Which RealTracks styles are included in each of the RealTracks Sets?

To find out which RealTracks Sets you have installed, on the Windows version you can go to the Help menu in Band-in-a-Box® and click on What add-ons do I have? On the Mac version, you can go to the MIDI menu | What add-ons do I have?

To find out which RealTracks styles (instruments) you have installed, open the 'Assign RealTracks to Track' dialog in Band-in-a-Box® by right-clicking (or Control-clicking on the Mac) on a track in the instrument panel at the top of the screen and selecting 'Add/Remove RealTracks' (or 'Choose RealTracks' on the Mac). You should have Band-in-a-Box® 2008 Build 259 or higher, otherwise you won't have the 'Assign RealTracks to Track' dialog. This dialog will show you all of your currently installed RealTracks, and you can also select the 'Show RealTracks that are N/A (not available)' checkbox to see any RealTracks styles that you don't have. In Band-in-a-Box® 2009 and higher, the Assign RealTracks dialog will also tell you which RealTracks Set each style is from, and you can sort by Set# by clicking at the top of that column.

Below is a list of the RealTracks styles included in each set.

Note: There are some RealTracks styles that have variations, in which each variation uses material from the same audio source files, but follows different parameters when choosing phrases from the files. One example is "Guitar, Electric, Soloist Metal Wild Ev 120", which has 'blisteringly fast' phrases, and "Guitar, Electric, Soloist Metal Wild Ev 120 (SemiWild)", which has slightly slower phrases. The variations are listed in parentheses after the style name.

Last updated:  Tuesday, 05 July 2016


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