Reaper works fine with Linux, and it even has it's own "OS" called Remix OS. It is already setup with a low latency kernel.

On the previous version of this OS (both x32 x64) BiaB 2011 run totally fine with all features, but with the newest release it has some issues when creating Real Track arrangements.

The version of WINE in this OS is tweaked really well, and has let me load a lot of software that I "must have" that don't have Linux equivalents yet.

AV Linux is another Linux-based Studio setup that has a ton of native Linux software for both audio & video,runs BiaB well, and the newest 5.03 is running great on this system.

Both are Free downloads, and both are Live DVD's, so no installing it to your HDD, just pop in the DVD & reboot. If your system can boot from a CD/DVD or USB stick you should be able to have a play with them.

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