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Band in a Box

"Band-in-a-Box... is an amazing tool that is not only a great tool for practice, but an inspirational tool for building your own backing tracks and writing your own music."

-by Nigel McGill - Saxophone Life Magazine

"With thousands of styles, songs and sounds on tap, Band In A Box 2017 can supply everything from inspiration to finished tracks.."

-by Dennis J Wilkins - Sound on Sound

Band-in-a-Box has evolved into a fully-featured music tool set for musicians, music students, music teachers, video and podcast producers both amateur and professional.

- by Keith White - Macworld

"Band-in-a-Box is one of those truly cool Windows apps that you can noodle with for weekends at a time..."

-PC Magazine

"PowerTracks... is one of those programs that has so many features, it would be impossible to describe them all in one short review... I can't think of another program that is a better value."

-PC Clubhouse

"Band-in-a-Box raises the bar for human improvisers."

-Jazz Improv

"Band-in-a-Box and the other PG Music products represent the greatest advances in both professional music production and educational software."

-Drew Tretick,
Professional Violinist

"PowerTracks' integration of digital audio, MIDI, scoring, and editing features is seamless... [PowerTracks] will hang tough in most any desktop music setup."

-Music and Computers

"[Band-in-a-Box's] MIDI AI... is truly awesome... Some very sharp musical minds are behind this software..."

-Electronic Musician

"Band-in-a-Box is the most significant contribution to Jazz since Jamey Aebersold records."

-John Kuzmich, Jr.

"The wealth of amenities that Band-in-a-Box offers is staggering..."

-Electronic Musician

"Everytime I think I've got the ultimate Band-in-a-Box setup, the makers upgrade it and add even more cool features."

- PC Magazine

PowerTracks Pro Audio

"Solid Sequencing at an Unbelievable Price."

- Electronic Musician

Performance Series

"...I highly recommend these releases and their wonderfully straightforward educational approach to learning ...you should buy them, simple as that."

- PC Home

Oscar Peterson Multimedia

"...overwhelming and quite addictive. The innovative applications of multimedia technology, paired with Peterson's musical genius, make this a required purchase for fans, students and educators alike."

- Down Beat Magazine

"Oscar fans, prepare yourselves for overstimulation."

- Keyboard Magazine

Master Class Series

"...breaks new ground and sets a very high standard for musical instructional books and learning aids ...will keep you busy for months."

- Jazz Improv

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Message from PGMusic.com sales and support team
Hi, have any questions? We're available to text chat.