Students, educators, musicians and songwriters around the world have been using Band-in-a-Box® for over 30 years. Band-in-a-Box® is so easy to use and it is incredibly versatile:

  • Quickly generate or load a song for accompaniment for a private or class lesson.
  • With RealTracks, students are able to study top studio musicians playing in a wide variety of styles (over 3,500!).
  • Generate original songs for sight reading drills at any level. Easily transpose the key and tempo.
  • Easily create simpler arrangements for less advanced students.
  • Instantly generate Soloist tracks to learn how to solo.
  • Practice sight reading by following the on-screen notation.
  • Watch the notes being played on the Guitar Fretboard or the Big Piano Windows.
  • Practice your ear training by playing along with the chord progressions in the generated songs.
  • Load in practice progressions such as II - V - I in all keys or Dominant 7th cycle of 4ths.
  • Render your songs to wave files, MP3, AIFF, or WMA's to send to your students.

There are so many possibilities!  Check out the Learning Zone for more ideas

I'm in awe. I didn't think that such an incredible program could even exist. This software is a dream come true. PC JOURNAL

We have many audio and video demos of Band-in-a-Box®. All of the audio in the demos was created entirely in Band-in-a-Box by typing in the chords, choosing a style and pressing Play - it really is that easy!    Windows Demos | Mac Demos

Band-in-a-Box® is available for Windows and Mac. How to purchase.

This is Jazz education for the 21st century JOHN KUZMICH, JR, Noted clinician, music educator, author and regular columnist for School Band & Orchestra magazine and for Jazz Educators Journal.

Band-in-a-Box®: it's AI (artificial intelligence) programming is truly awesome, and the jazz styles and harmony programs are especially impressive ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN

Band-in-a-Box® is an amazing program KEYBOARD MAGAZINE

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