RealTracks for Band-in-a-Box®

What are RealTracks? RealTracks replace the MIDI track for that instrument, and can be controlled just like the MIDI instrument (volume changes, muting etc.). They follow the chord progression that you have entered, so you hear an authentic audio accompaniment or solo.

RealTracks are not "samples"... They are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars at a time, playing in perfect sync with the other tracks. Choose from pre-made Band-in-a-Box® Styles, or combine RealTracks instruments to make your own band.

You'll want to use RealTracks in all of your projects... and you can! Adding REAL instruments played by TOP MUSICIANS to your compositions brings an exciting human element ... and that's just the beginning!

Wow! Over 1,800 RealTracks in the UltraPlusPAK or EverythingPAK! Over 2,200 hours of studio musicians recordings!

Take a tour of the 101 newest RealTracks (Sets 206-227) released with Band-in-a-Box® 2015!

Band-in-a-Box<sup>®</sup> 2015 New RealTracks

It's easy to get ALL the RealTracks... Get all 1,800 RealTracks included in the UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK and Audiophile Edition of Band-in-a-Box®. Or to purchase by genre, check out our Jazz, Rock-Pop and Country RealPAKs.


101 New RealTracks with Band-in-a-Box® 2015!

PG Music now offers 227 RealTracks Sets, with over 1,800 RealTracks for Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Bluegrass, Dixieland, Folk, Praise & Worship and more!

PG Music now offers 227 RealTracks Sets, with over 1,800 RealTracks for Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Bluegrass, Dixieland, Folk, Praise & Worship and more!

Check out these great sounding RealTracks!

36 New Rock-Pop RealTracks in sets 206-213... (Rock-Pop RealPAK Vol 11)

  • RealTracks Set 206: Pop String Quartet Listen
  • RealTracks Set 207: Funky Horns Listen
  • RealTracks Set 208: Rockabilly Set 1 – Fifties Rock and Roll! Listen
  • RealTracks Set 209: Rockin’ Blues Baritone Sax with Gary Smulyan Listen
  • RealTracks Set 210: Motown Uptempo R & B Listen
  • RealTracks Set 211: Motown Vintage Keys and More! Listen
  • RealTracks Set 212: World Synths Listen
  • RealTracks Set 213: Pop and Country, Piano and StringsListen

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New Jazz RealTracks in sets 214-220... (Jazz RealPAK Vol 11)

  • RealTracks Set 214: Jazz Pollwinners 5 ‐ Killer JazzWaltz Piano, Bass & Drums Listen
  • RealTracks Set 215: Jazz Pollwinners 6 ‐ Sax & Guitar Soloing, Ballads & Bossas Listen
  • RealTracks Set 216: Jazz Pollwinners 7 ‐ Swingin’ Sax & Guitar Soloing Listen
  • RealTracks Set 217: Jazz Pollwinners 8 ‐ Jazz Waltz Sax Solos Listen
  • RealTracks Set 218: Rockabilly Set 2 ‐ Jive! Listen
  • RealTracks Set 219: Funky Folk & More! Listen
  • RealTracks Set 220: Flute and Saxes with Jack Stafford Listen

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New Country RealTracks in sets 221-227... (Country RealPAK Vol 11)

  • RealTracks Set 221: Rockabilly Set 3 ‐ BoomChicka! Listen
  • RealTracks Set 222: Rockabilly Set 4 ‐ Slow Swing Listen
  • RealTracks Set 223: New Orleans Mardi Gras 16ths Listen
  • RealTracks Set 224: New Orleans Shuffle Listen
  • RealTracks Set 225: Banjo, Guitar & Bass - Hip Folk Listen
  • RealTracks Set 226: Requested Country-Pop Drum Grooves Listen
  • RealTracks Set 227: Brent Mason - Baritone Guitar and More! Listen

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101 RealTracks were released with Band-in-a-Box® 2014!

With the release of Band-in-a-Box® 2014 we added 15 RealTracks Sets with 101 RealTracks instruments.

New Pop/Rock RealTracks in sets 188-193... (Rock-Pop RealPAK Vol 10)

  • RealTracks Set 188: Slow Background Pop Horn Section Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks set 188 continues our very popular collection of horn section RealTracks, with exciting new pop styles! This is a 4-part horn section of 3 saxes (alto, tenor & baritone) and trumpet. It includes slow 16ths pop, with a “pads” variation as well as one that plays more complex rhythmic & melodic phrases. Then there is a medium pop version, also with both a “pads” variation and a melodic variation. You can also use any of the individual horns by themselves, or come up with your own combination of instruments! There are “RealCharts” for all of these horns, which means you can see exactly what is being played in notation, or on the on-screen piano keyboard. With all the different ways to use these great new horn section RealTracks, your Band-in-a-Box® experience will now be even more exciting!

  • RealTracks Set 189: Blues Baritone Sax with Gary Smulyan Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 189 brings you more great Blues styles, this time soloist RealTracks by legendary baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan. Gary is the first name in jazz baritone sax, having multiple wins in all the major jazz polls, including Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll, the Jazz Times polls, and the Jazz Journalist awards. He's also toured and recorded with many great blues and pop artists, such as Ray Charles, Diana Ross and B.B. King, and now you can have him solo over your own musical creation! This set features 3 RealTracks styles: a straight-8ths soloist, a shuffle soloist, and a 'background' shuffle part. The background part is simpler than the soloists, and is intended to be used while a singer or soloist is performing, adding color to the whole mix. These styles are great for students, with features such as accurate notation that displays while the performance is playing. The notation can be viewed in concert notation, so anyone can learn these great licks on ANY instrument, and if you're a baritone sax player yourself, you can transpose to Eb notation with the click of a button!

  • RealTracks Set 190: New Orleans Boogie! Listen |Watch Video

    Get ready to boogie with RealTracks Set 190! This set gives you a distinctly New Orleans take on the boogie, with a full rhythm section of RealTracks, and even a smokin’ RealTracks piano soloist! The set includes 2 piano styles (one rhythm, one soloist), drums, bass, and electric guitar. The bass and guitar RealTracks provide a solid foundation, with lots of character and drive. The drums offer 6 variations, with different combinations of sidestick, hi-hat, brushes, snare and ride grooves. And the showpiece is the piano! With the rhythm section piano RealTracks, you get a solid groove and exciting licks, but will still work well with a singer or soloist playing over top. And then with the piano soloist, that’s taken up a notch, and you get some crazy, great soloing! The bass and guitar display in notation and TAB, as well as displaying on the on-screen fretboard. The piano also displays in notation, and can be viewed on the on-screen piano keyboard, both with accurate separation of left-hand and right-hand parts. All of these features make this a great learning tool! With RealTracks Set 190, you won’t be able to keep your feet still!

  • RealTracks Set 191: Funky Electric Piano & More! Listen |Watch Video

    Containing some of the most classic sounds in modern music, RealTracks Set 191 incorporates classic rock and funk rhythms into one of our most groovin’ RealTracks sets yet! The set revolves around 3 electric piano RealTracks, performed by Nashville great John Jarvis. One uses a vintage sound used frequently in the ‘60s, but which is still in common use today, and two use a percussive, funky electric clav sound. These RealTracks are then supported by 3 new RealTracks styles, 2 electric basses, and one electric guitar. And, they also work beautifully with many of our previously release RealTracks styles. Each RealTrack is equipped with “RealCharts”, which means you can see exactly what is being played as you hear it. This can be in standard notation, or for the guitars and bass you can see it in TAB or on the on-screen fretboards, and for the piano, you can see it on the on-screen piano keyboard. You can even easily distinguish the left and right hand parts, as they’re displayed in different colors! Whether you’re interested in learning the parts, having them add color to your song, or just listen and enjoy, RealTracks Set 191 has something for everyone!

  • RealTracks Set 192: Dance: GirlPop, 90s & More! Listen |Watch Video

    Once we hit 88 miles per hour, we will be back to the 80's with RealTracks set 192! This set includes a variety of synth and acoustic piano styles to add to any of your pop songs. The tempos have a wide range from 85bpm to 140bpm all playing even grooves. There is even a new RealDrums set included: SynthDrumsBubblegum! All of the styles in this set work well together, but also work great as individual add-ons for other pop, dance, rock, or even country styles. Each style has MIDI RealCharts included so there are endless possibilities of changing the sound through your favourite synthesizers or sample banks.

  • RealTracks Set 193: Dance: Disco & More! Listen |Watch Video

    If you are ready to dance, rock, disco, and then dance some more then RealTracks Set 193 is for you! This set includes a variety of synth RealTracks that can be mixed and matched in many ways. The foundation of this set is the different bass and drums styles that really deliver the Disco and DanceRock grooves. Then you can add to these with all kinds of synth styles including electric piano, saw-tooth leads, synth-guitar, Shakuhachi and more. All of these styles work well on their own, but are open to endless possibilities for adding effects or even playing the included RealChart versions (MIDI) through your favourite synthesizers or sample banks. All of these styles were recorded at an even 120bpm, which means they also work great with any previously released synth RealTracks such as the Modern Dance Pop or EuroDance collections.

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New Jazz RealTracks in sets 194-199... (Jazz RealPAK Vol 10)

  • RealTracks Set 194: Jazz Pollwinners 1 ‐ Great Saxes: Phil Woods & Gary Smulyan Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 194 brings Band-in-a-Box® jazz soloists to the next level, with jazz legends Phil Woods & Gary Smulyan. Phil Woods is universally regarded as one of the greatest alto sax players of our time. With over 25 wins for best alto player in Downbeat magazine’s critics poll, you know this isn’t an understatement. In addition to his jazz pedigree, Phil is also known worldwide as the player of the iconic sax lines & solo in Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are". Gary Smulyan has also won the critics poll for best baritone sax player many times, and has also won many other accolades, such as the baritone saxophonist of the year award in the Jazz Journalists Association, and the baritone saxophonist of the year award in Jazzit Magazine, among many others. And now you can have these world-class players soloing over your own Band-in-a-Box® creations! Enter any chord progression into Band-in-a-Box®, and these cats will solo over it! There are 3 RealTracks styles, including bossas and jazz swing styles, and each of those has several options, including double-time playing over slower tempos, and “bluesy” variations. There is over 7 hours of unique recorded material, which makes these ideal for a lifetime of learning from the masters. These styles have accurate RealCharts, which means that even though you are listening to high-quality audio recordings of these musicians, Band-in-a-Box® is able to display the notes as they’re playing them, both in notation and on the on-screen piano keyboard. This makes these indispensible tools for any music student. You can slow the playing down, speed it up, loop it, making it all the more accessible for learning. These are great for any person wanting to develop their improvising chops, regardless of their instrument. And, if you’re an alto or baritone player yourself, you can have the notation display change from concert to Eb or Bb display with a single click of the mouse!

  • RealTracks Set 195: Jazz Pollwinners 2 ‐ Pat Martino Guitar Listen |Watch Video

    PG Music is thrilled to present Pat Martino as one of the newest RealTracks artists. Pat has been a luminary in the jazz world for over 50 years, being an inspiration to aspiring jazz guitarists and winning countless jazz polls, including Downbeat Magazine Reader Poll, Guitarist of the Year. And now you can have him playing over any chord progression you enter into Band-in-a-Box®! This set features Pat soloing in a fast jazz swing style, as well as a medium bossa style. With the superior stretching features in Band-in-a-Box®, these soloists can be used over a wide tempo range. And not only that, but they can also be treated as “Double-Time” soloists, which means they can be played over completely different slow bossa & swing rhythm sections. For the student of jazz guitar, this set is indispensible. You can see every single note that Pat plays in accurate notation, TAB, and you can also watch the notes fly by on the on-screen guitar fretboard. Too fast to learn? Band-in-a-Box® can slow the audio down as much as you like, so you can easily learn exactly what this master is playing. The tone of Pat’s guitar is smooth and beautiful, but if you want to experiment with your own tone, you can pick the “direct input” (DI) version, in which the audio was simultaneously recorded directly from Pat’s guitar, bypassing the amp and effects. You can then use your own amp-modeling software to get your own unique tone.

  • RealTracks Set 196: Jazz Pollwinners 3 ‐ Killer JazzSwing Rhythm Sections Listen |Watch Video

    In RealTracks Set 196 you get an incredible collection of Jazz “Pollwinners” with 9 RealTracks and 3 RealDrums with 6 variations. The first style includes Acoustic Bass Jazz Ballad, played by “Jazz Poll Winner” Ron Carter. Here Ron plays an impressive swing jazz ballad with a classic acoustic bass tone. This RealTrack also includes RealCharts so you can follow along with exactly what Ron is playing. Also included in the first style is Acoustic Piano Jazz Swing Slow, from “Jazz Poll Winner” Kenny Barron. Kenny Barron plays a subtle swing style which is excellent accompaniment to Ron Carters bass. You can also watch exactly what Kenny Barron is playing in the RealCharts. Completing the Trio of Jazz Pollwinners is Lewis Nash playing Jazz Swing Drums. Lewis Nash plays 3 styles of Jazz Swing Drums which are combined in to 6 variations. Also included in this set is the medium jazz swing style. Ron Carter plays a swinging acoustic bass, which includes an A section and a B section, in this style. The A section plays in 2’s and the B section plays a walking bass pattern. The piano, from Kenny Barron, in this style plays a laid back swing consisting of half notes and quarter notes. The RealDrums in this style are by Lewis Nash. He plays a Jazz swing style with a wide tempo range and lots of variations. The final style in this set is a Fast Jazz Swing style which includes Fast Swing acoustic piano from Kenny Barron and Lewis Nash RealDrums. Together these instruments create a tight, fast rhythm section which can be paired with existing fast solos. All of the RealTracks in set 196 have RealCharts to view the exact notation of the playing, and the styles are great rhythm sections that you can add your own solo or a solo from a different RealTrack. If you’d like the chance to play with Ron Carter, Kenny Barron and Lewis Nash anytime you’d like and have them on call at the click of a button, then be sure to check out RealTracks Set 196.

  • RealTracks Set 197: Jazz Pollwinners 4 ‐ Killer Bossa Rhythm Sections ! Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks set 197 continues our “pollwinners” collection with more great rhythm section styles from master pianist Kenny Barron, legendary bassist Ron Carter, and the jazz drummer Lewis Nash. This set is all Bossa Novas, with a medium bass groove, two options for piano (medium & slow bossas), and a RealDrums set that features 5 tempos and multiple variations, which will cover a range of tempos from 50 to 250! Now you can practice your soloing with these master musicians backing you up! Or, you can learn from them by viewing what they’re playing in notation or on the on-screen fretboard (for the bass) or big piano. You can also pair this with soloists from other sets, including Phil Woods alto sax & Gary Smulyan baritone sax from RealTracks Set 194! Any chord progression you enter into Band-in-a-Box® can be played by this killer combo, so get ready to be inspired!

  • RealTracks Set 198: Jazz Electric Piano Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks set 198 offers a collection of electric piano RealTracks that will add a modern edge to your traditional Jazz combo. The set is comprised of two Bossa styles, two classic Jazz styles, a slow Jazz Ballad style and a medium tempo Jazz Waltz style for a total of six styles. They all feature Vancouver piano virtuoso Miles Black, and each one uses sophisticated voicings and rhythms, without being too busy. And each one also has a ‘simple’ variation, which can be selected to make the style even more basic, if that’s what your Band-in-a-Box® song demands. The precise notation for these styles makes it a great learning tool. You can print out the lead-sheet, or follow along with the on-screen notation, or view what’s being played on the on-screen piano keyboard.

  • RealTracks Set 199: JazzPop Piano Listen |Watch Video

    Full of skillfully executed rhythm tracks, RealTracks Set 199 - JazzPop Piano is a combination of laid back styles and exciting jazz rock, perfect for your next composition. With a combination of 8 electric and acoustic piano RealTracks included in set 198, there is a large spectrum of playing styles covered. There are EZ Listening acoustic pianos, created to cover both Jazz and Pop chord progression. The electric vintage piano plays a relaxed style with a warm electric piano tone. The JazzRock electric piano plays an upbeat part, and JazzySwinginPop provides a bouncy electric piano for swing 8ths tunes. And, three of these grooves had separate ‘held’ versions recorded which play simple held chords throughout, if that’s what your song demands. All of these RealTracks include RealCharts which can be viewed in the notation window or on the on-screen piano keyboard. With a wide variety of feel, style and tone, RealTracks set 199 is ready to be your new go-to set of RealTracks when using Band-in-a-Box®!

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New Country RealTracks in sets 200-205... (Country RealPAK Vol 10)

  • RealTracks Set 200: New Orleans ‐ Swingin’ Pop Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 200 contains an energetic and unique of swingin’ country/pop styles with a New Orleans flair! It includes a full killer RealTracks band of electric bass, electric guitar, piano & RealDrums. The groove is eclectic, upbeat, and just a little bit funky. And these RealTracks are great for mixing and matching with our previously released swing 8ths styles. If you listen to the audio demos, you’ll see we’ve used these RealTracks with a wide variety of Band-in-a-Box® soloists, from CountryBoogie guitar soloing to Dixieland clarinet soloing, so you know they’ll be great for your swing 8ths tune, no matter the genre! Some of these RealTracks also have a ‘simple’ variation, which can be selected to make the style even more basic, if that’s what your Band-in-a-Box® song demands. And, the bass and guitar also include direct input (DI) versions, so you can create your own unique tone for the instruments using amp modeling software (such as Amplitube, included with Band-in-a-Box®). For music students, you can see exactly what’s being played in notation, on the on-screen piano keyboard, or for guitar and bass, even in TAB or on the on-screen fretboards! If you're looking for a new sound with a touch of New Orleans spirit then look no further than RealTracks Set 200!

  • RealTracks Set 201: Brent Mason Nylon & Electric Listen |Watch Video

    Known as “the most recorded guitarist in Nashville,” Brent Mason has become a favorite among Band-in-a-Box® users, and this critically acclaimed master is back with a whole new RealTracks Set! RealTracks Set 201 features both electric and nylon guitar RealTracks, playing both swing and even grooves. The nylon RealTracks are “background” styles which are melodic in nature, but are less busy, allowing for a singer or soloist to play over top. The electric guitar styles really sing, and are full of uplifting energy. All styles include accurate RealCharts that not only allow you to see all the notes in notation & TAB, but also show you exactly how it was played on the guitar fretboard. For students, this is an indispensible tool. You can also speed them up and slow them down, making them extremely versatile, as they can be used over a very wide tempo range. The electric guitars use Brent Mason’s signature tone, but they also have “direct input,” or “DI” versions. This is the dry signal that was recorded directly from the guitar (before it went into his amp), which allows you to use guitar amp modeling software (such as AmpliTube, included with Band-in-a-Box®) to get your own killer tone!

  • RealTracks Set 202: Folk & Country Bouzouki Listen |Watch Video

    Ready to feel like you’re in a Pub in Ireland, drinking in the atmosphere which includes the bright shimmering sound of the Bouzouki? You can with RealTracks set 201. In this set you get 9 RealTracks covering a wide variety of styles, Celtic Slip Jig and Hornpipe, Country Waltz and Rock, all played by the multi-talented Quinn Bachand. You will get some styles with an even feel, like Modern Country, Country Pop, Slow Pop, Rock and Slow Waltz. Other styles like Celtic Hornpipe and Celtic Slip Jig, Country Crossover and Country Swing are all played with a swing feel. The Bouzouki has a distinct sound, a high tone, bright strings and an acoustic timbre. When added to a song it will certainly elicit a feeling of classic folk which can be used to give a composition a new, dynamic feel. Try some of the styles created for this RealTrack set specifically or add single RealTracks to an existing song. With a unique sound, the RealTracks in set 202 are versatile and ready to be played along with.

  • RealTracks Set 203: Country Waltz Listen |Watch Video

    With RealTracks Set 203 you get a wide variety of solo instruments playing a country waltz style. You get 4 Instruments in total in this RealTrack set with 7 variations. First you get the Fiddle Soloist by Andy Leftwich, playing a laid back waltz groove which combine eighth note and triplet runs into a amazing RealTrack. You can also select the Bluesy variation which will treat all chords as if they were 7th chords. Next in this set is the Resonator Guitar played skilfully by Rock Ickes. With shimmering slides and expertly played riffs, the Resonator Guitar soloist sounds great when backed by other waltz RealTracks. You can also choose a Bluesy variation for the Resonator Guitar. The Mandolin Waltz Soloist is also played by Andy Leftwich, combining simple eighth note phrases with melodic passages; the waltz mandolin is perfect for a Country or Bluegrass tune. The Mandolin includes a Bluesy variation which treats all chords as if they were 7th. The Acoustic Piano Waltz Solo by John Jarvis also sounds amazing when backed by waltz country RealTracks. This RealTrack also includes a Bluesy variation. The final RealTrack in this set is the Rhythm piano. This Rhythm piano can be accompanying any of the solos in this set and can be combined with other waltz RealTracks to make an amazing composition. With all the variations available in RealTracks set 203, you won’t be searching long when you need to add a solo to your next country waltz song.

  • RealTracks Set 204: Country Shuffle Listen |Watch Video

    With four different instruments and a total of 13 RealTrack available, RealTrack set 203 is packed full of country solos, plus a killer swinging rhythm piano from John Jarvis. The Fiddle, played by Nashville fiddle star Rob Hajacos, plays a country shuffle solo with elegant melodic phrases which, when combined with other country RealTracks, creates a classic country sound. The fiddle can also be used as a “Double-Time” track which treats the style as “Double-Time” at half the tempo. A “bluesy” variation is also available which allows for b7 notes in the melody to be played on major chords. The Mandolin Soloist Country Shuffle can also be used as a “Double-Time” and a “bluesy” variation. The Mandolin plays eighth note phrases with triplets added at times. The Resonator Guitar has a classic country sound and will add a shimmering solo over any medium tempo song. The Resonator soloist also includes a ‘Double'-Time’ and “bluesy” variation. The two final acoustic piano RealTracks are played by accomplished pianist, John Jarvis. One RealTrack is a soloist with the “Double-Time” and “bluesy” option, the other is a Rhythm track. Both RealTracks have a classic acoustic piano sound, combined with one of the best rock piano players, create a ‘must-have’ set of RealTracks. All RealTracks also include notation so you can watch on the staff, or the piano, what the performer is actually playing. The variety and high level of RealTracks in set 204 make this an amazing collection!

  • RealTracks Set 205: Country Award Winners ‐ Mandolin (Andy), Piano (John) & Resonator Guitar (Rob)
    Listen |Watch Video

    RealTracks Set 205 brings some of the best award-winning Nashville musicians to Band-in-a-Box®! This set features Rob Ickes, 11-time winner of the Bluegrass Music association’s Dobro Player of the Year award, John Jarvis, who has won CMA & ACM awards for his unparalleled piano playing and songwriting, and Andy Leftwich, member of the Grammy-winning instrumental group Kentucky Thunder. And now you can have these stellar musicians playing on your own Band-in-a-Box® creations! This set features laid back ballads, slow 12-8 grooves, as well as some faster, up-tempo solos. There are a total of 6 styles, 5 soloists, and one rhythm piano track, and all of them blend in beautifully with our previously released RealTracks, or the built-in MIDI styles. All of the RealTracks in this set have RealCharts included. This allows the user to follow along with the notes on the screen in notation, or on the on-screen piano keyboard. The world-class playing is an excellent addition to your Band-in-a-Box® collection, whether you’re using the parts in your own creations, or studying these masters to learn their style!

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