Band-in-a-Box®, RealBand, and PowerTracks Patch Maps

These files allow you to easily access patches on higher banks of your synthesizer, where patches greater than the basic 128 General MIDI (GM) patches reside. Most customers will find the default program settings sufficient, and patch maps for some common synths are included with the program.

Since PG Music doesn't have access to all of the various synthesizers available, most of the patch maps below have been generously provided by our customers. If you would like to report any problems with these files, or if you would like to submit a new or updated patchmap, please send us an email to

  • Band-in-a-Box Patch Map Files (*.PAT) - These files can have any name as long as they have the .pat file extension. Save them in your Band-in-a-Box Folder, and choose them by going to the patches on higher banks dialog ("+" button)
  • RealBand and PowerTracks Patch Map Files (PATCHES.INI) - Save a backup of the existing patches.ini file, and then save the downloaded file as patches.ini in the RealBand or PowerTracks folder. Note: If Windows is not set to show file extensions on your computer, you may not see the ".ini" extension.
  • Band-in-a-Box 'Drum Kit' Files (*.DK) - These small files re-map the GM patches and drum note numbers to non-GM numbers. These files are mainly of legacy value, and were mainly used for older non-GM compatible synths.

If your synth/soundcard is not listed below, or you would like to learn more about how to create and use patch map files, see one of the following tutorials:

Patch map .PAT .INI .DK
Alesis Nanosynth (12K) Created by Dave Halterman pat ini  
Alesis NanoPiano (12K) pat ini  
Alesis QS6 (15K) pat ini  
Alesis QS7, QS8 & QSR (57K) Created by Larry Kehl pat ini  
Alesis SR 18 Basses, Preset Kits, and User Kits (5K) Created by Dave Ivy pat ini  
Casio CTK-691 (13K) Created by Suat Ozturk   ini  
Casio PX560M Stage Piano (5K) Created by Luciano Medoni   ini  
Casio WK-200 Keyboard   ini  
Casio WK 1800 (4K) Created by Daniel Corrieri pat ini  
Casio WK 3200 (6K) Created by Gregory Anderson pat    
Casio WK 3700 (6K) Created by Gregory Anderson pat    
Casio WK 3800 (14K) Created by Graham Reed pat ini  
Casio WK 7500 (13K) Created by Steve Rosen pat ini  
Edirol SD-20 (15K) pat ini  
Edirol SD-80 (9K) Created by Matt Finley pat    
Edirol SD-90 including startup SysEx file (12K) Created by Colin Richards pat    
Edirol SD-80\90 (12K) Created by Matt Finley & Jim Foley pat    
Edirol Super Quartet (3K) pat ini  
Ensoniq SQ1 (2K) pat    
General MIDI 2 patches (8K) pat    
General MIDI 2 patches and GM Drum Kits (8K)   ini  
Kawaii GB2 (1K)     dk
Kawaii MS710 (57K) Created by John Gir     dk
Ketron SD2 (20K) pat ini  
Ketron SD4 (10K) Created by Martin Still pat    
Ketron SD1000 (5K) Created by Roger Winter pat    
Korg 05R/W (3K) Created by George Nelson pat    
Korg iX300 (137K) Created by Gary Curran pat    
Korg M1 (1K)     dk
Korg NS5R (15K) Created by Alain Bouchard pat ini dk
Korg NX5R (20K) Created by Alain Bouchard pat ini dk
Korg PA-80 (145K) Created by Gary Curran pat ini  
Korg PA-800 (30K) pat ini  
Korg T3 (2K) pat    
Korg Trinity (11K) pat ini  
Korg Triton (3K) Created by Rocky Lowther pat    
Korg Triton LE (5K)   ini  
Korg Wavestation SR (7K) Created by Roger Boyce pat    
Korg X3 (10K) pat ini  
Korg X5DR (10K) pat ini  
Kurzweil K1000 (2K) Created by Larry Jones     dk
Kurzweil K2000(6K) pat ini  
Kurzweil K2600(6K) pat ini  
Kurzweil K2500/K2000VP (7K) pat ini  
Kurzweil Mark 12/Mark 152 (3K) pat    
Kurzweil Micro Piano (8K) pat ini  
Kurzweil Micro Ensemble (7K) Created by Dave Ivy pat ini  
Pansonic SX-KC200 (4K) pat ini dk
Pansonic SX-KC600 (4K) pat ini dk
Roland E09 (10K) Created by Enrico Martina   ini  
Roland Fantom X6, X7, or X8 (15K) Created by John Green pat    
Roland Integra-7 (25K) Created by Dan Callaway pat    
Roland Integra-7 (60K) Created by Larry Kehl (converted from Sonar .ins) pat    
Roland Juno-D (7K) Created by Marc Glinert   ini  
Roland Juno-G (20K) Created by Bob Harvey   ini  
Roland JV1010 (47K) Created by Larry Kehl pat ini  
Roland JV1080 (17K) pat ini  
Roland JV2080 (11K) Revised by Stefan Toennessen pat    
Roland JV880 (4K) pat ini  
Roland JX305 (21K) pat ini  
Roland P55 Piano Module (7K) Created by Roger Boyce pat    
Roland PMA5 (13K) pat ini  
Roland MC303 Groovebox (4K) Created by Hannu Tuovinen pat    
Roland MT-32 (2K)   ini  
Roland RD-700 (4K) Created by John Gosling pat    
Roland RD-800 (8K) Created by Chris Mawdsley   ini  
Roland SC-55 (7K) Created by John Selvaggio pat ini  
Roland SC88 Pro (17K) Created by Michel Gorny pat ini  
Roland SC880 (32K) Created by Larry Kehl pat ini  
Roland SC8820 (12K) pat    
Roland SC8850 (54K) Created by Larry Kehl, updated by Russel Murphy pat ini  
Roland SC-88VL Drumsets and Voices (12K) Created by Dave Ivy pat ini  
Roland SD-50 (7K) Created by Peter Armstrong pat    
Roland Sonic Cell (13K) Created by Sean Onion pat    
Roland VSC and VSC-DXi (14K) pat ini  
Roland XP30 (38K) Created by Larry Kehl pat ini  
Roland XP50 (22K) Created by by Daniel Corrieri pat ini  
Roland XV-2020 (26K) Created by Holger Hellebro pat ini  
Roland XV-3080 (9K) Created John Stallmann pat ini  
Roland XV-5050 (13K) Created by Don Barbin pat    
Roland XV-5080 (19K) Created by Dell Krauchi, updated by Larry Kehl pat ini  
Roland XV-88 (19K) Created by Mark Keen   ini  
Technics KN1000 (2K)     dk
Technics SX-PR900 (4K) pat    
Yamaha DB50XG (13K) Created by Alain Bouchard pat ini dk
Yamaha DGX-203/205(12K) Created by Hugo Hemmerich pat ini  
Yamaha DGX-305/505(6K) Created by Hakan Markstedt pat    
Yamaha Motif EX(40K) Created by Mark Smarelli pat ini  
Yamaha Motif Rack ES (13K) pat    
Yamaha Motif XS (15K) pat    
Yamaha M06/M08 (20K) Created by Ron Secord   ini  
Yamaha MU100R (14K) pat ini dk
Yamaha MU50 (11K) pat   dk
Yamaha MU80 (6K) pat   dk
Yamaha MU90R (11K) pat   dk
Yamaha MX49 and MX61 (10K) Created by Stig Nilsson pat    
Yamaha PSR 47 (4K)     dk
Yamaha PSR 280 (4K) Created by Gary Curran pat    
Yamaha PSR293/295(12K) Created by Hugo Hemmerich pat ini  
Yamaha PSR 340(5K) Created by Daniel Corrieri   ini  
Yamaha PSR 3000 and 1500 (10K) Created by Michael MacDonald pat   dk
Yamaha PSR 8000 (8K) Created by Andy Allan pat ini  
Yamaha PSR 9000 (8K) Created by Vic Hopkins pat ini  
Yamaha PSR E333 (6K) Created by Bob Bean pat    
Yamaha PSR E423 (6K) Created by Roman Petelin pat    
Yamaha PSR S500 (4K) Created by Stig Nilsson pat    
Yamaha S08 (20K)   ini  
Yamaha S80 (5K) Created by Stig Tollefsen pat    
Yamaha S90ES (8K) Created by Paul Pastir pat    
Yamaha Tyros (8K) Created by Lanny Rosicky pat ini  
Yamaha YPG-525 (15K)   ini  
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