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March 27, 2017  -  User Showcase Song - Reminiscence

This is my new song which is a classical and orchestral work. It has a calm and soothing melody with beautiful sounds. It comprises five parts and five different instruments I chose carefully play them in turn.
As usual, my wife helped me a lot in deciding its title. She said it gave her an impression as if she were recollecting fond memories of her days gone by.

It took me longer time than usual because I had rebuilt the part of melody and done a lot of fine tuning work. Frankly I am satisfied with the result.

********** Summary ************

Key: Gm Tempo: 85 Length: 5m46s
Style: ARPORK34.STY (Orchestral Arpeggio 3/4) (MIDI type)
[Acoustic String Bass] Basses Long Bows (Rapture Pro)
[Acoustic Piano]
Grand Concert Piano (RAPTURE PRO)
Full Strings Pizzicato (D-PRO)
Full Strings Short Bows (D-PRO)
[Slow Strings] Full Strings (small) (D-PRO)
[Melody1] Grand Concert Piano (RAPTURE PRO)
[Melody2] RGC Oboe In The Venue (D-PRO)
[Melody3] Small Violin Section (RAPTURE PRO)
[Melody4] RGC Clarinet In The Venue (D-PRO)
[Melody5] Full Strings Long & Short Bows (D-PRO)


Posted on March 27, 2017 01:34 PM

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