Resources for educators

These are some links to external websites that have lesson plans involving Band-in-a-Box®.

Ontario Music Educators' Association: Accompaniment Software [Grade 10]

  • Accompaniment Software Lessons (Word doc)

    Students will demonstrate techniques and technologies by using Band-In-A-Box accompaniment software to create a rhythmic accompaniment to an etude or solo. They will explore familiar and unfamiliar musical styles and discuss how rhythm is used in each. They will evaluate and reflect on their performances with their chosen accompaniments.

Roland Music Education: Band-in-a-Box® [Grades K-3, 20min]

  • Band-in-a-Box (Adobe PDF)

    Concepts: Explore a variety of music styles, listen for downbeat.

John Kuzmich Jr.: Band-in-a-Box® workshops

Teachnet UK

  • Talco e-learning project lesson plan. 3 (Word doc)

    Use Band-in-a-Box® accompaniment program to explore musical styles suitable for expressing their blues compositions in particular the first song in an early blues traditional style of the southern USA.

TI:ME Technology Institute for Music Educators