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June 22, 2017  -  User Showcase Song - She Ain't Never Coming Back

My friend Bob Pickens, a great guy from Athens, Georgia, and I wrote this song about 8 years ago. I recently redid it in BIAB and it sounds so much better. I wrote the lyric and Bob and I worked on the music together. It has kind of a Country-Folk-Rock sound. Thanks in advance for the listens and any comments you might choose to leave.

File:She Ain't Ever Coming Back - BG Trax 1.SGU
Key=D , Tempo 91, Length (m:s)=3:30
Style is _FOLKROK.STY (Slow Even 16ths Folk Rock )

RealTracks in style: ~701:Bass, Electric, PopHalfNotesSync Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 1758:Banjo, Rhythm, Pop16ths Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 1766:Mandolin, Rhythm Pop16Sync Ev 085
RealTracks in style: ~1029:Guitar, 12-String Electric, Fingerpicking Ev 085
RealDrums in style: RockModernSyncEv16^1-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride


Posted on June 22, 2017 02:17 PM

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