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February 02, 2017  -  Band-in-a-Box® 2016 Build 150 for Mac Update Available!

Are you a Band-in-a-Box® 2016 for Mac Use? A free patch update is available! (Build 458)
You can download this patch here.

Summary of patch:

Fixed: After changing a track description, the new track description would not show on the mixer.
Fixed: Audio Edit window was not displaying UserTracks markers.
Fixed: Audio track would not be saved if song file name or path contained Japanese characters.
Fixed: Blank flash messages would appear when loading an XML file.
Fixed: Coda symbols would not display properly in the Leadsheet window (whould display as "fl").
Fixed: Flash messages would be stuck behind the Style Picker.
Fixed: If launching Display Options from the Preferences window, certain changes will be lost when clicking OK in the Preferences window.
Fixed: If using some Audio Unit plugins (eg Kontakt 5), Band-in-a-Box will freeze when exiting.
Fixed: In the Vocal Synth dialog, choosing the first English vocalist would not work (the resulting audio file would just say "shhh" for every lyric).
Fixed: In the Vocal Synth dialog, the vocalist selection was not sent correctly to the server (eg. choosing Matsuo-P would use Xiang-Lang).
Fixed: MusicXML files that contained Japanese lyrics would import the lyrics as garbage text.
Fixed: Slow performance with tempo stretching.
Fixed: Some actions on the main screen respond very slowly when using macOS Sierra (10.12).
Fixed: Some Audio Unit plugins would not display a proper GUI.
Fixed: The "Normal" additional chords layer would not automatically open when booting up Band-in-a-Box.
Fixed: The audio device settings were not being saved between program sessions, so Band-in-a-Box would always use the "default device" for input and output.
Fixed: The Audio Edit window draws very slowly when using macOS Sierra (10.12).
Fixed: The Bar Settings layer would appear if switching between editing any editable layers.
Fixed: The OK button in the StylePicker was hard to read because it had white text on a gray background.
Fixed: The Sinsy vocal generator did not work with Japanese lyrics.
Fixed: The splash screen takes a long time to appear when using macOS Sierra (10.12).
Fixed: When starting DAW Plugin Mode, the chord sheet window would not resize properly.
Fixed: Window would disappear if resizing it to smaller than the minimum size.
Fixed: Windows would not always resize properly when toggling full screen mode.


Posted on February 2, 2017 11:32 AM

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