RealTracks for Band-in-a-Box

What are RealTracks? RealTracks replace the MIDI track for that instrument, and can be controlled just like the MIDI instrument (volume changes, muting etc.). They follow the chord progression that you have entered, so you hear an authentic audio accompaniment or solo.

RealTracks are not "samples"... They are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars at a time, playing in perfect sync with the other tracks. Choose from pre-made Band-in-a-Box Styles, or combine RealTracks instruments to make your own band.

You'll want to use RealTracks in all of your projects... and you can! Adding REAL instruments played by TOP MUSICIANS to your compositions brings an exciting human element ... and that's just the beginning!

Wow! Over 1,000 RealTracks in the UltraPlusPAK or EverythingPAK! Over 1,000 hours of studio musicians recordings!

It's easy to get the RealTracks Sets... All of the 187 RealTracks Sets are included in the UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK, and Audiophile Edition.

Or to purchase by genre, check out our Jazz, Rock-Pop and Country RealPAKs.


   101 New RealTracks with Band-in-a-Box 2013!

Our customers love RealTracks so much - they're always asking for more, and we've listened by adding 15 new RealTracks Sets with 101 more RealTracks.

Check out the video featuring RealTracks Sets 170-187!

PG Music now offers 187 RealTracks Sets, with over 1000 RealTracks for Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Bluegrass, Dixieland, Folk, Praise & Worship and more!

Check out these great sounding RealTracks!

New Pop/Rock RealTracks in sets 170-175... (Rock-Pop RealPAK Vol 9)

  • RealTracks Set 170: Texas Blues-Rock: Slow Groovin' 12:8 Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 170 continues the Texas Blues tone with a collection of slow, grooving 12:8 styles. This set features 2 rhythm guitar styles, 2 electric guitar soloists, an electric bass and piano and sax soloists. The guitars are played by Nashville ace Brent Mason and blues prodigy Sol Philcox. To round out the band you also get a brand new RealDrums style. All rhythm and soloist styles feature RealCharts so you can see all the notes the players are playing.

  • RealTracks Set 171: Medium Folk-Pop 8ths Listen |Watch Video

    This set features the blending of folk and pop. With RealTracks Set 171 you get traditional folk instruments, such as the accordion, fiddle and mandolin, playing with a pop 8ths feel. These medium tempo styles will fit well into many folk and pop situations.

  • RealTracks Set 172: EuroDance Listen |Watch Video

    Unleash your inner diva with RealTracks Set 172! This set features 11 new Modern Dance RealTracks synth styles with a European flair. The RealDrums style provides the foundation, with 20 different possible groove variations, and you can then layer the sound with modern and vintage synth tones.

  • RealTracks Set 173: Celtic Bouzouki and Guitar Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 173 expands on our collection of Celtic styles. This set features 2 acoustic guitar styles and 2 Bouzouki styles (a first in RealTracks history). The styles represent a slow air along with a reel, a jig and a waltz. RealCharts are available for the guitars to allow you to see all the notes being played.

  • RealTracks Set 174: Pop Mandolin, Piano and Guitar Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 174 gives you more opportunities to give your composition that extra flair! With a wide variety of tempos and grooves, you'll spend hours mixing and matching these styles, which include a killer acoustic guitar style performed by Brent Mason, a rootsy piano soloist performed by Nashville legend John Jarvis, and 3 Mandolin styles by session wizard Andy Leftwich.

  • RealTracks Set 175: Texas Blues-Rock: Smokin' Blues Sax Watch Video

    Add instant cool to your blues-rock progressions with this collection of sax soloists. RealTracks Set 175 features 4 alto sax styles that will definitely liven up the room. The playing in all 3 styles ranges from mellow lows to screaming highs. RealCharts allows you to see all the notes that are being played. Get your cool on with RealTracks Set 175!

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New Jazz RealTracks in sets 176-181... (Jazz RealPAK Vol 9)

  • RealTracks Set 176: R&B Horn Section Listen |Watch Video

    The most anticipated RealTracks event is finally here, R&B Horns! For the first time ever, PG Music is proud to present a horn section RealTracks style. And this style is incredibly versatile, with RealStyles that pair it with JazzFunk, Soul, BluesRock, and even Country rhythm sections! The section is comprised of baritone sax, tenor sax & trumpet, and you have the option of playing them as a group, or even using them as individual background styles. You'll be blown away by RealTracks Set 176 - R&B Horn Section!

  • RealTracks Set 177: Guajira & Guaracha Watch Video

    Let the rhythms of RealTracks Set 177 take you away to warmer climes. Both the Guajira and the Guaracha represent the music of late 19th century and early 20th century Latin America. This set features 6 styles containing bass, piano and the tres. The basses and the piano are equipped with RealCharts allowing you to see the notes being played. Let yourself be surrounded by the sounds of the south!

  • RealTracks Set 178: Dixieland ‐ Medium Soloists Listen |Watch Video

    With RealTracks Set 178 we revisit the sweet sounds of Dixieland. You get 7 styles consisting of clarinet, trombone, trumpet and acoustic guitar. The clarinet, trombone and trumpet come with a background soloist and a full-on soloist. You can follow along note by note with the help of RealCharts. All playing is displayed in the notation window and on the on-screen piano keyboard. The guitar can also be viewed in TAB or on the on-screen fretboard.

  • RealTracks Set 179: Guitar ‐ Jazz and More! Watch Video

    By popular request, RealTracks Set 179 adds more guitar in both the traditional jazz & middle-of-the-road categories. It features two EZ Listening acoustic guitar styles, as well as new "Freddie" acoustic guitar JazzWaltz styles that work great with our existing JazzWaltz rhythm section. Last but not least, there is a new slow bossa soloist which you can add to your slow grooving latin tunes!

  • RealTracks Set 180: Classic Jazz Piano Watch Video

    If you love to play or listen to jazz piano, now there are even more options in Band-in-a-Box with RealTracks Set 180 - Classic Jazz Piano. This set features styles that emulate the old masters of jazz, with 3 tempos of "4-to-the-bar" comping, as well as an exciting "40s Boogie" style. And with RealCharts, you can see exactly what is being played in notation and on the on-screen piano keyboard, making this an essential learning tool!

  • RealTracks Set 181: Smooth Jazz Piano Watch Video

    PG Music is expanding it's popular collection of Smooth Jazz styles with 5 new acoustic piano RealTracks styles. The existing Smooth Jazz RealTracks use electric piano, but these new ones give you the option of hearing a great acoustic piano in your smooth jazz compilations. With each new RealTracks set, you're provided with ever more expanding tools to learn, compose, and practice!

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New Country RealTracks in sets 182-187... (Country RealPAK Vol 9)

  • RealTracks Set 182: More Pedal Steel Country with Paul Franklin Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 182 gives you more of the Country and Pop legend Paul Franklin. This set features more of the sweet, singing tone of Paul's pedal steel technique. Included is an uptempo style with an even feel and 3 slow tempo swing feel styles. RealCharts allows to see every note of Paul's playing both in notation and on the on-screen piano keyboard.

  • RealTracks Set 183: Country Soloists: Sax and More! Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 183 gives you some great new sax soloists for your country or pop tunes. The set features one alto sax style and 2 tenor sax styles. And that's not all! Also included in this set are "Country Workin'" RealTracks solists, with fiddle, resonator guitar and piano soloists! With all this great material, RealTracks Set 183 is a great deal!

  • RealTracks Set 184: More John Jarvis Country Piano Watch Video

    The masterful playing of legend John Jarvis returns in this collection, RealTracks Set 184. The 7 styles here work well in many Country, Pop or Rock song situations. Tempos of the styles range from 65bpm to 165bpm. RealCharts will give you the ability to see all the notes that John plays in notation or on the on-screen piano keyboard, making it an essential learning tool.

  • RealTracks Set 185: More Killer Country Soloing Watch Video

    Prepare to have your socks knocked off with the killer licks in RealTracks Set 185! This set features 7 fantastic new Country Soloists, with Fiddle, Mandolin and Resonator Guitar styles! And if that's not enough, you also get "Bluesy" variations for a different take on the styles, as well as double-time variations, which make these styles even more versatile than they already are! If your goal is to learn some great licks, you can see exactly what is being played as you hear it, in the notation screen or printable lead sheet.

  • RealTracks Set 186: John Jarvis Solo-Accompaniment Piano Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 186 features the solo-accompaniment piano styles of John Jarvis. The set features 6 styles that could easily be used in both a country or pop setting. These styles are intended to be used as the whole rhythm section, backing up a singer or soloist. All notes played can be seen in notation or on the on-screen piano keyboard with the help of RealCharts.

  • RealTracks Set 187: More Fancy Fingerpicking with Brent Mason Listen |Watch Video

    Country legend Brent Mason is back once again in RealTracks Set 187 with 5 new acoustic guitar fingerpicking styles. The set features slow and medium/fast tempos with swing and even 8ths feels. All styles are equipped with RealCharts, which means you can follow along with Brent note by note in notation, TAB and on the on-screen fretboard.

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101 RealTracks were released with Band-in-a-Box 2012.5!

With the release of Band-in-a-Box 2012.5 we added 15 RealTracks Sets with 101 RealTracks instruments.

36 New Pop/Rock/Folk RealTracks in sets 155-159... (Rock-Pop RealPAK Vol 8)

  • RealTracks Set 155: John Jarvis Pop PianoListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 155 gives you more great piano styles from Nashville Rock and Country master John Jarvis! This set features three new pop piano styles, from slow ballads to exciting “rootsy” grooves. More...

  • RealTracks Set 156: Texas Blues-Rock - Straight-8thsListen |Watch Video

    Are you ready for some heavy hitting blues, Texas style? Look no further than RealTracks Set 156. This set features rockin' straight-8ths Blues styles making up a complete band which includes 2 rhythm guitar styles, 2 electric guitar soloists, an electric bass and even a brand new RealDrums style. More...

  • RealTracks Set 157: Texas Blues-Rock - Rock 'n' RollListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 157 continues our collection of Texas Blues-Rock styles with new up-tempo soloists, two new electric bass styles, and exciting new RealDrums. More...

  • RealTracks Set 158: Modern Dance PopListen |Watch Video

    Are you ready to become a hit machine? Look no further than RealTracks Set 158! This new RealTracks set features ten new Modern Dance-Pop RealTracks styles that are sure to turn your song into the next big thing! More...

  • RealTracks Set 159: Folk-Pop BalladsListen |Watch Video

    One of the most popular groups of RealTracks is the slow Ballad style, and with RealTracks Set 159, we're bringing you more of what you're after! This set features, great new RealTracks playing this nice slow groove. More...

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31 Jazz RealTracks in sets 160-164... (Jazz RealPAK Vol 8)

  • RealTracks Set 160: Jazz-Funk Movin'Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 160 adds ten new up-tempo RealTracks styles to our very popular collection of Jazz-Funk styles. These styles are called "Movin'" because you won't be able to keep still when you hear them! More...

  • RealTracks Set 161: Mike LeDonne Jazz Waltz OrganListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 161 continues our very popular collection of styles by New York jazz great Mike LeDonne! In this set, there are Jazz Waltz styles, both comping as well as soloists. More...

  • RealTracks Set 162: Dixieland - Medium Rhythm SectionListen |Watch Video

    Pack your Clarinet for another trip to New Orleans! RealTracks Set 162 continues our series of Dixieland styles with four different rhythm instruments all playing at a nice medium tempo of 110 bpm. More...

  • RealTracks Set 163: Son MontunoListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 163 is the first in our series of authentic Cuban styles, and there's no better place to start than Son Montuno. With its fusion of European and African traditions, the Son is one of the most important genres of Cuban popular music. More...

  • RealTracks Set 164: BoleroListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 164 continues our collection of Afro-Cuban styles, with a set of slow, grooving Bolero RealTracks styles. The Bolero is a slow Latin Ballad, and the masterful playing in these styles will set the perfect sultry mood for your songs! More...

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34 Country RealTracks in sets 165-169... (Country RealPAK Vol 8)

  • RealTracks Set 165: John Jarvis Country PianoListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 165 features three great styles by pop and country legend John Jarvis: Honky-Tonk, Train-Beat & slow Country Ballad. These styles are very versatile, working well in Country, Pop or Rock settings, just like John Jarvis himself! More...

  • RealTracks Set 166: Praise & Worship - Modern GrooveListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 166 continues our popular collection of Praise and Worship styles with thirteen new RealTracks styles, which includes electric & acoustic guitars, electric bass, acoustic piano, synth strings & RealDrums. More...

  • RealTracks Set 167: Country Boogie and MoreListen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 167 has something for everyone! This set features two tempos of Country Boogie on both electric bass and acoustic piano including a bonus of two new Praise & Worship electric guitar styles, and for the first time ever, a cello RealTracks style playing slow, Pop/Country ballad parts. More...

  • RealTracks Set 168: Western Swing SoloistsListen |Watch Video

    As soon as you start listening to the styles in RealTracks Set 168, your feet will be tapping for weeks! This set features four new Western Swing soloists: fiddle, resonator guitar, mandolin and piano. More...

  • RealTracks Set 169: Killer Country SoloingListen |Watch Video

    One of the best things about Country Music is the killer solos played by killer musicians, and now you can have even more of that in Band-in-a-Box with RealTracks Set 169! This set features four different instruments soloing over four completely different country grooves, ranging from slow ballads to up-tempo train beat. More...

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Q: Can I make songs using RealTracks that sound as good as your demos?

A: Yes, you certainly can! Our demos are composed and rendered entirely in Band-in-a-Box on a typical computer. We don't use any other programs or special equipment to 'make the demos sound better'.

Q: What is your best RealTracks package?

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