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December 04, 2017  -  Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows Build 504 Update Available!

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2018 users... a FREE patch update is available!

Summary of changes included in Build 504:
Updated: Help file and Manuals.
Added: A Quality selector has been added to the Render to Audio File dialog. This lets you select a bit rate for compressed audio types (M4A, MP3, WMA).
Added: Help button has been added to the RealDrums Quick dialog.
Added: Help button has been added to the Save ABC notation dialog.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash if opening an ABC notation file that is not properly formatted.
Fixed: Clicking on flash messages should not deactivate the main window.
Fixed: Green flash messages would sometimes not perform any action when clicked on, or perform the wrong action.
Fixed: RealDrums and RealDrums QuickList - some demos were not playing variations.
Fixed: Sometimes loss of RealTracks folder locations.
Fixed: Song Titles dialog - 100 song titles added, total now 10,306
Fixed: Song Titles dialog - improved behaviour of the Clear button
Fixed: Song Titles dialog - spelling of some subgenres fixed
Fixed: StylePicker - Generate button removed from Best Soloists dialog if launched from the StylePicker
Fixed: StylePicker - Save As Style feature improved
Fixed: StylePicker - using mixer menu to customize style now filters according to selected style, not song's style
Fixed: What addons dialog not showing MIDI Soloists correctly.


Posted on December 4, 2017 09:42 AM

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