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PowerTracks Pro Audio
Jump to new posts Re: PowerTracks 2020 - Song Title Bug by Jeff Yankauer @ 53 minutes 13 seconds ago

I'm able to dupe this, so I should be able to fix. Thanks,
Jump to new posts Re: copyright law changes coming. by JoanneCooper @ Today at 09:55 PM

Bob. I like what you say here but I doubt it will ever happen. “Again, the owners control this, if they say no that's it. But at least the answer is public, they could have a search function people could use to find out what they can post and what they can't and everybody knows where they stand. No arguments and all these threads about can I post a cover on YT would cease to exist. Yeah, right” If the rights owners would just agree to share then everyone would win. But the music business b
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: BIAB cannot see Xtra Pak 9 by VideoTrack @ Today at 09:50 PM

Maybe the Beta releases should be 721(b) etc? With the appended letter indicating a Beta release?
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Of course! You don't miss a thing... Btw, I have another pic I didn't bother posting of RB full screen. Nothing changes as far as the text or any type of skewing, all it does is snap to the left and the tracks continue to the right so you just get a longer track view. Bob
Jump to new posts Import .wav not working, error message by Funkifized @ Today at 09:22 PM

File-->Import-->pick .wav file that I know plays An exception error has occurred. You can continue to use the program, but should likely save your work and reboot program. Real Band freezes. Same thing happens when I go Edit-->Audio-->Insert .wav file Details: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Exception log with detailed tech info. Generated on 5/26/2020 12:20:11 AM. You may send it to the application vendor, helping them to understand
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Jump to new posts Re: Castaway by jptjptjpt @ Today at 09:10 PM

Neat song. Poetic lyrics. The production of the song captures the mood perfectly. I think I get the hints you are giving. Reminds me of Ashes to Ashes "Do you remember a guy that's been in such an early song?"
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Jump to new posts Re: Lazy Day Blues by jptjptjpt @ Today at 09:02 PM

Nice. I hear Bad Company and Marshall Tucker Band style guitar playing. Lovely sound you are putting out there.
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Jump to new posts Re: If I Open This Door by jptjptjpt @ Today at 08:58 PM

A very heartfelt and authentic production. Very sweet vocal delivery. I like it.
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: ~ Open Broadcaster Software ~ by rockstar_not @ Today at 08:01 PM

on Windows, to make this work correctly, you will need an audio interface that has 'loopback' capability - if you are live streaming. My Focusrite 18i8 1st gen does not have this. I've tried an audio loopback, taking mains out to a couple of inputs - static and crackling. Or, you can deal with 25ms latency - which is unusable to me. I've been in the OBS forums, the Focusrite FB user group, etc. trying to solve this problem. I've tried every ASIO router add-on, can't get it to work without t
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Jump to new posts Re: Hand On A Rock by tommyad @ Today at 07:54 PM

Originally Posted By: George NelsonHi Tommy, Love this...Brilliant. George Thank you George. I appreciate your comment, TomOriginally Posted By: Guitarhackerexcellent work. Superb message in the lyrics and the instrumentation is spot on. Lush and gorgeous. Loved it. Herb, good to hear from you. Thanks for saying that,Tom
Bob, I'm sorry to say, but this question is as general as 'what songs should we play in a bar?' There are SO MANY STYLES, that you really can't be prepared ahead of time unless you visit the churches you are trying to get gigs at. You have everything from full on funky gospel (a Facebook friend, Spiffy Newman on Keys : to traditional southern gospel ( ) To traditional hymms To mode
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Jump to new posts Re: Hello everyone, from a new user who needs help by Icelander @ Today at 07:13 PM

Originally Posted By: there a way to have a guitar instead of the piano? Easy, just use the menus for the instrument's tracks (e.g. ctrl-click on it in the mixer) and find the Select Midi Instrument, where you can make it sound like practically anything you want. After that you can even open up a specific Tabs display to see what is being played in guitar tab (fret) format.
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Jump to new posts Re: Grandma by Rob4580 @ Today at 07:01 PM

Hello Rick. That generation is sadly missed. Very touching and much appreciated. Rob4580
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Jump to new posts Re: Display only available Styles and RealStyles by Matt Finley @ Today at 06:22 PM

First, when you have the Style Picker window open, do a Rebuild, Slow, Yes. Second, is this computer running a newer version of BIAB? I ask because in 2018 PG Music changed the location of files, which may account for your 2008 files missing. There is a Cleanup utility you can run that cannot hurt and may help. Look in the Help menu, Utilities, Run Cleanup Routine. Look for a bunch of lines that say File Count 0. However, RealDrums were introduced in 2008 and RealTracks not until 2009, I t
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: audio interface for PC by WalterAraujo @ Today at 06:20 PM

Generally speaking, there are two types of tickets: Line input: These types of inputs are used to connect instruments such as basses and electric guitars. Microphone input: as its name suggests, it is used to connect microphones. However, we must bear in mind that condenser microphones require different power to operate (48v). Most of the audio interfaces already have a button to activate 48v power for when you want to connect your condenser mic, but I recommend you make sure before buying it.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fall Line Road (A Tom Adams/Janice collab) by Janice & Bud @ Today at 06:04 PM

Originally Posted By: F.M.M.hi j&b and tom I almost got up and started dancing this was excellent in so many ways thanks for sharing oh and I don't dance real good but I would for this song thanks guys eric Thank you Eric! Dancing is good. Bud will tell you I do it around the house often! Janice Originally Posted By: Rustyspoon#Tom+J&B I personally prefer compact cars, but this is a very cool collaboration. Nice driving rocker! Fun lyrics and Janice did wonders in her "metho
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Endings in BIAB and Lead Sheets by Harmony @ Today at 04:39 PM

I too am having problems with endings when rendered. About one ending in 20 is either cut off early or contains stragler notes after the ending. These can sometimes be edited out of the .AIFF file, but are definitely out of place, and are a nuisance. What can I do to get BiaB to produce proper endings as it does for 95% of the songs. By the way, once BiaB has produced one of these erroneous endings, the error continues even after deleting and recreating the ending, or changing to a different acc
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Re: Good Free Safe MP3 Tag Editor ? by Matt Finley @ Today at 03:28 PM

Interesting. The version I downloaded in 2012 was 253. Now it's 301.
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday, MusicStudent!! by dcuny @ Today at 03:06 PM

So... how's that birthday bass sounding? Inquiring minds want to know! Happy (late) birthday and retirement!
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Re: A forum issue by Andrew - PG Music @ Today at 03:01 PM

Quote:Yes, exactly!! I have rebooted and tried a couple different things (Chrome and MSE both the same problem) but this remains a problem. thanks for pointing it out here. This is definitely strange...[/quote]
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Jump to new posts Re: "Autumn Nights" (remix) by TuneMonger @ Today at 03:00 PM

Very nice, reminded me somewhat of Stranger on the Shore by Acker Bilk. Good mellow music.
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Jump to new posts Re: Rockabilly Crazy Piano (Instrumental) by Janice & Bud @ Today at 02:53 PM

Loved rockabilly as a kid and still do. Thanks for the journey back. Solo time! Cool... J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: GET A JOB (BLUES) by ROG @ Today at 02:52 PM

Originally Posted By: Chris DentGreat stuff. I could cite those exact same influences! Hi Chris, Many thanks. Yes, it seems quite a few of us were listening to the same artists back then. Cheers, ROG.
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Jump to new posts Emerald Millenium by Tommyc @ Today at 02:48 PM

Emerald Millenium Just having fun with BIAB! Yes the program named it that! lol
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts keyboard shortcut for return to song start? by sfk @ Today at 02:36 PM

How do I go back to the start of the song? The manual says "Jump To Song Start - W key" on p 287 but that's not working for me. Mac, BiaB 2020. I'd like to be able to return to start from the keyboard whether the song is currently playing or paused.
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PG Music News
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Review - Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Mac … WOW!

"Dr. Dave" Walker (Dr. Dave On Music) recently received Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Mac, and he absolutely loves it!

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"Band-in-a-Box 2020 is a huge advance over even BB2019, with easier to use, more powerful features that give you more information while creating more musical results. You have never had more control of more features which are now much easier to find. The move forward with this version is astonishing. Again … WOW!

My very highest recommendation. Just upgrade! Or if for some strange reason you don’t have it yet, BUY THIS ONE! It will change your musical life!"
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Abbiamo lavorato duro e abbiamo aggiunto 50 nuove funzionalità e una straordinaria raccolta di nuovi contenuti, tra cui 202 RealTracks (il doppio dei 101 che abbiamo spesso pubblicato in passato), nuovi RealStyles, SuperTracks MIDI, Studi strumentali, trascrizioni RealDrums, stili Extra PAK 8 e altro!


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Eyes on Success is a weekly radio show / podcast geared to the visually impaired called "Eyes On Success" and that can be found at

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#TipTuesday - Style Changes in Band-in-a-Box®

Head to our Tips & Tricks forum to read what other Band-in-a-Box users have discovered about the program!

Like mrgeeze's recent post Style Changes within a song.. another great BIAB feature.

...My arrangement's bass Real Track was 397 (bass Acoustic Paul).
Solid but not really what I wanted for a solo.

I hit the F5 key to bring up bar setting and poked around till i found the Real Tracks command button in the upper right.
Clicked on that & quickly change the bass to 452 (Soloist (bluesy).
12 bars later I did the same and switched it back to 397.

The results were excellent...

Did you know about this feature? Learn all about Bar Settings and how you can adjust them here.

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