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User Showcase (81 viewing)
Post links to your original song compositions here, for others to listen to.
Search all posted compositions by song title or artist's forum name.
Listen to PG User Showcase Radio (on SoundCloud):
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Re: Chasing The Comet
(rsdean) - 39 minutes 27 seconds ago
Songwriting (1 viewing)
Discussions, Tips-n-Tricks, Resources and Questions about Songwriting
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Xtra Styles Contest
Announcing... Xtra Styles Contest - 4 prizes of $150.
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Re: I'm On The Right Track Now
(bluage) - 01/04/17 08:34 AM
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production (8 viewing)
Discussions about methods and gear for making music.
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Lifesigns from studio" blog) in a 400pg PDF document.
(pghboemike) - Yesterday at 07:28 PM
Woodshedding - Learning to Play!
Musical Discussions about learning to play an instrument, helpful DVD's, teachers, theory, gear and more...
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How to Get More Out of Learning Licks
(pghboemike) - 01/13/17 09:00 AM
I just heard Band-in-a-Box on YouTube (1 viewing)
See, hear and help to publicize how Band-in-a-Box is used on YouTube and other sites.
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Re: YouTube Find - EWI etude with Band in a Box®
(Edward Buckley) - 01/07/17 05:45 PM
Best of YouTube (1 viewing)
Videos related to music (instruction, performance, mixing tips etc.)
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Re: odd times .. layered
(rharv) - Yesterday at 04:11 PM
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic) (1 viewing)
General technical questions regarding computers or music equipment.
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Re: Recover lost data. HELP
(VideoTrack) - Yesterday at 04:56 AM
Beginners Forum (1 viewing)
Discussions and resources for beginners to Band-in-a-Box or music tech in general
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Re: All Xtra Styles PAK Bundle 1 & 2 $49
(jford) - Yesterday at 01:42 PM
Off-Topic (61 viewing)
This forum is for music-related discussions that aren't covered in other forums.
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Re: Paul McCartney Sues Sony For Song Copyrights
(sixchannel) - 17 minutes 18 seconds ago
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UserTracks (and other add-ons) (2 viewing)
Discussions about making your own add-ons for Band-in-a-Box, including UserTracks, Styles, RealDrums, Plugins, VST Plugins, Add-on songs/exercises, Artist Performances and Loops.
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Re: long user tracks in parts
(Icelander) - Yesterday at 08:01 AM
UserTracks Wishlist
UserTracks are user-created RealTracks. Use this forum to post requests to other users for specific styles you want.
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rockabilly,boogie woogie,bluebeat
(paulpaul) - 01/15/17 11:16 PM
Post your own Tips and Tricks here (4 viewing)
Use this forum to share your technical tips and tricks related to PG Music software, or to write your own tutorials. Note: Post questions in the PG Music Product Forums instead.
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Re: Track Categories in RB
(rharv) - 01/15/17 07:09 AM
My Favorite Things
Post about your Favorite Features in Band-in-a-Box and RealBand.
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PG Music Product Forums
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Band-in-a-Box for Windows (62 viewing)
Discussion forum for the Windows version of Band-in-a-Box.
12119 94346
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh (3 viewing)
Discussion forum for the Macintosh version of Band-in-a-Box.
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Re: Move elements to another drive
(Icelander) - Yesterday at 08:52 AM
RealBand (6 viewing)
Discussion forum for RealBand users
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Legato - Midi Note Length
(Beachboy) - Yesterday at 11:18 PM
PowerTracks Pro Audio (4 viewing)
Discussion forum for PowerTracks Pro Audio users.
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Re: Horns plug ins
(Bernier) - Yesterday at 09:50 AM
Other PG Music Programs
Discussion forum for all PG Music programs other than Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks, and RealBand.
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PG Music Wishlists
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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist (9 viewing)
Wishlist for Band-in-a-Box for Windows and Macintosh
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Re: Lead-in bar/lead sheet
(Brille) - Today at 12:24 AM
RealBand Wishlist (1 viewing)
RealBand wishlist and new feature suggestions.
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Re: Right Click Menu Copy / Paste in RB
(John-Luke) - 01/02/17 09:23 AM
PowerTracks Pro Audio Wishlist (2 viewing)
Wishlist for PowerTracks Pro Audio.
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Re: ReWire request, with supporting data
(Pipeline) - 12/13/16 11:25 AM
Styles and RealTracks Wishlist (2 viewing)
Wishlist for Band-in-a-Box styles and RealTracks. Note, you can also request styles and RealTracks from other users: UserTracks Wishlist forum
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Re: Muted Chunk Acoustic Guitar
(floyd jane) - 01/16/17 12:36 PM
Other Programs Wishlist
Wishlist for other PG Music programs. This includes the Pianist/Performance Series and the MasterClass Series.
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Re: Roch Saxophonist
(doctormidi) - 01/10/17 03:13 PM
band-in-a-box.com -- International Band-in-a-Box Forums
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Deutsches Band-in-a-Box User Forum (3 viewing)
Willkommen zu Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligente Musiksoftware für Ihren Multimedia-Computer"
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Re: quintäre microtime
(GHinCH) - 01/15/17 07:17 AM
Forum degli utenti italiani di Band-in-a-Box (1 viewing)
Benvenuti in Band-in-a-Box! "Software di Accompagnamento Musicale Intelligente per il tuo Computer"
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Re: Band in a box impalla il mac
(maurig) - 01/17/17 11:47 PM
Band-in-a-Box Svenskt användarforum
Välkommen till Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligent Musikackompanjemangsprogram för din Multimediadator"
125 265
Hur köpa med Visa kort
(Roggan) - 12/14/16 09:53 PM
Forum des Utilisateurs Français de Band-in-a-Box (6 viewing)
Bienvenue dans Band-in-a-Box! "Logiciel d'accompagnement musical intelligent pour ordinateur multimédia"
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Re: Comment utiliser Realband ?
(carolan) - Today at 01:54 AM
Foro para el usuario de Band-in-a-Box en Español (3 viewing)
Bienvenido a Band-in-a-Box! "Software Musical de Acompañamiento Inteligente para su Computadora Multimedia"
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Re: Canciones en formato MGU
(CarlosEArellano) - 01/12/17 01:52 AM
Forum dos Usuários do Band-in-a-Box em Português
Bem-vindo ao Band-in-a-Box! "Programa de Acompanhamento Musical Inteligente para o seu Computador Muiltimídia"
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BB 2016 - Manual em português
(Gabriel Prado) - 08/07/16 08:24 AM
Dansk Band-in-a-Box bruger forum
Velkommen til Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligent musikakkompagnements software til din multimedie komputer"
494 989
Køb dansk med fordel
(lindbjerg) - 01/06/17 01:16 AM
Band-in-a-Box Nederlands Gebruikers Forum
Welkom bij Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligente Muziek Begeleidings Software voor uw Multimedia Computer"
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Re: Patches en updates
(onedementino) - 01/16/17 07:16 AM
Band-in-a-Box Polskie Forum Użytkowników (1 viewing)
Witamy w Band-in-a-Box! "Oprogramowanie do Inteligentnego Akompaniamentu Muzycznego na Twój Multimedialny Komputer"
44 561
Gdzie są wszyscy?
(Ryszard) - 10/22/16 07:22 AM
Форум пользователей Band-in-a-Box на русском языке (4 viewing)
Добро пожаловать в Band-in-a-Box!
89 378
Не работает ASIO always On
(efimus) - 12/28/16 03:10 AM
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Band-in-a-Box 简体中文用户论坛
14 27
Band-in-a-Box 한국어 사용자 포럼
Band-in-a-Box 프로그램에 환영합니다!
3 2
Band-in-a-Box 日本語掲示板
23 57
Band-in-a-Box ユーザー作品自慢フォーラム
Band-in-a-Box で作った曲を是非聞かせてください
2 0
(Banana Chips) - 01/13/14 01:01 AM
PG Music News
It's Time - NAMM 2017!

Peter, Catherine, Tobin, Charlie, and Gaelan are hard at work today setting up for The NAMM Show!

This year we are in Hall E, booth 1054. If you're at NAMM this year, be sure to pop by and say "Hi!" - they'd love to shake your hand!

Click here and you'll see Charlie & Gaelan finishing up the setup of our booth!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Build 457 Update for Windows!

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows Users!

The latest patch update 457 is available - this is available for download here.

Build 457 includes an updated Help File & Manual, more than 30 fixes, and 2 improvements!

Get To Know the 12-Key Hi-Q Tab Feature - Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows

One of the new features we added with Band-in-a-Box® 2017 is the 12-Key Hi-Q Tab RealTracks. Click here to listen & watch this new feature in action!

Detailed information:
New! 12-Key "Woodshedding" RealTracks
Many people use the RealTracks feature in Band-in-a-Box® to learn how to "play like the pros." This is because you can see notation, tab, on-screen guitar, and more as you hear the music. Now we've taken this to a higher level, by providing some "12-Key" RealTracks that have been recorded in all 12 keys! In previous versions, you might decide to learn to play by studying the parts played by the RealTracks artists, and watch the notation to do so. Many people have found this a great way to learn, but it had the following issues:
-Since RealTracks were based on only 5 keys, they were transposed much of the time, which would make the guitar part unplayable for a student in some cases.
-The tab/notation was good for guitar, but lacked some precision and graphical representation of bends, pull-offs, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.

We have solved that by creating some Guitar RealTracks with recording in all 12 keys! So you can see what a pro would play over an Ab chord, and you won't see them play on a G transposed up to an Ab, and carefully transcribed notation, with correct bend/hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides... So now you (we!) students have no more excuses! You can watch and learn from the pros!

Plus, Hi-Q Guitar RealCharts are available with highly accurate and readable notation, including new graphical markings for bends, slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs! To see these in action, load in one of the 12-key Hi-Q notation RealTracks by Brent Mason. You can also enter your own guitar notation using these features. Just right click on a note to set its properties to include bends, slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.

User Tips & Tricks - Track Categories in RealBand

Our Forum is a great place to ask your questions, share your songs, and help out other users with your own Tips & Tricks!

For example, forum user rharv posted the recent Track Categories in RB thread, where he explains the advantage of using the Track Categories within RealBand.

Check it out here.

Not a member of our Forum yet? Join the conversation when you create your own account here.

It's Almost Over - Band-in-a-Box® Special Ends January 15th!

You're running time to order your Band-in-a-Box® upgrade and save up to 50%!

Order before January 15th for great savings on most upgrade packages and a Free Bonus PAK!

Mac users - Place your order online at www.pgmusic.com/bbmac.packages.htm

Windows users - Place your order online at www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.packages.htm

...or give us a call.

Xtra Styles PAKs for Band-in-a-Box®... Special Ends January 15th!

There's only a few days left to purchase your Xtra Styles PAKs for Band-in-a-Box at discounted pricing... offers end January 15th!

Xtra Styles PAK 2 for Band-in-a-Box®:
Over 160 professionally mixed RealStyles in 4 volumes: Rock-Pop 2, Jazz 2, Country 2, and Bluegrass and World 2, $15 each. Get the All Xtra Styles PAK 2 (4 volumes) for only $29 (reg. $49).

Xtra Styles PAK 1 for Band-in-a-Box®:
Over 160 professionally mixed RealStyles in 4 volumes: Rock-Pop 1, Jazz 1, Country 1, and Singer/Songwriter 1, $15 each. Get the All Xtra Styles PAK 1 (4 volumes) for only $29 (reg. $49).

Want them all? The All Xtra Styles PAK 1 & 2 Bundle is the package for you with ALL 8 volumes (325 RealStyles) for the special price of only $49 (reg. $98)!
Includes: Includes all 325 RealStyles from PAKs 1 (released summer 2016) AND 2 (released December 2016), for Jazz, Country, Rock-Pop, Singer/Songwriter, and Bluegrass & World.

Listen to all the Xtra Styles demos here.

Purchase for Windows here.
Purchase for Mac here.

Note: All of the Xtra Styles in Volumes 1 & 2 work with any Band-in-a-Box® 2016 or later UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK, or Audiophile Edition with a 2016 49-PAK.

Act Now - The Celtic Guitar Video Master Class Special Ends January 15th!

Time is running out! The Celtic Guitar Video Master Class Series with Quinn Bachand special pricing ends January 15th!

Order before then and save $20 when you purchase all 3 volumes for just $29 (reg $49). Individual volumes are available for $19 each.

Learn more about the Celtic Guitar Video Master Class Series with Quinn Bachand special - choose your OS here:
Celtic Guitar Video Master Class Series with Quinn Bachand - Mac
Celtic Guitar Video Master Class Series with Quinn Bachand - Windows

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