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#85131 - 09/12/10 01:20 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] No Sound in MME mode
FlaMusician Offline

Registered: 08/20/05
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I'm running PTW 2010 Build 4b on a new Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Audio applications on the machine include: Audacity, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, and PTW 2010. All applications have sound output, except PTW 2010.
The VU meter application shows full audio activity on the Right-Hand (Output) side on every Sequence file I load. This machine has an integral IDT sound system. I have added a Creative Soundblaster XFi 5.1 USB 2.0 outboard sound module, which works well with the other sound applications mentioned above.
I operated the Default MME Push Button and PTW 2010 succesfully analyzed the sound card. MME drivers shown are Microsoft Sound Mapper, the IDT sound card, and the Creative XFi output (I've tried them all). I've set the Midi out to Microsoft Midi mapper re-routed to CoyoteWT (I also have Forte DXi).
Some things I've tried: Reload the latest 64 bit drivers for IDT, and Creative XFi. Check the "properties" tab and setups for the audio devices, make sure volume adjustments are turned up, and nothing is muted. Still no sound.
Thanks in advance, for your suggestions.

#85132 - 09/12/10 01:32 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: FlaMusician]
silvertones Offline

Registered: 05/13/03
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Did you turn up everything in the windows mixer for those items?
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#85133 - 09/12/10 04:43 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: silvertones]
FlaMusician Offline

Registered: 08/20/05
Posts: 80
Yeah, when I click on the speaker icon on the taskbar, it shows me my mixer information, including devices and volume settings. I have set the volume settings well above 50%.

#85134 - 09/12/10 05:28 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: FlaMusician]
rharv Offline

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When you go to the audio drivers selection and select a driver (preferably NOT soundmapper) do you hit the 'move selected device to top" button? This makes it the default output.

Try each one making sure it is the only one selected, and moved to top so it is the default..
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#85135 - 09/12/10 06:25 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: rharv]
FlaMusician Offline

Registered: 08/20/05
Posts: 80
Changed MME driver to Creative XFi output, and moved it to the top device (only one selected). The indivual channel signal meters are moving, and the main output VU meter is showing activity - but still no sound out. The other audio applications (Audacity, iTunes) are still working fine.

#85136 - 09/12/10 07:43 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: FlaMusician]
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Is the songfile all Audio, all MIDI, or a combination of the two?

Don't use the MIDI Mapper, either. Select the MIDI synth directly.

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#85137 - 09/13/10 06:50 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: Mac]
FlaMusician Offline

Registered: 08/20/05
Posts: 80
I have all three types of Sequence files: Sequence files with Midi only, Sequence files with Audio only, and Sequence files with Midi and at least one Audio Track. So far, this problems seems to exist with all three types of files.
In the MME Audio Out Driver section, I have three choices 1) the IDT driver, 2) Microsoft Sound Mapper, and 3) Creative XFi driver. Currently it is set to Creative XFi driver.
In the MME Midi Out Driver section, I have two choices: 1) Microsoft Midi Mapper, and 2) Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. Currently it is set to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth.

#85138 - 09/15/10 06:46 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: No Sound in MME mode [Re: FlaMusician]
FlaMusician Offline

Registered: 08/20/05
Posts: 80
I've tried a few "experiments" to regain sound in MME Mode: Remove Creative Xfi system, Remove and Reinstall PTW 2010 (with build 4b), but the thing that appears to have solved the problem, is downloading and installing an older Vista 64 bit driver for my IDT integral audio system. This specific driver that Dell supplied with this PC (I reinstalled it when this problem began) seems to have a problem with PTW 2010.
I'm back in business now.
Thanks for your help,
Fla Musician


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