems. Sometimes the program will go all right for many minutes and then suddenly cpu usage will spike up to 100% and the audio will breakup and the controls freeze. Sometimes I can force this behavior by using various controls in the program. One of the worst is muting. Each instrument that I mute increases cpu usage and if I have enough instruments playing at once I can force breakup by muting 4 or 5 of them. Soloing also increases cpu usage. Sometimes just changing an instrument's volume or tone will cause the problem but that is rarer. But basically I will say that it now appears that the program will work with this computer. I am also using a demo of Forte DXi which uses a lot of processing. RealTracks works best for me when DXi is disabled, but I can use Forte DXi in combination with RealDrums which to me is the best of the real instruments that I have. There might still be some problems that I have not had time to explore. I am not yet sure that freezing tracks is working right, and rendering seems to take forever.


What I Did

In addition to what I had listed in the first post in this thread, I made these changes.

> First I continued to free up hard drive space. I moved RealTracks & Drums to my backup drive. This seemed to make a positive difference.

> Rachel linked to a program to defrag the page files. It told me I only had 6 fragments but I used it anyway.

> Rachel suggested disabling paging. I tried that but saw no difference, so I tried the opposite and increased the page file size to 1800 MB, both for initial setting and maximum. That was the way I used to do it with a Cakewalk DAW when I had Windows 98 so I just thought I would try it. With RealTracks running, Task Manager is now showing that the computer is using substantially more PF than with the old settings. I don't know if that is good or bad.

> Mac suggested that I check that the hard drive is in DMA transfer mode. I had forgotten to mention in my initial post that I had done that. But I did check it again and it is still in DMA. To be thorough I ran the vbs script from anyway.

>Tony Wright suggested that I read his earlier thread on this same topic, which I did. On that other thread Jazzman suggested to " transfer all the BIAB on to" [another hard drive] "(leave the registry files behind)" [?] "and when it is working ok delete the BIAB on your onboard hard drive". So I did that. I had already transferred the RealTracks and Drums to the backup drive but now I have copied over all of the rest of the Biab folder and deleted it from the c drive.

And that's it. I am sorry that my time was too fragmented to be methodical in all of this, so I can't say which changes were the most beneficial.


Thanks to all for the help

> Matt, you wrote, "I don't think the processor is the limiter, but that could be wrong." It's funny that the program can go a long time just fine at 50% or less cpu usage, then with no input from me the cpu usage jumps to 100% and it all stops working right. I can't figure out what is hijacking the processor, but I think if it were a better one there might be enough headroom to manage those events.

> Rachel, thanks for the link, the advice, and the comparison point.

> BarryKJ, just the thought of Windows auto updates makes me shudder.

> kelso, thanks for giving me another comparison point.

> Mac, Thank you for the advice. I had known about the DMA/PIO for a while. Here is an article I put together about noise in Dell laptops. The DMA transfer mode bit is in Section Two.

> Peter Gannon, thank you for the input. I appreciate that it was to the point in partially answering the specific question I asked in my initial post. It is most impressive that you take a personal interest in these discussions.

> Tony Wright, I wonder if you would have had better luck if you had turned off DXi while running RealTracks? It was interesting that Peter Gannon said that your Pentium 4 might be too slow "(and/or your hard drive speed)" . From what I read the P4's were better processors than many of those that Intel developed later. Interestingly, my Celeron is a Northbridge, basically a P4 with a smaller L2 cache.

> manning1, yes I had thought about a used desktop, but if I spent $270 on one then I would only have $30 left for the upgrade to Ultrapluspak. (I currently have the Pro version but just to evaluate the RealTracks ... I am not going to keep it ... either get it all or nothing). And I just just finished evaluating Forte DXi and have decided to buy it, so there goes 40 bucks. My plan at the moment is to get somebody to give me a used desktop, or maybe find one. I come across a lot of stuff at work.

You wrote: "...have you tried recording/playback from an external drive ?? ie not useing the win OS drive ??" Thanks for that suggestion. That seems to be basically what I am doing now (except for the recording part).

By the way, one of these days I need to update my article (link above) with a section on DPC latency. The thing is that it only affects audio on certain newer Dell laptops and for awhile Dell was working on a BIOS fix. I was waiting for them to finish that but now it appears that the intern who was doing the work has left for a paying job at Mac(Donald's).


#76505 - 07/01/10 06:43 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Audio Breaks Up When Using Real Tracks [Re: Mac]
redguitars Offline

Registered: 12/29/07
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Loc: US
I'm was using 2009.5 on a Pentium 4, with 768mb RAM.
I still had no problems with the realtracks that I have.
Is 2010 so very different?

I don't remember if there were a lot of problems when 2009 came out.

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#76506 - 07/01/10 06:48 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Audio Breaks Up When Using Real Tracks [Re: redguitars]
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Registered: 12/29/07
Posts: 618
Loc: US
I have retired that P4 machine and I am running it on a Core 2 duo now, with 2GB RAM.
The only problem I had was asio. Switched mme? It seems to work fine.

Again, is 2010 so much more demanding?

oops, sorry, XP SP2, on all.

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#76507 - 07/01/10 02:34 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Audio Breaks Up When Using Real Tracks [Re: redguitars]
Rachael Offline

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I'm glad you somewhat solved the issue. If you are so inclined, XP has a good monitoring utility. Check out this link that describes it:


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